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Dragon Flies

Pictures: I watch these guys for over an hour total time and I have yet to see one land! So I tried my luck with shooting in fight shots. I don’t do a lot of those but I got a couple in focus anyways:)



Exercise: Rode the bike for 10 miles today, took two rides but I got there:)

Night folks


Pictures: Couple shots of a Crawdad I seen in the creek.



Red-tailed Hawk: While out for my walk today, I found the Hawk dead in the creek, I am sad.

Exercise: I walk a little today and rode the bike for 6.5 miles.

Night folks


Rock and a Grasshopper

Pictures: Just some of this and that.



Exercise: Little walking and a 6.5 mile bike ride today.

NIght folks

Dead Tree

Pictures: Here is a couple shots of this dead tree that caught my eye, while walking in the canyon.



Chores: Today I went into the city and did a few things, renewed my tags on both the truck and RV, got some propane, did some shopping and did my laundry.

Weather: By the time I got back this afternoon the rain was starting so I am not sure if I’ll get any exercise done today and if not that is Okay, it is time for a day off anyways:)

Night folks

More Red-tailed Hawk

Pictures: Here is a couple more shots of the Red-tailed Hawk. I am very fearful for this bird, it has been in the same area now for at least 6 days and that can not be good. If it does not move on soon it will not make it😦 I have informed the Park Rangers but I think it will likely be policy not to interfere with the wild life.



Humming Bird feeder: I put my Humming feeder out the second day here and it started slow but I have a full gang of hummers now, after only a week:) They give me great pleasure just watching them come and go. I hang the feeder off my slide of the RV and when I am in my recliner the birds are about 3 to 4 feet away.

Exercise: I got in about two miles today.

Rain: The morning was sunshiny and the afternoon is giving us rain, which is a good thing for two reason, one; it cool things down and two; this area can always use more rain. I got so I enjoy the rain out here in the southwest. In June here in the southwest, you see a lot of that, sunny mornings and rainy afternoons.

Night folks


Pictures: Here is something a little different from me, Damselflies and Dragonfly.



Exercise: Today I walk 2 miles and rode the bike for three.

Night folks


Pictures: The State Park where I am staying is like a lot of government land, in that it is open range for grazing. I like that because I get to enjoy the animals. This little herd of Horses comes through every now and then, so I grabbed a shot or two.



Exercise: It took three rides but I rode the bike for 10 miles today:)

Night folks

Red-tailed Hawk

Pictures: Yesterday I took another walk in the canyon and the Red-tailed Hawk was in the same area. I am thinking it is a juvenile Red-tailed that is not too sure about it wings just yet, although I did see it fly a 100 feet or more at least twice, even if it did act a little leery of it’s take off.

For bigger pictures click the images twice.




Exercise: Today I got in a good walk of 5 miles, a little slower than the speed I usually walk but still 5 miles, not bad!

Night folks

Cliff Swallows

Pictures: These birds come by in the morning and sat on the lines, Cliff Swallows.



Congratulations : A congratulations is in order for one of my fellow RVers and friend, Barbara over at Me and My Dog …and My RV who has pasted one million views ……. that a lot of looking you getting there! Good job:)

Let me see, I got about 50,000 in 9 years so …….. 50,000/1,000,000= 20 and 20 X 9 = 180 years to go for me!!! Well ….. I don’t guess I’ll be getting a million, LOL. Again, Congratulations to my friend Barbara:)

Weather: Well we got another afternoon rain and it is good. Adds much needed water to a land that so needs it and it cools the afternoon down nicely:)

Exercise: I walk three or four miles today, a good thing.

Night folks

Sunrise this morning

Pictures: I woke this morning to see a beautiful sunrise happening. I was near too late getting up to get the shots but still it was fairly nice.



Exercise: There is a small canyon behind the area where I am camped and this morning I took a little walk in it and I am kicking myself for not taking the camera. I walked upon a immature Red Tail Hawk and It was setting beside a creek and I think maybe it was trying it’s fishing skills. I sat for fifteen minutes just watching it from about 50 feet away, it didn’t seem to mind. It would jump from rock to rock and look around for bit each time. When leaving I walked within 20 feet of it and it just sat there watching me:) I also seen two Great Blue Herons, lots of Cliff Swallows and other smaller birds too. Needless to say I think it was a fine walk!

Weather: We got rain, a hard one at that!

Night folks


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