Black-throated Gray Warbler

Pictures: Black-throated Gray Warble, and this is a lifer for me:) When I was shooting it I was thinking Black-throated Sparrow but once I open the photo in the computer I knew something was off and it was the little yellow spot! Of course after reconsidering there was few other thing different too.



Thank You : To all the folks that have given me such great feedback on the new blog theme, I really appreciate it, I think I will nail it down:)

Exercise: I walk about two today …… Maybe a little less.

Night folks

Even more Painted Redstarts

Pictures: I just can’t stop shooting my birds:) Two more Redstart pictures.


“Oh my, this water is cold!”


Theme : Jmnowak report in the comments that when she clicks in the text area of a post it puts a line around it, as if it was a image.

“1) Whenever I hover the cursor over any part of text or images, I see a thin-lined box around it all, as if you had prepared this post as an image.
Sorry — I meant to say ‘click’ into the text area”

Is anyone else seeing this? I can’t see it from my computer or tablet. Your feed back would be greatly appreciated!

Exercise: I walked for two miles and rode the bike for a couple just goofing off.

Night folks

Western Bluebird again

Pictures: A couple more Western Bluebirds.



Theme : Well okay I think that I am about to settle on this one, “Toujours”. As far I can tell the word is French but I can’t seems to get a solid definition for it. Anyone know this word? Maybe forever or always?

Weather: It has been really nice here temperature wise and will be good for a while yet. I think about moving sometimes but I am enjoying the weather so much. My next move will likely be to an area that is much warmer. The elevation here is almost 7000 feet and the area I am looking at next is only around 4000 feet which will mean a big change in temperature. Weather changes in short distance is a thing that I like about the southwest part of the US, one can drive for a hour and be in a totally different climate, however, temperatures are still hitting near a hundred in the area I’m consider, so I’ll wait a bit.

Data: Looks like I’ll be going over on my data limit😦 Man, I wish these wireless carries in the U.S. would lighting up on the cost of data. I think maybe there are some trends that feels like it is going to get a little better, I sure hope so.

Photoshop CS2 Free?: If you try the links I give you in a earlier post and didn’t get nowhere you might try this one This one to Adobe with download link and serial #.

Night folks

More Juncos

Pictures: Here are a couple more shots of the Dark-eyed Junco (Red-back).

All the seed, makes a happy bird:)


Exercise: I rode the bike for 5 miles only.

Forgive Me: I am not getting around to other folks blog just now due to low-bandwidth but I will roll over data on the 25th so the 26th I’ll be able to see what you all have been up too:) I am feeling deprived😦

Theme: I am still playing with the setting a bit, I am looking for plain, simple and efficient. I am finding one thing that I can’t seem to work around and that is the default font in the theme (The body text font), I don’t like it. Is it silly looking or is it just me???? This is the Big Brother Theme.

Exercise: Only got in 5 miles on the bike.

Night Folks

New theme

Blog update: I am still playing with the themes and I like this one “Scratchpad” except the header is a bit larger than I like and each post don’t have the number of comments or a place to start one ( you have to click the post to leave one or read the others). However, I think I will let this one ride for a bit and see if it grows on me.

Update; back to “Hemingway Rewritten” theme. I like everything about this one except the header image size ….. again! Yes, I can crop the image but the space dedicated to the image remains😦 Well, when you do free you can’t fuss too much about it all😉

Update; Now to “Big Brother” theme. Much smaller header image:) and still very open.

Pictures: Today’s pictures are of a Female Black-headed Grosbeak.



Weather: We are getting a hard rain today. We get a little about every day but some days it really comes down and today is one of the “coming down days”.

Exercise: I have been a little lazy for the last two days but today I did get out for a 2 mile walk.

Night Folks

Painted Redstart

Pictures: This Painted Redstart couldn’t decide if it wanted a drink of water or a tasty bug or two …..

Thinking on it …..

Yes, a tasty bug it is:)

Chores: Today I had to go into the city and do a few chores, laundry, shopping, get water for the RV and a few others. Sometimes it is fun to go but other times I had just as soon not go. Today was in the middle.

Photoshop for free! Anyone that would like to try or use Photoshop (older Version but free) check this link! Other neat Adobe goodies too.

If you are having trouble with getting the serial # for the software check this link for more Info
Free Photoshop and more

Farther Update: Here is another link to help you alone

Night folks