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Feather Friends

Birds: Grosbeak, Rose-Breasted.
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak w_0706
Rosebreasted Grosbeak w_0666

Feather Friends: I sometimes post on bird forums and my favorite is Feather Friends and The Humming Bird forum. Both run by the same person. If you are a birder you should visit them. If you want to see post by me look for post authored by Poppabird :) Oh by the way, I have a link to Feather Friends over on the right side of the blog too.

Caught in the rain: I took my bike for a ride in the park and a rain came up really fast, got a little wet but it felt pretty good to tell the truth :)

Night folks

Errands on the bike

Birds: More Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.
Grosbeak Rose-breasted t_0649

Grosbeak Rose-breasted t_0705

Exercise: A nice bike ride this morning, I did a couple of chores while I was out by riding into town and stopping by the VA and Walmart.
I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 10.42mi, time: 01:04:48, pace: 6:13min/mi, speed: 9.65mi/h.
Erorings on the bike

Night folks


Birds: Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
Grosbeak Rose-Breasted _0698
Grosbeak Rose-breasted_0647

Slower today: The busy of the weekenders is gone :) This is a nice slow Monday.

Exercise: Another good bike ride this morning.
I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 12.18mi, time: 01:02:15, pace: 5:07min/mi, speed: 11.74mi/h.

Night folks

A Busy, Lazy Sunday

Busy Day: Today many of the weekenders left, so there where lots of cleaning to do and I have been doing just that. At any rate I am all caught up now ( about 2PM), so time to chill out.

Birds: The Bird of the week is …… A Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
This first one is the male.
Grosbeak,  Rose Breasted photo gb.jpg
And here is the Female.
Grosbeak  Rose Breasted photo LRBGBCU.jpg

Night folks

Rain still coming

Birds: the last of the Gold Finches.
Gold Finch S _9530 (2)
Gold Finch_7977
Gold Finch_Aug0073 (2)

I have lots of Humming Birds around now with the Rufous and Calliope Hummers migrating through. The Black-Chinned Hummers that are here all summer are having a hard time getting to the feeders with so many birds being on the feeders at once. I have two feeders out and sometimes I will have as many as 25 hummers at a time buzzing around the two feeders.

More rain: Yep, we got rain yet again today.

Night folks

Some good rain

Birds: Gold Finch for Friday.
Goldfinch photo Goldfinch2.jpg
Goldfinch photo GFM.jpg
On a cold day
Gold Finch photo GFIR.jpg

Weather: Had a great rain yesterday, got some water in the ground. Last year I did not enjoy the rain as much, seeing as I was not hooked up to electric, this year I kind of enjoy having the rain. Here in the southwest rain is not a thing you get a lot of.

Exercise: I good bike ride today and I remembered to take my app MapMyRide with me too :) I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 12.10mi, time: 01:10:10, pace: 5:48min/mi, speed: 10.35mi/h.

Night folks

Sins of yesterday

Birds: Gold Finches it is.
Goldfinch photo FMGF.jpg
Goldfinch photo GFM.jpg

Exercise: Took me a good bike ride this morning, about 12 miles, added my stretching when I returned. As usual I forgot my MapMyRide app :(

Trying to make up for my sins of yesterday o_O So today’s big job will be to keep my hungry buds in check, after all that rich food yesterday. I wish that I had remember to have some milk yesterday, I miss milk. Maybe on my next bad day.

Weather: There is a good thunderstorms going on just now and the rain is making me sleepy. We are getting a good amount of rain with this storm too.

Update to weather; It is 7pm and it has rain much of the day, a good thing. I think the rain will make me sleep well tonight :-)

Night folks

Bad Day, food day that is

Birds: On with the Gold Finches.
Finch Gold photo GFF.jpg
Goldfinch photo Goldfinch1.jpg

Bad Day: Today is my bad day, meaning that I very well eat all the bad stuff I want! Tomorrow I will have to start paying for my sins :( rightfully so. I just got to have a bad day once in a while, but they are far in between, thank goodness, because if they were not long apart I would be as big as a bear … again!

New Links: I have added a couple of new Links to the right side of the page, MakeUseOf. and Twit, Both great tech links.

Night Folks

Rescue Mission

Birds: More Gold Finches.
Finch, Gold photo coloron1.jpg
Finch Gold photo WebFh2.jpg

Rescue Mission : One of the other host found a Canada Goose that had both legs wrap tightly with fishing line. The Ranger, the other Host and I caught it ( I think we where lucky to catch it) and cut the line away. It would have surely lost it’s legs if we had not done that, hopefully it’ll do well now. Fishing people, please be careful with you line.

Weather : It has been overcast and we have had some rain but still not near as much as needed.

Exercise: I rode the bike a good hard 6 miles this morning and I ride more later today and maybe get in a good stretch.

Update; Stretch done.

Night folks


Bird: On with the Gold Finches.
Finch, Gold photo coloron2.jpg
Finch, Gold photo coloron3.jpg

Exercise: I rode the bike for 6 miles this morning at a good speed and will probably ride more later on today. Added my stretching too. Now to find the motivation to lift on my dumb-bells for a little while ……

Update, I did do a little with the Dumb-bells, not much but a little something.

Night folks


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