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Busy day

Pictures: More Petroglyphs.

Petroglyph Phone Camera 20150418_153942

Petroglyph Phone Camera 20150418_153851

Busy Day: It has been a busy day but I am up for a couple days off now :)

Night folks

Cold up there!

Pictures: I took this shot from the Ranger Station yesterday morning. Mt Taylor ….. (in my best hillbilly speak) “I think maybe it was cold up there on that there hill” :)

Mt Taylor 7d _1822

While at the Ranger Station I seen this little one.
Chipper 7d _1823

Campground: Mostly piddling around the campground today, doing little things. Two campers in for tonight so far.

Night folks


Pictures: A couple blooms.

I think this is called a Butterfly Bush.
Butterfly Brush 20d_2537

I think this may be a Lilac.
Brush 20d _5602

Walk: My boss came by today and we went on a patrol, fun afternoon. He show me another Petroglyph site, the area is full of them.

Night folks

A Wild Flower

Pictures: Wild Flower, Trumpet Creeper.

Trumpet Creeper 20d_1642

Trumpet Creeper 20d _1644

Weather: It is time to fuss …. well a little anyways :evil: It has been just a little chilly for my taste of late and a pretty cool time for Mid April in this area. Maybe we’ll get one of the late snows again this year. Can’t wait for the summer.

Night folks

Tired today

Pictures: Great-tailed Grackle, male and female.

Great-tailed Grackle 20d_8744

Great-tailed Grackle 20d _8668

Tired: I have been feeling a little tired today, maybe I walked too much on my weekend :) I still got a little done but not enough to count much. Or maybe it is just my Monday 😧

Campground: I’m full tonight, all ten sites taken. One group had 3 vans and a SUV with 25 people. A group of geologist out to study the volcano rocks.

Night folks

Black and White

Pictures: Alix over at alixbleus suggested that I try some Black and White photo. I am not very good at that but here are a couple of the ones I posted in the last few days now in B&W.

BW Narrows Rim 7d_1790

Narrows rim BW 2 7d _1798

Work: Back to work tomorrow and that is fine. The campground has been slow and I’m ready to do little something.

Night folks

Gnarly trees

Pictures: More gnarly trees from Sunday’s walk.

Narrows Rim2 7d _1796

Narrows Rim2 7d_1798

Chilling: I am enjoying my day off.

Night folks


Pictures: Couple more shot from Sunday’s walk.

Two Twisted trees.
Narrows Rim walk 7d_1790

Narrows Rim Walk 7d_1784

Friday: Today is my Friday :)

Night folks

Nature Walk

Pictures: From the walk today at the Narrows Rim Trail. Harsh light but in mid day it is as it is :)

Narrows trail walk 7d_1780

Here is why they call it the narrows, the narrow space between lava and the sandstone buff, just enough for the raod.
Narrows Trail walk 20d_1795

Night folks


Pictures: Here is a couple of Robin pictures and again older shots.

Robin 20d _0775

With lunch :)
Robin 20d_1108

Camp Ground: It has been pretty busy around the campground with more than half the sites always occupied. The sites here need a lot less care than those in the state park where I volunteered last year and I have only half as many sites, but there is plenty work to be done outside the campground. I work as much out of the campground as I do in it, probably more. I am still very much liking the volunteer gig here. Tomorrow we are off on another nature walk, it’ll be good to be out and about.

Night folks


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