Charged Up

Pictures: I think he was trying hard to impress her! Cactus Wrens.

Getting all charged up ….

Yeah baby, I’m charged!

“OMG, you can’t be serious!?” She says!

Beautiful Day: I just love the spring weather, mild pleasant days, so nice.

Stay safe Folks

Wild Flowers

Pictures: Yet more of the Spring Canyon flowers.



The Toilet Paper Rant: This morning I did the early morning thing for my shopping. I am not sure how it is in your areas but here in Deming, NM, one must get to the Walmart early if they want to score a few rolls of “PT” Toilet Paper 🤔. So, that was my chore for the morning.

I read somewhere on the net yesterday that many people have as much as a year’s supply of TP store away now ….. You know, I think that folks who want to get the stimulus money should first have to submit to an inspection of their home and if they have a year supply of TP, they should not get the stimulus money because they already have too much money to waste!!!!! LOL okay, okay, I am just kidding but the TP hoarding thing is a bit ridiculous, just saying 🥺.

I went into a bathroom one time and there was a sign on the wall that said “No job is complete until the paper work is done!” . LOL.

Stay safe Folks

Bird on the Block

Pictures: Eurasian Collared-Dove.


Hummers: Yesterday evening I put out a humming feeder and this morning I seen my first hummer of the year. It was gone in a flash but I am betting it was a Broad-tailed Hummer. Glad to see the little guys back.

Exercise: Fifth walk of the week, time for a break. Exercise page updated.

Coronavirus: COVID 19. There are a million things to say about this thing but it is about all I hear about as everybody else does and I don’t dare to give out advice because there is so much good advice out there to listen to, so the only thing I will say is to please do what you have to do to stay safe and if you not concerns with it, please be careful for the sake of others.

Stay safe folks.


Pictures: One more wild flower.


Exercise: Got it done this morning, I was even early 👍💨. Two more walks for the week to go. Exercise page updated.

Stay safe folks.