Splish Splash taking a Bath

Pictures: This one from my summer shots, a western Blue Bird taking a bath.


Exercise: Ha, this is a last walk of the week, time for a couple days off 🙂. Exercise page updated.

Computer: Yesterday I help a friend(Judy) set up her new computer, a thing that I like doing. They put so much junk-ware on new computers so we spent a lot of time taking it off.
I made a boo-boo and put a piece of software on the computer that had some bad stuff in it but I was able to get it cleaned back up, and get the right software on the computer.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is another summer friend, Mountain Chickadee.


Exercise: I did that this morning 👍, exercise page updated.

Busy: Repairs, I started the day out getting things done on the truck and end the day setting up an appointment for CT scan for myself. On the truck I had the front-end aligned and the scan on me is for a bit of pain in my side and will happen Monday. Both the truck and I are getting old, LOL.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a couple of Pinyon Jays from my summer shots.


Exercise: I did my walking and than went into the city for a little shopping. Exercise page updated.

Night Folks


Truck: I had my front-end done today and it cost me big time 😞, but it needed done, so it is. The truck is taking all my fun money, boo! Still have to go back Thursday to have rubber piece put on.

Exercise: I am back at it today, working off my bad day 😏. This morning I was busy with the truck so I walked in the afternoon. Exercise page updated.

Weather : Well on the bright side of things, it was a beautiful day after the morning chill got off the air.

Saying of the Day: “Life = start, go, stop” by RV-John.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here is a Chipping Sparrow.


Exercise : Enjoying my second day off and it is my bad day for eating, so there might be a pizza in today’s near future! The morning has already seen biscuits and gravy 🙂!

Night Folks


Pictures: A Canyon Towhee from my summer shots.


Exercise: I am off for today.

Chores : I went out and did some of the weekly chores today, the most time consuming one being laundry. I usually do my chores on Monday but I decided to go early this week.

Night Folks


Pictures: One of thee Hairy Woodpecker from the summer shots, the background suck a bit.


Exercise: Last walk of the month, exercise page updated. Oh, a little movement in my weight too, see exercise page!

Weather: Finally some sunshine! It is good to see the sun again, one of the reason I like the west, sunshine!

Night Folks