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Fly Fishing

Pictures: The San Juan River is known for it Fly Fishing and I see a lot of folks fishing just below the Dam.

Below Dam 20d_1988

Fly Fishing 20d_1990

Fly Fishing: Lots of good fishing in this area with Flying Fishing being one of the favorite ways of doing it. The pictures above are some of the fishermen favorite areas.

Link to the below info San Juan River Fly Fishing

“San Juan River Fly Fishing
Recent studies have suggested that there are more then 15,000 fish per mile. Located in the northwest corner of New Mexico, the San Juan River is world renowned for providing some of the most rewarding trout fishing you will ever experience. The San Juan River quality waters, which is a 4 miles stretch of river below Navajo Lake Dam (tailwaters) is a consistent producer of both rainbows and browns averaging 16 to 18 inches, with many reaching much larger proportions. It is all catch and release and we take pride in preservation of the river, trout and all the beauty that make up the New Mexico San Juan river valley. ”

Weather: The temperatures are staying pretty high, for now it is about 90°. I hoping for the evening rain. The weatherman says about 40% chance in the late evening.

Weather update; It started raining about an hour ago (5pm) and has not stopped, I’m guessing that about a 100% :) . Lots of water and mud, the tent campers have got to be sad :(

Night folks

About Lake Navajo

Pictures: The Dam’s spill-way (Lake Navajo) and another shot of the lake.

Below Dam 20d_1988

Lake Navajo 20d_1997

A little about the Lake: This is from Wikipedia.
” Water is impounded in Navajo Lake by the earth- and rock-filled Navajo Dam, 3,800 feet (1,200 m) long and 400 feet (120 m) high, completed in 1962. The 15,600-acre (63 km2) lake is over 25 miles (40 km) long and lies at an elevation of up to 6,085 feet (1,855 m).”
Here is a link to Wikipedia article.

I always like walking around the lakes but I don’t guess I’ll be doing that with this one ;)

Weather: It has rain just a little each of the last three evenings and that had made things a bit cooler, I’m thankful for that.

Night folks

Earth Dam

Pictures: A couple of shots of the earth dam that holds Lake Navajo in place. The Dam has two roads, one going across the top and another coming down the backside of the dam.

Earth Dam 20d_1991

Earth Dam 20d_1985

Road Running : Yet again :) My friends and I spent most of the day out on the roads today and had a good time. For me any day spent with friends is a good day ;)

Night folks

Lots of boating

Pictures: Couple shots of Lake Navajo, this is a big lake so boating is a big thing here.

Lake Navajo 20d_1996

Lake Navajo 20d_1994

Riding: Yesterday one of my friends and I did a lot of riding and I got a few pictures, so for the next few days, I be sharing :)

Weather: The weather is a little warm especially not being hooked to electric to run a fan or AC. I”ll tough it out for a little while.
 photo summer-animated-animation-weather-smiley-emoticon-000399-large.gif

Weather Update: Looks and feels like we might get a rain/thunderstorm, that would be good, as it would cool things off. Oh yeah, here it comes.


Night folks


No pictures today, I’ve been running the roads all day :)  Maybe tomorrow.

Night folks

Mocking Bird

Pictures: Mocking Bird.


Mocking Bird 7d_2148

Location: I am now at Navajo Lake State Park. I was lucky today and got away a bit early so I made good time getting up the road to catch up with my friends here at Navajo Lake :)

Night folks

Couple more Blooms

Pictures: Another shot of the Cactus bloom and a wild flower.

Cactus Bloom 7d_2175

Wild Flower 7d_2147

Ready: I’m hooked up and ready to go. Leaving a place is always bitter sweet to me, I hate to say good bye to a place that I’ve enjoyed do much but do look forward to moving on. I’ve had some fine walks here, but I look forward to walking where I’ve never walked before.

I’m like the bug above on the flower, “It’s been nice here but that flower over there sure looks nice”

Night folks

A Cactus Show

Pictures: The cactus bloom each year but this year they seems to be putting on a show here in this area, guess the rain was just right this year :)

Cactus Show 7d_2178

Cactus Show 7d_2171

Walk: Took a walk with one of the camper here in the campground and had a great walk. I think we did maybe 4 miles or so.

Night folks


Pictures: A couple of Cactus Blooms.

Castus Bloom 20d_1963

Castus  Bloom 20d_1972

Almost done: Down to 3 days to go :) I am ready for a change. This has been a good gig and I would recommend it to anyone that might want to try Volunteering for a bit, beautiful place and good folks to work with. There is lots of work to be done so it is not for those that just want to hang out :)

Night folks

Things in nature

Pictures: Things found in nature.

Butterfly, this picture taken just outside my RV.
Butterfly 20d_1955

Rattle Snake, this picture taken while on the nature walk last Sunday.
Rattle Snake 20d_1941

CyanogenMod 12: I’m really liking this custom Rom. I should have rooted and customized my tablet long before this :?

Night folks


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