Pictures: Here is another of the common Black-Hawk.


The Move: I have moved to an area that I know well and I did this because I heard some sounds coming from my truck that I did not like and if I have to get it worked on this area is where I want to be to do that. Also, I got to catch up with a friend of my that is traveling to the AZ area and will be here for a few days before he moves on. I would have preferred to stay in the T or C area for the birding but …. I will make do here.

Night Folks



Moved: Today I left the T or C area and moved to the Deming area and will like spend all the winter here. I have friends in the area and it is always good to see friends.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is another of the Prairie Falcon. This shot was the first of a set and the farthest away.

A long Shot, big crop.

Chores: I was off to the city to do chores today and I got them done.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a shot of a Great Blue Heron.


Exercise: I did that today but just the lower limit and slow too. Exercise page updated.

WordPress: I am finding that trying to comment on other WordPress blogs is being a pain because even when logged into WordPress it wants me to fill out name and email. Nuts! It could be something to do with my VPN, but I am not sure. Oddly not all WordPress blogs act the same.

Night Folks


Pictures: A Pinyon Jay from the summer.

Note: If you pump up the size of this one enough you can see my RV in the eye 🙂.

Exercise: I did my birding walk this morning, didn’t see much today except a fox.

Night Folks