“What is That?”

Pictures: This Canyon Towhee came by one day and was checking out the peanuts, it would pick one up and then drop it and it did this a few times. In between times it would eat seeds. I don’t think it ever did eat a peanut or carry one away.



Exercise: Bike riding report today, this morning a little over 6 miles ……The Afternoon, I added another 4, 10 total! Now I will be off for a couple of days.

Night Folks


What’s that Clicking?

Pictures: A Juniper Titmouse and a Mocking Bird, I like it when the birds give me that look that says (Hey, what is that you are doing there?)



Exercise: I rode the bike this morning for a little over 7 miles. I added 3 more miles this afternoon so 10 miles total for today, I am happy with that! 🙂

WordPress Plans: Okay …. I am a dummy 😣!!! When I looked at the cost of the WordPress plans I did not notice the price had a “MX ” before the $45.00 (Like this MX$45.00) so after a friend bringing this to my attention(Thanks Rick) …. we think this is a Mexico price in Pesos.

So for whatever reason my WordPress thinks I am in Mexico or at least gives me the price in MX$! I run a VPN but even when I disconnect from it, WordPress still gives me MX$ prices, so …. I need to figure out why. Or maybe I don’t, some folks are telling me they don’t see much in ads when looking at my blog no way.

I tried many times to find out why I am being given the price in MX$ but I have not figured it out and I cannot get it priced in US dollars when I am logged into WordPress.

So, can anyone tell me if I run it through with MX$’s on my American bank, if it will come out all right? It looks cheaper with MX$ anyways! Just wondering.

Friends: I have a friend in the area(Dale) and it was good to have someone to set out and chat with for while yesterday evening. Always good to have friends around.

Night Folks

Gold Finch and Canyon Towhee

Pictures: Here is a shot of a pair of Lesser Goldfinches that stopped in for a drink and a Canyon Towhee that came by for a few seeds.



Exercise: I started with a little over 7 miles this morning on the bike. I rode a couple more miles this afternoon with the bike and ended up with 9.4 miles total.


Ad Blockers : Yesterday I had a problem with my browser not showing photos on my blog so the first thing I do when something like that happens is to start disabling my add-ons to see if one of them is causing the problems. Anyways, I did this yesterday and I was kind of surprised at how aggressive the ads where on my blog. The ads pretty much overshadowed my blog post. When looking at the upgrades for WordPress I see “Personal MX$45.00 per month, billed yearly” and about all this upgrade does that I would need is to stop ads. I simply can’t afford that much. I know that WordPress needs to make money to have this site available to us free users but do they all need a new yacht!?!? Really!

I would be happy to pay somewhere under a $100.00 a year to stop my readers from being bombarded with very aggressive ads but not over $500.00 a year. So, folks if the ads make you nuts add a AdBlocker to your Browser. I hate to feel that I need to recommend that when WordPress gives me a free site for my blog but when ads overshadow ones post …… If ads don’t bother you, by all means use the ads you see and support WordPress!

Okay, in summary and to be fair …… I do fully understand that when using a free product I am “their product” and I have the option of not being “their product”. Luckily, for now users have a way to control things if they feel they need to, so I guess we’ll call it a deal.

With the aggressiveness of web sites use of ads, I don’t see how anyone uses the internet without an Ad-blocker. If a Web site used 10% or less of their page for a couple of ads I would support ads but when a web site has 10- 30 ads or uses 50% or more of the page for ads than I support Ad-blockers far more. By the way I recommend AdBlocker Ultimate.

Okay, end of rant!!!

As it turned out I had to uninstall Firefox and reinstall it to fix my problem of my photos not showing.

Night Folks

Old and New

Pictures: Here is a shot of some cat-tails, some from last years and some from this years, and another shot of the same flower I posted last week, I took about five shots of the flower.



Exercise: No exercise, I’m taking it ease for a bit.
Update: I couldn’t stand it, I got out and sputtered around on the bike for 5 miles. A little something.

Night Folks