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Bryce Canyon 3

Pictures: Two more shots.

On the day I was taken these it was partly cloudy and the sun was popping in and out and I shot away and at it giving the sky different look with some shots and I like how this first shot’s sky turn out.
Bryce Canyon 8_7d1__200516

Bryce Canyon 9_7d1__200516

Night folks

Bryce Canyon 2

Pictures: Couple more shots from Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Cnyon 25_7d1__200516

Bryce Canyon 57_7d1__200516

Tailgate: I made a small move today and when I unhooked my 5th wheel I bent my tailgate😦 Yet another Boo Boo! I will replace it with a 5th wheel tailgate, when I can figure out how to get one order while out here in nowhere land. The problem is finding a place to ship it to.

Night folks

Bryce Canyon (Inspiration Point) panoramic

Pictures: Here is a couple from Bryce Canyon.

Inspiration Point in Bryce Canyon. (panoramic) As always click the images for the big pictures.
Bryce Canyon Inspiration Point

Natural Bridge Point, Bryce Canyon.
Bryce Natural bridge 30_7d1__200516

Weather: A little bit windy and cool here but that is fine, seeing as I am in such beautiful places of late. Thank you to my friend who motivates into traveling.

Exercise: Not doing a lot for the benefit of exercise but I am getting some walking in doing the things I need to do like fine a good site to park the RV and doing my site seeing.

Night folks

HorseShoe Bend

Pictures: A couple of my takes on Horseshoe Bend. I only had the 24-70 with me and a corp camera so both of these are 5 to 7 photos stitch together.

Horseshoe bend _7d1__180516

Horseshoe Bend 2_7d1__180516

Off Grid: Last Night we spent in an area with no connection to anything, internet, phone or even TV! Tonight we are near Bryce Canyon and I do have a MiFi connection with my Verizon device:) We had a hard time finding a good boon-docking spot here, RVers everywhere.

Move: Needless to says there has been a couple of them.

Night folks

Grand Canyon 2

Pictures: Yesterday my friend and I took a drive into the Desert View area of the Grand Canyon, about 20 miles alone the rim east of the visitors center on the south rim. (Note all of this visit will be on the south rim) I think that this is my favorite area so far if you are staying on the top side of the rim. (Of course the best stuff is getting down into the canyon, which takes a good bit of energy) I will not be doing that this round. Note: In the morning we also took the bus along the red route, which is west of the visitors center along the south rim.
Anyways here is a shot of the Watch Tower and one shot from the Watch Tower. It was in the afternoon so lots of folks around.

Watch Tower 4_7d1__160516

Desert View 6_7d1__160516

Night folks

Grand Canyon 1

Pictures: The first three shots from the Grand Canyon.

Not my best shot but the first one is for perspective, in the center of this one you can see a guy in a red shirt and I took this just to show the vastness of the place.
Vast 4_7d1__160516

One of the many over looks to the west of the visitors center.
Red  32_7d1__160516

Also to the west side of the visitors center and this one with a bit of the Colorado River.
Red River 27_7d1__160516

Exercise : My friend and I did a fair amount of walking around the canyon rim today, I’ll call it exercise enough:)

Night folks

Near the the Grand Canyon

Pictures: I am just outside the Grand Canyon and will be off for some picture taken tomorrow! We are staying in Kaibab National Forest. Here are a couple shots of home for the next few days.

Looking out my RV door.
Front Door 2_7d1__150516

Our RVs in the tall pines.
Home 4_7d1__150516

Exercise: Not much of that going on for now, but hopefully I’ll stay busy for a while anyways.

Weather: The weather is excellent for visiting the canyon at this time.

Night folks

Wild Flowers

Pictures: Just a couple wild flower shots today.

Flower 7-7D2-110516

Flower 1-7D2-110516

Night folks

Western Tanager

Pictures: I seen these two Western Tanager the other morning while out with the camera.

Western Tanager 10-7D2-110516

Western Tanager 11-7D2-110516

Riding: My friend and I took a ride today down to the Sedona Arizona area and I was surprised by the beauty of the area. Unfortunately I didn’t know we were going or I would’ve took my camera, so no pictures😦 My friend just likes to go and you never know which way he is going, so from here on while hanging out with him I’m going to take a camera wherever we go!

Night folks

Northern Flicker

Pictures: Northern Flickers, I first heard the call and then found the called party and then the caller:)

Northern Flicker 17-7D2-110516

Northern Flicker 25-7D2-110516

Night folks


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