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More Birds

Pictures: Chipper and a Western Blue Bird.

Chipping Sparow 7d1_2386

Western Blue Bird 7d1_2393

Truck: More Maintenance on the truck today, an oil change.

Night folks


Pictures: Couple shots of a Sunrise.

Sunrise, looking away from the sun.
Evening Sunset 20d_2506

Sunrise, looking toward the sun.
Moring Sunrise 20d_2511

Night folks

Blue Bird

Pictures: Splish splash, Mountain Blue Bird taking a bath.

Mountain BlueBird 7d1_2382

Mountain Bluebird 7d1_2383

Night folks

Truck maintenance

Pictures: Even more Butterflies :)

 photo ICFKB4.jpg

Buckeye photo bf2.jpg

Truck: Had a little work done on the truck today, front end alignment and tire rotation.

Night folks

Windows 10 …. continues

Pictures: More older Pictures.

Red Spotted Purple photo RSPa.jpg

Skipper photo S12.jpg

Windows 10: My friend got a new computer and it has Windows 8.1 so today I was trying to update the thing to 10 and seems like I just got to wait till it is ready. I look up the Product ID but it is a Lenove brand and they put their Product ID in place of Windows 8.1 so I can’t get the key to do it by using my ISO file. Manufacturers and their bloatware! Hee, I did get most of the Bloatware out :) now I’ll just wait till the Windows 10 update is ready.

Night folks

Long day

Pictures: Old shots today.

Peck's Skipper photo 3td.jpg

Gray Hairstreak photo GrayHS.jpg

City: When you drive 200 miles round trip (or better) to the city and back it makes for a long day, but I did enjoy the day.

Night folks

Road running day again tomorrow

Pictures: From my RV site.

Tree 20d_2504

Blue water 20d_2503

Road Running: I got to take back a water pump that I just got. I open the box and pull the blue tabs off and water came out, that means they sold me a use pump for a new one :( At any rate maybe we’ll get to do something fun while in the big city(Albuquerque) tomorrow.

Night folks

Running the roads … again

Pictures: This and that.

Sunset peeking through.
Sunset peaking 20d_2490

Rabbit 20d_2484

Albuquerque: My friend and I ran into Albuquerque today and it was an all day trip (something over 200 miles and then time to do the things we went for). I am glad to have a friend around to run the roads with :) While we were out and about, I bought a new water pump for the RV, my old one has had it.

Night folks

Little move today

Pictures: Wild Flowers… again :)

Wild flower 20d_2499

Wild Flower 20d_2462

Moved today: Maybe 30 miles or so, not doing things in a big way :)

Night folks

Beautiful day

Pictures: More wild Flowers.

Wild flower 20d_2478

Wild SunFlower 20d_2471

Weather : It is a nice temperature today but with a heavy breeze and partly cloudy so far. Overall this has been a beautiful day :)

Night folks


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