Wild Flowers

Pictures: Just one of the wild flowers on one of my walks.


Exercise: I did walk today, about 2.3 miles.

Linux Mint: While setting around today I got out my old computer that I have not turn on for over 2 years and install Linux Mint on it, it had copy of windows Pro that I had move to this computer and a install of Ubuntu. I just decide to reformat and install Mint. Something to play with.

Night Folks


Indian Paintbrush

Pictures: Here is a shot from one of my walks.


City/Chores: I went into the city today and did a few chores. It rain a lot today so it was a good day for chores. The rain was one of the hardest rains I have seen in a while, should help keep the dust down.

Night Folks

Running Water

Pictures: A shot of running water and a dandelion.

Running Water in the bright sunlight giving a sparkling look.

This is the favorite of everyone who has had a nice yard, the Dandelion …. well okay, maybe not!! 😈

Exercise: I walked a couple miles today, that five days this week, so it is time for a break.

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Pictures: Here is a shot of Chippy.


Exercise: I walked 2.3 miles about my average for this area.

Wind: The spring time in NM is known to be windy but this year it seems to be far more prevalent and persistent.

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No Hummers

Pictures: Here at the site I am in now I have not seen even one Hummer, but here is a shot from the state park.

Black-chinned Hummer.

Exercise : I walked a little over 2 miles this morning.

Nothing happening.

Night Folks


Pictures: This Mountain Bluebird give this woolly worm a good beating before taking it away, maybe before taking it to the nest … ?


Exercise: I walked 2.3 miles today. There are no trails per says but I know the area and can find lots of off-road walking places.

Night Folks

Mountain Bluebird.

Pictures: Here is a Mountain Bluebird.


Move: Yesterday during my move I had a break down with the truck, that cost me almost $500.00 and a whole day’s time 😣 . However, I was lucky and did not need a tow, that could have made it a $1000.00 with the RV attached. Well, I won’t say lucky, but it could have been worst!

Exercise: I have not exercise for the last two days, slacking up.

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