Mountain Bluebird

Pictures: Here is a shot of a Mountain Bluebird.


Exercise: I have started my next 5 days of exercise, the exercise page is updated. I have been riding the bike around the park for likely a mile or two a day, mostly just to get out of the RV for a bit.

Good evening.


Wild Again

Pictures: One more wild flower.


Truck: Well the truck is in the body shop, hoping for the best and a speedy return.

Exercise: I rode the bike around a bit today to work off a little nervous energy, just 2 or 3 miles.

While out I spoke to a fellow that I had seen here last year and he has a Electric Bike that he wants to sale. It is one of the heavy duties ones with the flat tires(large round tires for sand/rocks) but I don’t think I want one that is for that rough of an area, I kind of like an all-terrain type bike. But I took it for a ride and I thought about it. I had never rode one and was surprised at the power it had.

Have a nice evening folks.


Pictures: Just yet another wild flower.


Water: Today I filled the RV with water so I’ll have enough for next week while the truck is gone.

Weather: It has been about mid 80s, a little warm for my taste.

Have a nice day folks.


Pictures: Just another wild flower.


Truck: Today I unloaded all the stuff in the back of the truck so the bed could be worked on at the body shop. I keep a lot of stuff back there, mostly tools.

Exercise: I did my exercise this morning and will take a couple days off now, the exercise page has been updated.

That’s all for today, please have a nice day, there is a limit number of them for each of us.


I am not doing a photo today but I will be back tomorrow. I have been running all over the place getting things ready for being without the truck for a while, hopefully not more then 5 days.

I did do my exercise this morning but other then that, I have just been on the road, running.

Night Folks


Pictures: Just a weed or wild flower.


Mirror: Yet another bad mirror from the parts house ( O’Reilly Auto Parts). Went in today and picked up the second one, put it on the truck in the parking lot and tried out all the power movements (power Mirror) and all that worked okay, but then as I took off down the road I notice it was not straight while up in the towing positions so back to the parts house and the replacement is on order 😣😞 Nuts!!!

Exercise: Wearing off a little energy in the mornings is a good thing about now, exercise page updated.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a shot of a wild flower.


Road Running: I went into Grants today to pick up a Mirror that was broke in the accident, after calling to ensure that it was there. When I got there I open the box to make sure it was the right part and it was but …. it was broken, soooo, a wasted trip.

Exercise: I did my walk, updated the exercise page.

Night Folks