Pictures: What??!! We got snow!




Weather: Wow, this surprised me this morning when I got up about 6. I throw on some clothes and ran out to take a few pictures and then climb up on top of the RV and swept the snow off my solar panels. I think it will be gone by noon.
Update; It is about 11am and as I look out the windows of my RV I can not see any snow anywhere and it is already about 50° F.

Exercise: We only walked about 1.75 miles today. It was cold and wet so a little slack is okay for a day.
Update: Added about 3/4 miles in the afternoon.

Night folks

Pair of Cowbirds

Pictures: Here is a male and females Brown-headed Cowbird.



Exercise: We walked 3.6 miles today and it was a windy walk but despite the weather we had a great walk.

Weather: It is a bit cool and windy too, hopefully this won’t last too long. It is cool enough that I am running heat in the RV.

Night folks

My new Pet Friend

Pictures: My friend Jeanne got a new dog a while back and it just loves going on the walks with Jeanne and I. When the dog(Sierra) see it is time for a walk she is just the happiest dog in the world. Here are a couple of pictures of her.



Exercise: We walk about 3.5 mile today while looking around our new area.

Night folks