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Work: Yep, it is back to work days. Today is my clean up before the weekend day, try to have things look decent for the weekend, for the campers and visitors to the area.

Camp Ground: I am getting about half full each night now, so 5 out of ten campsites will be full most of the time, it is good that the place is getting used. I am surprised that it is not full all the time, maybe this kind of area is just for some of us, that really like the isolation. If you like the outdoors and the kind of things you do out doors you should love this area. Well, let me work on that a bit …. for the young people things like hunting and hiking. And for older types like myself, walking, birding, observing nature, enjoying the peace and quiet, and other such mild manner things ;)

Time to earn my Keep: Time to go out and see what is happening in all the areas I look after. Do a little cleaning and pick up the trash. Back later.

Pictures: House Wren, this shot taken in KY many years ago.
Wren House photo HouseWren.jpg

Copper’s Hawk, picture also taken in KY.
Hawks Copper's photo HankCooporST.jpg

Verizon: I am frustrated by Verizon. They told me they would call me back and didn’t. I call them and still no one knows what is happening. You’ll have to back up a few post to see what this is all about. Big companies make me nuts.

Night folks

Goofing off

Enjoying my day off: I did my chores this morning and then spend the rest of my day goofing off with my friend.

Pictures: Indigo Bunting
Indigo Bunting photo IBM.jpg

Interior Steller’s Jay
Interior Steller's Jay photo JayStellersInterior3.jpg

Exercise: My friend and I did go for a short walk.

Night Folks

Friend in the Campground

Full day: Today I worked half a day and this afternoon run around with my friend(Barry) who is here in the campground now and will stay for the rest of my time(till the end of the month). Great to have a friend around.

Pictures: Cassin’s Finch.
Caseins Finch photo cfinch.jpg

Gray Catbird
Catbird Gray photo Catbird.jpg

Cedar Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing photo ww22.jpg
I have not been taking any pictures for a long time and hopefully I will find some time to do that, all the ones I have been posting are older shots.

After writing the above I got to feeling bad about not taking any new pictures lately, so I took a little birding walk and I’ll see if I got anything wroth posting, later on.

Weather: We are getting a little rain. I am surprised that it has rain as much as it has here this fall. The night are cool the days are warm, and as the month goes by, it gets cooler.

Night folks

Vampire Work Done

Blood Work: I got my blood work done and got myself a flu shot, and I was back by noon. I worked the afternoon so I will only have to do half a day tomorrow. The day got gone quick.

Pictures: Double-crested Cormorant.
Double-crested Cormorant photo CormorantDouble-crested.jpg
Double-crested Cormorant and friends :) As you can see parking was at a premium, for both birds and turtles.
Double-crested Cormorant photo TB1.jpg

Night folks


Blood work: It is time for me to have my blood work done again so I am off tomorrow to see the vampire :) VA in Gallup, NM. I think this is being done again because I am signing up at the Albuquerque clinic. My blood work is not till 10am and it is a fasting test so I will be ready to eat a bear by the time I get out.

Pictures: Brown Thrasher.
Thrasher, Brown photo BrownThasher1.jpg
Starling photo Starting.jpg

Weather: As the evening sets in I feel a chill about the air. Looking over the weather forecast I am seeing some chilly nights ahead. I can’t fuss too much seeing as where I am at this time of year. I may run me a bit of heat this evening and make the place nice and toasty.

Campground: Well it has cleared out and I now only have two camper for the night. Maybe I’ll get another in later on.

Night folks


Verizon: Called Verizon and they are still not sure just what they are going to do with the new customer from Millenicom, as far as taking them to the cleaners goes! I am sure the wheels are rolling and the big wigs are seeing dollar sign big time, but they are keeping it to themselves for now. All the plans for data that they have now will cut my data by near half and add at least 10% to my cost. I am hoping they will offer something a little better, but don’t really expect them to.

Pictures: Here is a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher and an Eastern Bluebird.
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher photo IMG_9340.jpg
Blue Bird photo B3AT8.jpg

Night folks

Destress Signal

Millenicom/Verizon: OMG as the kids say!! Well it seems that Millenicom a reseller of Verizon data has been cut off by Verizon. I get my data connections with Millenicom. Here is the Email I got from Millenicom.
Dear John
We are announcing the acquisition by Verizon of the Millenicom customers who use their service. There should be no interruption with your Internet connection, they will be in contact with you regarding plan options.
Please accept our most sincere appreciation for the opportunity to be your Internet provider.
Dennis Castle
Millenicom Inc.

So ……….. Verizon is about to sock it to all us Millenicom users :(   “they will be in contact with you regarding plan options.”  Oh my, I am not looking forward to this!!! I am hoping for the best but no one knows at this point. It needs to happen between now and the end of the month I guess, seeing as that is the billing cycle. Before when Verizon has acquisition a company they have grandfather folks in but this time it is already theirs seeing as Millenicom was just a reseller of Verizon data, so who knows. Still I am hoping for the best but …… should I disappear …. you will know that I have been eaten up by Verizon, Ouch!!!!!

As a minimum I think they will burn us for $30.00 more. One they will have all kinds of tax (something over $10.00) and I think they will have us pay a device activation fee of $20.00 per month and the money we are now paying, and maybe, and just maybe they will let us keep the same amount of data and they will call that grandfathered in :(    Verizon is all about getting the money out of you.

Pictures: Here is another Roadrunner.
Road Runner photo LittleRRunner.jpg

Roadrunner photo rr4a.jpg

Exercise: I am not getting a lot of that, too busy. I need to exercise :(

Work: I had a good work day. I like the job here if you can call it a job ;) Still I try to get things done.

Night folks

Nature Walk

Fast day: My day has gone away before I knew it. My time here goes really fast but I like the things I am doing and that makes it very pleasant. I think when I come back next summer it will be over before I know it.

Today was one of the days my boss took a group out for a nature walk, and he likes for me to go along. It takes most of the day when we do one of these walks. I will call this my exercise for today too :)

Pictures: More Roadrunners, this time a couple of head shots.
Roadrunner photo RR2a.jpg

Roadrunner photo RR3.jpg

Weather: Last night was fair and today was beautiful, I am enjoying the fact that it is not as cold as it could be.

Night folks

Chill day

Chilling:  Today I have little to nothing I want or need to accomplish, and it is nice to just let the mind  and the body find their way through the day aimlessly. Life is pretty good today :)

Bird: updated my Bird of the Week or maybe the Bird of the Month lately. This week it is a Roadrunner.
Roadrunner photo Roadrunner1.jpg
Road Runner photo RRunner1.jpg

Exercise: I walk and stretched this morning afternoon and I even track my walk with MY TRACKS but then I forgot to turn it off after my walk :(  Maybe it an old dude thing …..?

Enjoyed my Chilling day: Well the day is coming to an end and I have enjoyed the nothingness of the day :) I like a day like this one now and again but not too many, I mostly like a little something to do here and there. Even if I am not volunteering I usually find little things to do, mind you, many of those things are from a setting position o_O but not all.

Night folks

Cold nights and warm day

Cold: Yep that is about it, no T-shirt and shorts today, brr. I ran the heater all night last night and I was glad of that when I got up this morning :-) it was nice and toasty in the RV.
Just looked at the weather for today and the highs are only in the low 60s. Yes a heat wave for some folks, but not for me, still I don’t mind the days so much as the nights when it drops near or below freezing. Even though I have spend most of my life in places where there has been a pretty good winter, after being in the desert for the last 7 years and staying in the warmer part, I just no longer like even the slightest cold weather. I’m getting spoiled in my old age ;-)

Update; It is afternoon now, about 3pm and it is about as beautiful as it can get. I just love the warm days, I did get into t-shirt and shorts :)

Chores: The chores are on top of the list of to-do’s for today.  I will start with the laundry this morning and maybe by the time I get that done it’ll warm up a bit. Hope so.

Exercise: Yes after getting back from my chores I took me a little walk, just under 2 miles. I used Google My Tracks app to track it. A walk this afternoon. I even added a little stretching to the day, much-needed stretching.

Pictures: Let me see here …… Red-breasted Nuthatcher.
Red-breated Nuthatcher20_8816

Red-breasted Nuthatcher_5459

Windows Updates: It is time to do your Windows updates, second Tuesday of the month. I had near 200 MB this time. My updates are not set to automatic but they are set to tell me when they are available and I usually do all the recommended ones but not all the optional ones.

Night folks


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