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Morning Walk, soon: The morning it’s warning up nicely and I think I may be able to do shorts and T-shirt for my morning walk. My walk today will probably be about two miles, so say the knees.

I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.13mi, time: 43:06, pace: 20:14min/mi, speed: 2.97mi/h.  My Morning Walk

Workout Summary:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 04/14/2014 – 04/20/2014
6 workouts
5 routes
19.8 miles
8.0 hours
2,379 kCal burned

Birds: Western Bluebird and A Pinyon Jay.
Western Bluebird_0992

Western Bluebird_0992

Night folks


Crisp Mornings: Woo-we it is nippy this morning but the sun is out and it’ll be nice soon :-) Guess I’m adjusting to this cooler weather pretty well. I wasn’t really sure how this weather was going to set with me after the warm AZ winter, at any rate, it’s not bad. I do have to run the heater in the morning but I’m getting by without heat in the evening.

Knees: Wow, I’m surprise that the knees are not making a big fuss today. I’ve not tried walking far yet though, that might be when they decide to get my attention :shock:

Couple of Birds: Here is a pair of American Avocet and a Say’s Phoebe. Pictures fresh off the camera this morning.
American Avocet_1039
Say's Phoebe_0989

Strolling about: No walking today but I have done a couple of miles strolling around and bird watching.

Night folks

Nice birding here

Weather widget: Odd little thing about my Weather Widget, it will have the high/low as 70 and 41 but than it will have the present temperature as 32, somehow that don’t work out for me, LOL.

The day is starting with sunshine and I hope that stays with us for the day, too many clouds yesterday for my taste.

Update at 3 pm: We are getting some rain.

Birds: I like this place for birding, there are lots of them around. I have been snapping a few shots and maybe I’ll get some pictures posted soon. I’m seeing Jays, Swallows, Bluebirds, Chipping sparrow, Great Blue Herons, Pelicans, Ducks and others I don’t recognize yet. Some let me get close while others are quite shy.

Walk: I think there will be a good walk for me today. I’ll wait for the temperature to come up a little before going. Maybe a trip around the lake? ….. we’ll see. I have the heater on, and I’m quite content to stay nice and toasty, for now. It is only 8 am so maybe by 10 it’ll be a bit warmer, if the sunshine stays with me.

Near 9 am now and I took me a short test walk and the temperature is cool but if I keep moving it’ll be fine, the knee on the other hand is fussing a little, but I think I’ll make the trip around the lake.

11:40 am walk done! It was a bit longer this year with just a little more water in the lake, very little more but enough to stretch the walk out. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 7.60mi, time: 02:38:07, pace: 20:48min/mi, speed: 2.88mi/h. Nice long walk I iced the knees for a while so maybe tomorrow things won’t be to bad for me with the fussy knees.

No stretching today, maybe tomorrow.

New Bird of the Week: This week I am posting a very recent picture, I took this one yesterday. This is a Mountain Bluebird and I took the picture here at Blue Water State Park. I see these guys every morning, nice. I took a few more shots too, go to my Flickr bird set Here and the last 6 are new. Some of those where taken at the BLM land, south of Grants that I just left.
Mountain Bluebird_0967

Night folks

Any excuse

Few Cloudy Days: Looks like we’ll in for a few cloudy days this week and maybe even some rain. Just like an old dude to want all the days to be nice and sunny, yes? Hey, one can hope :-)

Today so far, has been very overcast, coolest and a bit humid. It has rain just a few drops, but not enough to get things wet. My bones are not liking it one bit. Forgive me folks but fussing lightly over the weather is one of my old dude pleasures and I just ain’t giving it up :shock:

No exercise: I have done a little strolling around the park but no walking today, my joints don’t like the weather. Hey, when you’re a old dude any excuse will do :-P
I have strolled over two miles but at a very slow pace, nothing to call exercise.

Kind of going ease today.

Night folks

Worried needlessly

Beautiful day: coming down. The early mornings are just a tad chilly but by 10am it shorts and t-shirt weather. I like it :-) If you read my blog all the time, you know it being too cool was one of the things I worried about coming here in April, but the worrying was was all for nothing, because I’m enjoying it tremendously.

Afternoon update: It did turn off to be a cloudy day but still not cold.

Walk: About 10am I got out and started my walk and it was a good one, in one of my favorite places. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.25mi, time: 01:03:28, pace: 19:33min/mi, speed: 3.07mi/h.
Mapmywalk I did add in some good stretching.

At some point in the next few days it will be time to do my most favorite walk here at Blue Water and that is to walk around the lake(about 5 to 6 miles). Today I decided on one of my other favorite walks here in Blue Water and that is a walk back through the canyon behind where I’m park. If I’ve not said it yet, this is a great place for my kind of walking, and yet another thing I’m so enjoying about being here.

Happenings: Today here at Bluewater lake they have open up all the camping areas, that means it getting busy. There are a lot of folks here, for the weekend, and it looks like they’ll having a good time. They are still coming in for the weekend. I’ll have to go look around in a bit, and see all the rigs.

Added a stroll : to my day, not enough energy use to call it a walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 1.85mi, time: 42:37, pace: 22:59min/mi, speed: 2.61mi/h.
Stroll Mostly out seeing how full the place is getting, there are a good many people and rigs.

Night folks

Blue Water State Park

All moved: I am now in Blue Water State Park. It is a much greener place in the fall, but mind you it is still a beautiful place now too, ant I enjoy a great deal, spring or fall. They have a couple of areas shut-down still ( they don’t keep it all open during the winter). It is a poplar place, so there are plenty of people here.

New location : Here is the new spot for now. Updated the other two places on the blog where I tell people my location. In my Favorite Site.

Pictures of Blue Water in This old post Maybe I will add a few later on.

Birds: This place is loaded with birds so the camera will be out and about soon. If I have some good luck, there will be pictures in a few days.

Phone: My house phone that plugs in to my Home Connect device, broke so I had to buy a new phone. I stopped at Walmart on the way here to Blue Water to do this. The Grants Walmart didn’t have a lot of phones to select from, so I pretty much got the same kind of phone, don’t guess I need anything fancy.

No exercise today: but tomorrow I will get out and enjoy the place for a while, with a little walking.

Artificial sweetener: Hey, tomorrow is two weeks off the sweeteners, nothing but water for me :) I found a place in Grants where I could the buy Reverse osmosis water(which I like) for ¢25. a gal, which is better than buying Walmart’s water. Don’t care for the taste of city water too much, but I will drink it if nothing else is available.

Night folks

Trip to Grants

City trip: Today I think I will take a trip to Grants to do a few things.

12pm City Update: I did go into Grants today, picked up a few food items, did my laundry and wash the truck. I could have done all this when I move the RV to Blue Water State Park but it is a lot easier when not dragging around the RV. I may still make a quick stop at Walmart but I will not over night. Oh, I think I will move tomorrow too. I like Blue Water and I’ll probably spend two weeks there.

Walk: I forgot to turn off Mapmywalk app when I got back so the times are off, but I at least got the distance right. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.63mi, time: 01:28:44, pace: 33:43min/mi, speed: 1.78mi/h.

Weather: I put on pants and took a jacket with me to Grants but by the time I got back to the RV it was shorts and t-shirt weather :-)

Pictures of the area: If you want to see pictures of the this area, look at this Old Post.
Also you can look at this Flickr Set.

T.V.: One of the things I look forward to with my move to Blue Water Lake is the best that I can the remember T.V. reception is better there. I don’t do to well here, with just my antenna.

Night folks

Colder last night but better today

More cold: Hopeful it will get better after today. I am ready for some above average temperatures, not that I’m going to get any. Okay, I’ll make do :-( At least the night’s are going to get above freezing from here on. The best thing of all, is that the days are just great.

Update 12 noon: Ha, it is noon and time for some shorts and a t-shirt! May not be able to set still outside in a t-shirt, but if you’ll moving around it feels fine.

Walk: I want to, but the knees are not happy right now, so if I do it will probably be a short one, we’ll see.

Moving day coming: I will be moving in a day or two(when the notion hits ) but not far. I will be going to Blue Water lake, another one of my favorite sites.

See Out: Hey, I can see outside now that I have washed and cleaned my windows, they had a ton of wet dust on them. Just one of those things you can expect to happen now-and-then here in the southwest. The truck is still a mess.

Another workout Surrary:
WORKOUT SUMMARY for 04/07/2014 – 04/13/2014 view all
6 workouts
4 routes
16.5 miles
6.2 hours
1,973 kCal burned

Passwords: I spent about an hour updating some of my passwords, that where affected by the heartbleed bug. I was going to put a link to some info about heartbleed bug but there is just too much, you’ll have to Google it and pick what you want to read. It is still hard to find out what sites got hit with this, my Lastpass app tells me Google, Yahoo and others are in the mess.

Night folks


Not chilly but cold! : It was a cool 40° in the RV this morning and somewhere south of 32° outside(I know this because there was ice outside on my truck, after a little rain last night). The wind is blowing, making it feel even colder. I have the heater fired up and it is toasty inside now.
The hard wind yesterday which stirred up the dust and the light rain last night which mixed with that dust made a mess. That happens a lot here in the southwest. I’ll need to clean my solar panels, the truck and the RV, but today I’ll only get to the solar panels, too cold to be messing with the other two.

I’m not fussing about all this, because I knew it was coming, just saying.

Update 9am: I went outside and climbed up on top of the RV and cleaned the solar panels and the wind sure was cold, especially for a shorts and T-shirt kind of fellow like me, LOL. It was my first look outside this morning and things are indeed a mess, looks like someone sprayed muddy water. Well, that will give me something to do when it warms up.

Walk: Had a good walk today but it is about time to give the knees some slack, so maybe tomorrow will be an off day. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.90mi, time: 58:03, pace: 20:01min/mi, speed: 3.00mi/h.

Another Eastern Bluebird pictures:
Bluebird E 2_3210

Debugging: Cleaning the bugs off the front of the RV! Yes, ever long trip calls for a debugging :-P

Night folks

Windy and chilly

Cooler yet: Freezing temperatures, but just barely. Each day it’s getting cooler, well at least I had a little break, with the warm spell that was going on when I first got here the other day. According to the weatherman, tomorrow should be the worst day for the cold, with temperatures getting a bit below freezing. Not looking forward to that :-( Guess it’ll be time to dust off the heater :shock: Today is no picnic either with a lot of wind blowing making it feel cooler than it is. Plus, I just know that wind is being in the cooler air!

Bird of the Week: This is a Eastern Bluebird and this picture was taken in KY, 8 or so years ago.
Blue Bird photo B1AT8.jpg

Walk: Good walk today and the cooler weather was good to walk in. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.25mi, time: 01:01:34, pace: 18:56min/mi, speed: 3.17mi/h.

Workout Summary :WORKOUT SUMMARY for 03/31/2014 – 04/06/2014
8 workouts
7 routes
24.3 miles
7.8 hours
2,464 kCal burned
I was late posing this, there will be another one in a day or two.

75 workouts
72 routes
350.04 miles
95.5 hours
34055 kCal burned
I think I did good :-)

Had this wrote yesterday ,but forgot to publish it :(   Anyways, here it is now.


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