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McDonald’s Internet

Weather: The weather is much better today with lots of sunshine for solar and my batteries are very happy about that.

Pictures: Black-throated Sparrow
Black-throated Sparrow photo BTSparrow2.jpg

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher photo IMG_9340.jpg

Exercise: Walked a little today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.00mi, time: 01:01:36, pace: 20:33min/mi, speed: 2.92mi/h.

Internet at McD’s: They must be onto me ….. I have not been able to enjoy the fast Internet speeds at McD’s again 😯 I find that most McDonald’s have very slow to near unusable Internet speeds but the one in Lake Havasu City and the one in Blythe(for a while) where very fast. It was nice for a while 😈

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.

Night folks.


Weather: Rain is set in big time, don’t usually see this kind of rain here in the desert, this kind being a steady rain. Sure feels cool with all this humidity I’m not use to 😰

Solar: There has been a lot of cloudy days over the past couple of weeks and that is not the best for my solar life style 😐 however with the new batteries I got last summer, I’m doing Okay with it. I have been laying off my day time use of electric but other then that things are doing fine. Today is particularly a poor solar day with the rain and all, so there might be some generator running later on.

Pictures: Say’s Phoebe

Say's Phoebe photo SaysPhoebe-1.jpg

Snowy Egret, maybe a bad hair day?
Snowy Egret photo SnowyEgret.jpg

Night folks

Fast Internet sometimes at McD’s

WiFi: I have been doing some music uploading at McD’s  and sometime the WiFi is pretty fast and other times it run slow. Yesterday in couple hours I uploaded about 600 MB  of music. Today in the same time I uploaded about a 150 MB, with the first 100 going up in less than 15 minutes and then the last 50 was well over an hour, go figure. I give up on it for today. I am guessing that I have about 2 gig left to upload so maybe I’ll do that at the end of my bandwidth cyle.
Just out of curiosity, I stopped by the library in Blythe to see how their Internet ran and found it to be very slow.

Pictures: Bendire’s Thasher.
Bendire's Thasher photo IMG_5150web.jpg

Eastern Blue Bird
Blue Bird Easten photo BackBG.jpg

Night folks

Into Blythe

Weather: Coolish morning 😨 to start the day. Still in going to enjoy this weather because it will get cooler when I go to Grants in April. March here will be very warm here and then I’ll have the shock of Grants, NM coolish April weather. So in light of it all it is a beautiful day :D

Exercise: Another short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.27mi, time: 45:58, pace: 20:16min/mi, speed: 2.96mi/h.

Little Trip: Went into Blythe for a while this afternoon, goofing off mostly.

Pictures: Rose Breasted Grosbeak
Rose Breasted Grosbeak Male photo mGBOS.jpg

Rufous Hummer
Rufous photo RufousF_0032_zps24d7b58c.jpg

Night folks

Fair walking week

Exercise: Short but nice walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.27mi, time: 45:58, pace: 20:16min/mi, speed: 2.96mi/h.

WEEK OF 12/07/2014 – 12/13/2014
Workouts       6
Hours             6.86
Distance        20.15
Calories         2289

Pictures: Another Red Tail Hawk.
Red Tail Hawk photo IMG_9443.jpg

Red Wing Black Bird.
Red Wing Black Brid photo Red-Wing_9607_zps6a4cfbe4.jpg

Night folks

Out for a bit today

Blythe : Took a little trip to Blythe today looked around a bit, did some shopping and snap up some internet time from McD’s. Wanted to sync my music with Google music but I have about 6 gigs so I didn’t want to do that on my bandwidth. Of course at McD’s speed that is going to take a few trips, today I got about 1.5 gig done.

Exercise: Short walk today. I am keeping my exercise going pretty good and one day when I am on my death bed I can look back at my blog and at least say I was trying to do right, LOL. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.03mi, time: 45:25, pace: 22:21min/mi, speed: 2.68mi/h.

Pictures: Here is a Pyrrhuloxia.
Pyrrhuloxia photo pyrrhuloxia3.jpg

Red Tail Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk photo RHawk3.jpg

Night folks

Ouch, sore neck

Stiff neck :
Ouch, I slept with my head crock wrong somehow last night and now I’m all twisted up this morning, don’t you hate that when it happens? I guess on the other hand if I didn’t noticed while I was sleeping, I must have been sleeping well 😴

Exercise: A good walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 5.83mi, time: 01:53:26, pace: 19:28min/mi, speed: 3.08mi/h.

Pictures: Here are some very Young Great Horned Owls.

This one maybe only a few days old?
Owl Great-horned photo OWl2_8615_zps302384c2.jpg

This one was already a big bird but had got out of the next a little too soon, couldn’t fly just yet.
Owl, Baby Great Horned photo BabyGHO.jpg

Night folks

Morning humor about oneself

Blogs: I have started my day reading blogs of people that I follow, trying to catch up a bit. There are a bunch of good writers out in blog land, make me envious of their writing talent. About the only thing I got going for me is that I am here everyday. I think one of the thing that I have come to a conclusion about is that I should keep my post short so as to not bore my audience too long. My theory is that anybody can read a couple boring lines but a long winded post would be too much, LOL. As a reader I know that I will sometimes skip over long post and op for the shorter ones and even better, are the ones with a couple of pictures but not too many pictures …… I don’t even like post with too many pictures 😦 So, a simple person with a short attention span? Oops, that is me!?!

LOL, a couple of quotes from yours truly. ” It is okay to be who you like …. as long as you understand the one that you are” 😈 ” Small doses of dysfunction is best eaten with a large dosed of understanding” :!:

New tablet: I am blogging with my new tablet this morning and one of the things I have come to really appreciate is the Samsung onscreen keybroad. I find it to be pretty much like a Windows keybroad which makes it very familiar. As I watch the development of Android, Apple and Windows tablets they become closer in funtion with each new version. There are always going to be small differences but they are slowly starting to do the same things the same way.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.55mi, time: 56:35, pace: 22:10min/mi, speed: 2.71mi/h.

Volunreering/Hosting: Looks like I will be going to Grants the first of Apirl. If you want to hear an old dude fuss over the weather just wait till then. Apirl temperatures are not very warm 😨 Looking at the weather averages it seems the temperatures dip into the freezing range about every night, but as in a lot of the southwest even with colder nights the day temperatures come up nicely into the 60s.

Visitors: Had a great visit with one of my friends (Barbara) ☺ Link to her blog over on the right side of the blog. It always feels good to have folks come by that I know.

Pictures: Mocking Bird
Mocking Bird photo MockingBird8086.jpg

Red-breasted Nuthatcher
Nuthatcher Red-breasted photo RBN9.jpg

Night folks

A two walk day

Exercise: I got the day started with a short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.38mi, time: 48:15, pace: 20:19min/mi, speed: 2.95mi/h. It is always good to start the day with exercise.

A second walk :) I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.03mi, time: 45:25, pace: 22:21min/mi, speed: 2.68mi/h.

Solar panels up: This morning I titled the solar panels up for more sun and I see the differences right away.

Pictures: Blue Jay enjoying a peanut.
Jay, Blue photo BJWPN.jpg

Indigo Bunting
Indigo Bunting photo IBM.jpg

Friend: One of my friend will stop by tomorrow and it will be nice to see a friend.

Night folks


Moved: I have moved to a new spot and probably the one I will stay at for most of the winter, I am back at the Tom Wells Exit about 10 miles west of Quartzsite. Tom Wells Exit. There, got all my location links updated.
I took my time today and didn’t even leave the Lake Havasu City area till after 10:30 and I just took my time getting here and enjoying the drive.

Windows Update: Today I had about 150mb of data to download to the laptop. One day I will have to do the desktop but I can wait because I won’t be using it all winter.

Pictures: A couple of House Finches.
House Finch photo MRFinch.jpg
House Finch photo LadyFinch.jpg

Night folks.


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