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Out of Africa wild life park, Loin

Pictures: Today is a loin, I am sad to say this is likely the only way I will ever see one and it sadden me a bit seeing this loin in such a small space. Again please forgive the fence for the photos, I wish I could have been looking at this loin from much farther away with no fence, I am sure we would have both like that better. The keepers were moving this one from one area to another (likely for viewing) as best I could tell, and why the keeper went next to the fence I don’t know. The sounds coming from the loin told me they were too close. Mind you, I know nothing about these animals, just thinking aloud.

Remember you can click the images for a bigger picture.
Loin 85_7d1__250416

Loin 91_7d1__250416

In the next two I am less than 10 feet from the animal, and again I wish I could have seem it in it’s real home(or where that should be) and I am sure I would not have wanted to be this close!
Loin 102_7d1__250416

Loin 105_7d1__250416

Night folks

Out of Africa

Pictures: My friend and I went to the Out of Africa wild life park and here are some shots from that. Today’s pictures of animals are unfortunately behind fences😦 I am going to have a few of these. What are these animals you ask …? Sorry I don’t know, things went way too fast for me to keep up and take pictures too, but if someone would like to add the names in comments I’ll label them.

Update: Thank you (Boeta and gang) Our Rumbling Ocean For the IDs. Also, check this one Having fun with my Camera

Sable antelope (not mature) Here is a link to Wikipedia now that I know it’s ID.
OutofAfrica 66_7d1__250416

Eland (biggest in Africa). Here is a link to Wikipedia
OutofAfrica 1_7d1__250416

Weather: Still got the wind but it is a very nice day even with the wind. The temperatures are golden!

Night folks


Pictures: While my friend was here visiting we stopped at this roping competition and I took these shots.

Click the images for a larger picture.
Roping 24-7D2-240416

Roping 15-7D2-240416

Roping 38-7D2-240416

Night folks

Montezuma Well

Pictures: These shots of Montezuma Well. The place looks like a every day sink hole with water in it but …… ” contains a near-constant volume of spring water even in times of severe drought, amounting to approximately 15,000,000 US gallons (57,000,000 L).” That is a lot of water going in and out of the that hole every day. Not good for drinking sadly. Give it a read for the above link, it is interesting.

This first picture is of one of the outlets and it was moving pretty fast.
Montezuma Well-  37_7d1__240416

This is the hole that don’t look like much, but it is a water hole that don’t quit.
Montezuma Well 26_7d1__240416

Looks like it had some residents at one time, top left.
Montezuma Well 24_7d1__240416

Weather: Windy and rain, I guess it’s our turn!

Night folks

Montezuma Castle

Pictures: A couple of pictures from Montezuma Castle that my friends and I went to today.

Montezuma Castle 8_7d1__240416

I like this wild flower, a different color.
Wild Flower 15_7d1__240416

Weather: It was completely beautiful day.

Night folks

Old Friend

Pictures: White Crown Sparrow, a picture I took while in Kingman, AZ and another Say’s Phoebe Shot. Neither of these shots where taken very close but I still like them.

White-Crowned Sparrow 5_7D2_050416

Say's Phoebe 3-7D2-170416

Exercise: Took a walk this morning, about 3 miles is my guess.

Old Friend: I got a friend that is coming to the area that I met not long after I started RVing. I worked with him at an RV park, stay at his place, and kept in contact with and he is also a photo bug! It is always good to see those kind of old friends, I look forward to it.

Weather : It is nice but still a bit windy.

Update; Enjoyed my day with my friend.

Front Door

Pictures: Couple shots out the front door.

The white mountain in the top right is San Francisco Peaks (Highest point in AZ)
Camp Verde 8-7D2-160416

If you look close you can see the mountain in this one too.
Camp Verde 9-7D2-160416

Weather: I can’t remember this much wind in AZ but I am here later than I normally am. I have talk to others that think it has been unusually windy too. It is a pretty nice day other than that with temperatures about mid 80s.

Exercise : I walk near 4 miles today and partly up a mountain, good exercise for an old dude.

Night folks


Pictures: The Say’s Phoebe is trying it’s best too built a nest on the lip of where my RV hooks up to the 5th wheel hitch, I keep taking the nesting material out but the bird is persistent! I can’t let it get established because about the time it does I’ll be moving on with the RV, if it was not the case I’d let her have her nest😦

As always click the images for the bigger pictures.
Here is another shot of the Brewer’s Sparrow.
Brewer's Sparrow 1-7D2-190416

And another shot of the Say’s Phoebe.
Say's Phoebe 2-7D2-210416

Night folks


Pictures: Say’s Phoebe and another Brewer’s Sparrow.

Say's Phoebe 5-7D2-200416

Brewer's Sparrow 4-7D2-200416

Weather: Got couple of warm days going for now but then it will be just right in about two days😉 So says the old dude!

Exercise: The long ride up the hill the other day has got the knee hurting a little so I will slack off a bit.

Night folks

Flying By

Pictures: These folks flew by this morning.

Flying by 21-7D2-180416

Flying by 22-7D2-180416

Exercise: Not much, I have been lazy today.

Night folks


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