Yellow-rumped Warbler

Pictures: This morning these two came by for a nice cool bath. It was about 50° this morning and I had just open the door of the RV and was debating whether or not to close it and fire up the heater, but I stayed tough and was rewarded with these shots🙂

Both of these are females but the first bird is a first winter bird.



Weather: It is cool this morning and windy but the weatherman says it will get near 70° today.

Exercise: I got out and walk a couple miles with a friend today. Added five miles on the bike.

Night folks

Wild Flowers and pimping the Computer

Pictures: More Wild Flowers.

Flower-11-7D2-092116 Flower-12-7D2-092116

Firefox: I use Firefox for my Browser and it is not a very fast browser but I like it because you can get plugins for about anything and I have a ton of them. I know that they slow me down a bit but that is okay. Most of them are for security and privacy but I have some just for fun too. One I just starting playing with is Personas Plus, it lets you make you own theme for Firefox, so I have been pimping my Firefox😀

Pimping my Fox🙂


I also like to pimp out my Desktop. Sometimes I use a photo I shot but other times I just like playing with it. I need to find a picture of Bill Gates and put him looking out the window, you know ….. Microsoft watching😉

My Desktop

Weather: More rain, looks and feels like a all day thing, we are on a roll here with all the rain😦 Another all day in the RV.

Night folks

Acorn Woodpeckers

Pictures: Acorn Woodpeckers.



Weather: I am caught in a cool vs hot weather situation. I can stay here for a week more and have cooler temperatures mid 60 days and near 40 for some nights or go south a bit and have 90 days and 60 nights.

However, I am having trouble with my truck clutch again😦 (hard to find good repair folks) and may have to move according to my repair needs.

Exercise: I got a walk(2 mile) in today the fist in three days. I went to the city one day and didn’t walk, the next day I didn’t walk because it rain all day and the the day before these two I just had a off day and only walked a mile, really slacked up😦

Night folks

Nothing new

Pictures: Rainy day shots.



Weather: It’s raining …… And raining and raining ….. Oh, it is raining! ! ! In the end it’ll be a good thing because the dust had gotten pretty bad around here …. Of course now it’ll be mud for a day or two but after that it’ll be better. But when it rains all day like this it makes get for boring day😦 being stuck inside and all.

Heat: With all the rain/humidity, I’m cold, so I hooked up the generator and turned on the furnace, nice and toasty.

Night folks