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Pictures: Here are some more pictures from the walk yesterday.
Well, I guess that will be later on, seeing as it seems Flickr is down for now.
Okay finally :)

These things are about as big as a marble/dime
BLM Grants walk_1242

A different view of the arch.
BLM Grants_1270

One of the many beautiful views along the walk I took yesterday.

Exercise: I am off from exercise today seeing as I had a big walk yesterday.

Defensive Driving: I had to do a 4 hour Defensive Driving course in order to drive the vehicle assigned to me so I finish that today.

Weather: So far the weather is being so good :) The temperatures are just where I like them and holding but that could change this weekend. Looking at the forecast things do look good for the next week except maybe a little rain.

Night folks

Nature Walk

Nature Walk: This morning I am off to the nature walk and that will take the morning. I will have the afternoon to get a couple of things done around the camp ground. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of pictures to share with you from my walk today.

Weather: Lucky for me the weather is holding on to some great temperature so far. I don’t expects this kind of great weather to last long but I sure am enjoying it while it does. It will be a fine day for the walk.

Birds: I am surprise at how many Humming Birds I am seeing. They have a big trip coming up and I guess they are gather up their energy. In the morning they are all fluff up staying warm while feeding, fun to watch. I don’t have the mass amounts of them like I did this summer at Storrie Lake but I do have 3 and 4 at a time.

Exercise: A long walk today as a few of us broke away from the group and walk for 7 to 8 miles.

Pictures: Here are 3 or 4 shots I took today and there will be more later on.

BLM Grants_1229

BLM Grants_1224

BLM Grants_1221

BLM Grants_1219

Night Folks

More Orientation today

More Orientation : Still more to know about, yesterdays stuff, was stuff that I knew about already but today ….. I’m not sure what is coming. Should be interesting, we’ll see.

Update; I guess, I am orientated :) Not much more added to my list of stuff to do, but lots I can do on days I want to step up and I’ll have a few of those.

Exercise: I got early this morning for a fast walk before my day gets started, I walked somewhere around two miles. I have been slipping on my stretching again, so that is something I will have to get caught up on soon.
Tomorrow’s exercise will be the nature walk with the ranger and group. It will be a very slow walk but fairly long.

Bird: Here is another shot of the Rock Wren, the sun was very hash so the lighting is not good but I did the best I could with it in Photoshop. Click for a bigger picture.
Rock Wren_1544

For the bird of the week Another Robin.

The day has gone by fast.

Night folks


Maybe orientation today?: The one thing one must not worry about is being in a hurry if you are dealing with the State or Federal government, all things take time. So it is ….. nothing I am worried with. Like all government systems this one is under staff too. Odd the things uncle Sam don’t have money for vs the things it does have money for. At any rate I hope to get into something today. Tomorrow I am to go on a nature walk with one of the rangers and a group of people, that should be fun.

Ha, I just got a call and the ranger will be by to show me the ropes today, good deal.

Camp Ground: Man oh man, it is so peaceful and quiet here, I do like it. Of course, here in a few days I will have some stuff(tools and such) to work with and I will be getting busy, and I look forward to that. I am one that likes to earn ones keep :)
The host site here in the camp ground is the lowest one and I was worried about my internet connection but it is doing okay with my Wilson Directional Antenna connected to the MiFi device. I still have 2 bars of 4G, mind you it is not top speed but it is so bad either. TV on the other hand is just about out :( I do get PBS sometimes but that is it. Should I hook this job for next summer I may consider a satellite of some kind for my TV needs, but for the next 6 weeks or so I won’t worry about TV.

By the way , the solar system here is doing great so far and giving me all the power I need. I am running my Refrigerator, Microwave, Hot water heater and computers on it with no problem so far. The real test will be when it starts cooling off and I try running one (or two) of my small electric heaters on it :?:

Pictures: Here is a couple shot just outside my RV.
BLM Grants_1218


Here is a Rock Wern that came by for a visit today, seems to be a happy little bird :)
Rock Wren_1545

Night Folks


 photo 551.gif Birthday: Today is my 7th year birthday for RV full-timing! It has been a super great 7 years and I am so glad I give up my “stick and brick” to do this. I think if I had it to do over I would not change much, maybe a different rig now that I know I could have had a better deal, but still I am so glad that I hit the road 7 years ago. I have a nice ease full-time birthday date to remember, 9/11 of 07 ,  plus I have Google to remind me each year.

Volunteering: I look forward to my orientation, just to see what all I have to do. I will be doing things at other areas too, like down at the arch and a picnic area farther down the road and that is all I know for now. Hopefully I’ll know more in the next day or two.

Hummers: I have my hummer feeder out and I am getting visitors. I see Black-Chinned, Broad-tail and maybe a female Calliope(not sure). I can’t see them being here much longer as it is going to start getting cold soon. Just a few late travelers.

WordPress Editor: Still a bug or two in the new editor, I notice when I post this code ….

<span style=”color: red;”><strong><em>:</em></strong></span>

to make my subject markers red it show as black in the editor but turns out red in the post as it should,  but it seems as they are getting things worked out.  Still a couple of things I like better in the older editor. One thing I like better for sure is the placement of the save/preview buttons, another is how the tags and categories are laid out. No matter I am getting use to it, a good thing because my understanding is that the older editor will at some point go away :(

Updates: Wow, I have been off the desktop computer for what, maybe 10 days? and I had over 400MB of updates :( Took me at least 40 minutes and 4 restarts to get it done. That is nuts. I had other updates besides windows, iTunes, Firefox and Thunderbird.

Campground : Hey the place is empty again, who would have thought that being a host would be so peaceful and quiet? :) Ha, it didn’t take long I now have two tent campers.

Looking out my front door: As I sat here playing on the computer I see this view. I like these two trees :)
Above BLMGrants_1216

Night folks

Hosting again

Hosting again: Wow, I am out of the frying pan but ….. I guess I jumped into the fire!!!! When I got here last week I started working on getting next summer’s job lined up but it turns out that they where looking to fill the host position from now to the end of October and guess who they had in mind as soon as I showed up??? Yep, looks like I will be spending a couple of chilly months here in the BLM as host. However my sacrifice now should line me up for next summer and it will give both them(BLM Rangers) and I time to see if we are going to like each other. It will be hard for this bunch of guys to top the last bunch I worked with at Storrie lake. However everyone I have met so far seems to be great. I look forward to trying this gig out and I start tomorrow, wish me luck guys!

I have moved into the host site as of today but I don’t get to try out the solar panel array till tomorrow when my boss comes back to work and that is fine. The boss has got to show me how it all works and how to control everything, or whatever it is that I need to know. I can’t wait to see how well the solar system does.

It was a bit tricky setting up the RV, the host site is the most um-level site of the bunch or at least one of the worst, but no big deal, I just had to take my time and get it done. I am setting fine now.

I guess you all know why I was talking about the weather here in Sept and Oct now :) For now it is beautiful, about as good as it gets for me, temperature wise it is in the sweet spot.

Exercise: I did do some walking today but I didn’t take my app along, didn’t think of it till I was well into my walk. I am sure I did near 2 miles at least.

My new Site:
meBLM Grants_1213

WordPress: The new interface is not so buggy now, I am glad of that. I think I can now start using it.

Not sure what kind of time I will have to do things on the computer from here on, so we’ll see.

Night folks

Cloudy days

Pictures: More wild flowers.
Wild Flower_1210

Wild Flower_1195

Wild flower_1192

Wild flower_1198

City: I was back in the city today, this time to do laundry, get rid of my old recliner(city dump), pick up some drinking water and stop at Walmart.

Windows updates: Windows updates always come on the second Tuesday of each month and it is that. My where near 200 MB.

Weather: Got just a little rain last night. Today is partly cloudy, just enough to make solar charging a slow job. My solar charger needs to hold the batteries at 14.8 volts for 2 hours before it will drop to float charge of 13.2 volts and with the clouds jumping between the sun and my panels, the charger don’t hold for the two hours but it keeps trying. Still I’ll get a pretty good charge today but I think it is hard on the batteries when the day goes like that.

Night folks

New Recliner

City: Debating whether to take a trip into town. Only one other RV here besides myself and the other RVer is gone for now. Not too keen on leaving my RV here with no one anywhere around but that may be a thing I have to get use to, after all this is not the most poplar place around and yes, I like that it is not all that poplar :-) So I guess that makes for a give and take situation. I don’t need to go into town for anything other than something to do anyways, so no matter.

My old recliner : :-\ My recliner has about had it, and it’s time to replace it. Don’t know whether or not if this little town(Grants) has a furniture store were one might buy a reasonably priced recliner. I will have to look around next time I go into town.

My new recliner: I did go into the city and while there, I decided to buy a new recliner, a smaller one. The older one was an over stuff chair and was very comfortable and easy on the back when setting, this one ….. we’ll have to see. I will have to find out where the city dump is and make a trip to it to get rid of the old chair, maybe tomorrow. The new one sure gives me more room with it being smaller. It is a wall hugger too, so maybe one day I can add a swivel for even more convenience.

Email: I use Thunderbird email client and one of the things that has always bug me about it, is if you don’t remember to pick which of your email addresses to use (for sending) it might pick any one of them, not good for me because I want to use different addresses for different things such as social vs banks vs maybe some address I can use for signing up to forums and other such places that might send me junk mail. Anyways, I found a add-on for that (Identity Chooser) , now each time I click write, it ask you which email account to send from before it opens the write area, now I won’t forget :)

Exercise: I did a small walk today and a little stretching. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.03mi, time: 43:19, pace: 21:21min/mi, speed: 2.81mi/h.

Pictures: Wild Flowers.

wild flower_1211

Wild Flower_1205

Wild Flower_1206
I will do some more wild flowers pictures tomorrow.

Added Note 3pm: There are now two other RVs here, so now I have a little company.

Night folks.

The only one

Weather: It is beautiful for now but the next couple of weeks could be the start of the cold. Over all, Sept is not too bad for weather in this area but Oct could really start to get cold I would think. Looking at the monthly averages it sure looks that way. Here is the monthly  averages for 

September and October, Brrr on October!

Exercise: I am debating that …… o_O

RV repair: I had to replace my fresh water fill receptacle, so I tender that duty today.

The old one.

The new one.


New one_1188

Camp Ground: I am the only one here, all the other sites are empty. Nice :) I do enjoy the peace and quick however I think I would like at least one more RV here for the times when I leave, but for now I have no where to go.

Update 6pm; Another RV did show up, so there is two of us here now.

Night folks

A two ride day

Exercise: Two bike rides today, just a little over 20 miles total.

Earlier this morning I rode down to the arch and back which was near 15 miles, but I took my time and stopped along the way to take pictures and also to just enjoy the view. The road is not very busy, in all that riding I would guess I seen less than 10 vehicles.

I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 14.66mi, time: 01:40:54, pace: 6:53min/mi, speed: 8.71mi/h.

Later I rode down to the Ranger Stations to do some paper work and chat with the ranger and other volunteer.

I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 5.50mi, time: 56:21, pace: 10:15min/mi, speed: 5.86mi/h.

La Ventana Natural Arch
La Ventana Natural Arch_1183

Along the way I enjoy wild sunflowers(and other wild flowers) and great rock formations.

Sun Flower_1176

Sun Flowers_1166

El Maples_1182

EL Maples_1180

EL Maples_1178

EL Maples_1177

EL Maples_1169

Last night I enjoyed the sunset.

EL Maples Sunset_1154

And that my friends …. is the tough life I am living :)

Night folks


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