Woodpeckers, Northern Flicker

Pictures: Here is a couple of shot better than 10 year apart, Northern Flicker. Both of these are Male Northern Flicker but if you look you will see that the markings are a bit different.

This shot taken in KY is a Northern Flicker (Yellow-Shafted) (Tiger/Eastern) Subspecies. Shot taken in 2005.

Northern Flicker, I took this shot in either AZ or NM. Shot taken in 2016.

Exercise: Rick and I walked 2.5 miles today.

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Comparing Buckeyes of the West and East

Pictures: A couple more Buckeye shots.

This shot taken back in 07, and I am pretty sure it was the one right after yesterday’s shot. Meta commented that Buckeye out here must be darker because of the shot yesterday but it was just that my post processing skill was not so good 11 years ago, I think. I did run yesterday’s shot in Photoshop but I did not have the original shot but today shot was from the original jpeg, so hopefully a little better post processing 🙂 I think both this shot and yesterday’s shot taken in KY.Buckeye-20D-7-12-2007_4865

Here is a shot taken out west last year. Giving that the light, background, camera and lens was likely a bit different in these shots I would think that the colors are pretty much the same.Buckeye-88-7D2-040817

I do like doing my photos a bit on the dark side in post processing.

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So many broke links

Pictures: Yesterday while looking back in my blog at post from last year I seen some with broken links due to Photobucket’s changes and greed. They put this big ugly sticker where you images use to be so I thought that I would re-post my images and make theirs look a little better.
Here is a link to that post from last year.

They take your image out and put this in.

Here is my version of their image 🙂

What do you think? I think this image fits their image much better 🙂 $400.00 a year to hotlink *%#*&#%^ !!!!!!

Here are the images I replaced.

Orange Sulphur.

Ranting : Okay I feel better now 🙂 🙂 🙂

Weather: In comparison of most of the winter here, today is kind of cool, windy and dusty. A good day to stay in and chill …. and maybe do a little ranting!

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Year to Year

Pictures: Last year at this time it was very green around here. See images here in Feb Archives of 2017.
Now for this year, I have tried to take pictures of the same areas, not so green this year 😦

Forgive the images quality, these are snap taken in the harsh sunlight just for comparison from last year to this year.


City: I went into the city … This was a day for my chores, water for the RV and doing my laundry.

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