Odds and Ends

Pictures: Here is a couple of shots that are kind of long and not very good but I like the birds in them. The first one is Cinnamon Teals(Best guess) and the second one is Bank Swallows(Best guess).



Chores: I went into the city and did the chores today and my friend Dale rode along and the company helped pass the boring chore time by. Laundry, jugs of drinking water and a little shopping all done, so I should be good for another week.

Sate Parks and Holidays: The state parks fill up pretty much on the holiday weekends with families enjoying time off from their jobs and school and they have themselves a good time. The end of the weekend the parks empty out fast and it goes back to a few full-timers and vacationers from here and there and the pace slows down to a crawl. The birds, animals and I like the crawl pace 🙂

Night Folks


Ladder-Backed and Red-Winged

Pictures: Here is a Ladder-backed Woodpecker and this was a hard shot to get to say the least. The tree just outside my RV is fully leafed now and the Ladder-back was in the center so I just got peaks every now-and-than.


This Red-Winged Blackbird came and sat on the top of the Humming Feeder hanger and give me a good pose.

Exercise: Dale and I walked 2 miles this morning. I’ll take a break now for a couple of days.

Chores/Move: Tomorrow I am off to the city to do chores and Monday I will have to move to one of the other State Parks in the area because my two weeks is up in this one.

Backup: About every 6 months I do a double backup of all my photos and today was the day to back up. I have two hard drives I use for backup. I wish I could do a back up off site but I don’t have the bandwidth for storing on a cloud and have no place to put a hard copy. Well I guess if I lose the RV … I’ll have much bigger problems to worry with!!!

Night Folks

Splash of Color

Pictures: Here is one of the Bullock’s Oriole that come around to my feeders. I have this old Humming Bird feeder that I drilled a larger hole in so the Oriole could drink out of it and as soon as I seen this guy I got it out. The sugar-water mix is a little different from the Oriole mix compare to the Humming mix but the Oriole don’t seem to mind drinking the Humming Bird mix.


Exercise: Dale and I walked the two miles on the bird trail this morning. I have called this two miles but it may be a little less however it is close if not two miles.

Night Folks

White-crowned Sparrow

Pictures: I seen this one on one of my walks but there are lots of them coming to my feeding area too.


Exercise: I walked two miles this morning while birding and my friend Dale walk along and it was nice to have someone to chat with along the way.

City: Dale took a trip into T or C and I went with and got a propane tank filled, it was good to get out. Dale has one of the little smart cars and I find them kind of neat. They have a bit more room than I would have thought, we carry two propane tanks plus 5 one-gal water jugs and still had some room.

Night Folks

Red-winged Blackbirds

Pictures: A couple more of the Red-winged Blackbirds.



Exercise: I walked two miles this morning and I took the camera but I walked it a little quicker than normal.

Friend in the Area: My friend Dale came in this morning and it is good to have someone around to chat with. There is a link to Dale’s blog over on the right.

Night Folks

House Finch

Pictures: Here is one of the many House Finches that hang out at my feeding area.


Exercise: I walked a couple of miles while out birding this morning.

Weather : It has been very nice!

Night Folks

Small Predator

Pictures: American Kestrel and I think it is a male. This bird is a predator and about the size of a jay. I have seen this bird a lot on my walks, I guess he likes a good birding area too 😏


Chores: Today was my day to go into the city and do laundry, shopping and such and I got all that done.

Exercise: I will take a day off from exercising on chore day 🙂 .

Night Folks