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No Sleep

Sleep: Sometimes I don’t sleep well and last night was one of those nights. Why? …. just meanness coming out I guess :evil:

Pictures: The deepest Dam in the world. This Dam is in between Parker and Lake Havasu, AZ. I took these pictures last winter when a friend and I, took us a day trip.
Parker Dam2_0802

Parker Dam_0801

Deepest Dam_0798

I’m Beat: Just trying to get through the day, sure hope I rest better tonight.

Night Folks

Old Editor

Old WordPress Editor: Man, I hope they keep that thing around for a long time. I don’t like the new editor “Beep Beep Boop” ….. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is what pops on the screen first when the new editor starts on WordPress. I think it should say “Big Boo Boo”

Buff Springs near Cloudcroft NM.

Wild Flower

Night folks

Wheels rolling …. in my mind

Pictures: Here are a few little Cactus. I took these pictures at Jim Kortsen Park, 25 miles West of Casa Grande, AZ.
You can see an RV in the background on this one, just for size comparison. They are big, at least 30 to 40 feet high.

Exercise: Today I did a little weed-eating around the park so that will serve as my exercise.

Where to: Still thinking on that one. I want to stay cool, like it is here so going south is out for now. I want evaluation of at least 6000 feet this time of year. I have an ideal of what way I will go but it could change in a second o_O , the good thing about wheels.

Night folks

Changes at WordPress

WordPress: While the old WordPress.com editor was great, WordPress has decide they are going to change it.

Things I don’t like about the new Editor

  1. It don’t behaved as the old one did, so a learning curve is in order
  2. Some things seems to not functions correctly, such as Preview post now opens a new page each time you hit it where as it use to just write over the already open preview page.
  3. It don’t seem as full features as the old one.
  4. The new editor don’t have the navigation bar across the top so I can quickly get to my Dashboard.
  5. Categories not organize with sub folders no more.
  6. Tags no longer give suggestion of previous tags
  7. Smaller editor Window

The list is forever, Read the post at the WordPress forum.
Beep Beep Boop, should be named A Boo Boo! So why? I think maybe they are going for a touch-screen interface, and like Microsoft with the Windows 8 touch interface, they are cutting off their foot just to spite the toe!

On the good news front …… I may be in luck this winter when I start using my tablet to do my post to WordPress. With it being such a mess with the PC interface I sure hope that something got better somewhere! Also a good thing is that for now you can still get to the old editor by way of the Dashboard.

Itchy feet: Yep, I am getting them itchy feet big time.

Pictures Not today.

Night Folks


Some pictures: Here is what I call a hard-back chair ….. It is Petrifly o_O I took this shot at the gift shop of the Petrify Forrest in AZ. It was cool trying it out :)
Rock chair_0448

Here are some ruins at Chaco Canyon. This is a great place to see if you get near by.

Ever seen a Marmot up close? If not, all you have to do is walk up the the highest point in NM, which is Wheeler Peak these little guys are very friendly :)

Exercise: I rode the bike both today and yesterday, short rides but enough to call exercise.

Yesterday, I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 6.84mi, time: 36:40, pace: 5:22min/mi, speed: 11.19mi/h.

Today, I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 8.68mi, time: 40:37, pace: 4:41min/mi, speed: 12.82mi/h.

Night folks

Old tank

Pictures: Here is a picture of where I stayed a couple of months last winter, Tom Wells exit near AZ/CA border.

A small oasis in Joshua Tree National Park, it is a great walk to get there.

When I was a young man I use to work on these tanks, a long time ago. I took this picture at the graveyard of a museum near Joshua Tree National Park. (there where a dozen or so old tanks setting out back)

Itchy Feet: I am getting the itchy feet ……….. It won’t be long before I hit the road. I am thinking about what will be next. When will I go ….. I think between 3 Sept to 15 Sept. Where will I go …. I will stop at Grants, NM for a few days and then … I am not sure. Maybe Lake Powell, Lake Mead or maybe The Grand Canyon again. They are places I am thinking about but maybe none of the above ……. who knows? We’ll see.

Night folks

Busy today around the park

Here is a Brown-Headed Cowbird.
Blackbird, Brown Headed Cowbird photo cbp.jpg

 photo BF3-2.jpg

Gray Hairstreak photo B9.jpg

Hanging out: Today I am hanging out at the park and not going anywhere.

Night folks

Chores today

Slower today: Yes today I don’t have so much to do, so I am chilling a bit. I did do my laundry this morning and a little work around the park but not a lot.

Pictures: A couple of desert plants.

 photo Flower7.jpg

 photo Flower4.jpg

A scenic shot, somewhere North of Silver City, NM.
 photo OWGB2.jpg

Departing date?: I am starting to think hard on this …… ! Maybe it won’t be long into Sept before I hit the road. (My new Batteries are allowing me more freedom!) We’ll see.

Night folks

New Batteries

Batteries: My batteries have now been replace. 4 new Trojan T-105 from Continental Batteries Distribution  in Albuquerque, NM. This was about 250 miles round trip and took me half day to go down and back. Took an hour or two of get the batteries in place and wire back up.

No Pictures today: I am beat so I will not post any pictures today.

Night folks.

Road trip

Batteries: Tomorrow I am off to Albuquerque for some new batteries for the RV. 4 new T-105 Trojan Batteries. The man on the phone says $125.00 each which is a good price for the T-105s.

Busy: Today I have been busy around the park doing this and that, and this afternoon I pull the old batteries out of the RV and loaded them on the truck to trade in on the new ones tomorrow. I borrowed a old battery (no Good, but should be good for a place holder) from a friend and put in for the night and tomorrow till I get back with the new batteries. I did a good bit of cleaning on the battery box and the cables, all a mess from the old batteries spewing.

Pictures: All from times long ago.
 photo IMG_4846.jpg

 photo DeerGB.jpg

 photo Flower2.jpg

Night folks


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