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More Canyon Towhees

Pictures : About the only bird that comes regularly to my feeder is the Canyon Towhee.

Canyon Towhee 7d_1914

Canyon Towhee 7d_1917

Camp ground: As the weekend goes by, business is picking up. I have 6 campers and it is still early, so maybe a full house tonight.

Weather: It is sweet :)

Night folks

El Morro

Pictures : A couple weeks ago I took a trip to El Morro National Monument with my boss.

Walking along the walkway at El Morro.
EL Morro 20d_1575

This water hole is the thing that made El Morro famous. As folks crossed the hot dry desert over the years, this was the place to stop!
EL Morro 20d_1576

Weather: It has been pretty fair, a little cloudy but over not bad. The best part is that the cold is slowly going away :)

Night folks


Pictures : A horse and a bloom.

I see this little one on the way into Grants, when I go.
Horse 20d_1660

This on a bush at the Ranger Station.
Bloom 20d_1674

Campground: It has been slow this week, never know which way it will go. I did a little painting this morning and tomorrow will be cleaning and trash hauling.

Night folks

Again, Not far

Pictures: Still just outside my door.

The bee’s always go for the bottom, maybe the good stuff is down there :)
Flower 20d_1641

On the way in …
Center 20d_1651

Friend: One of my friends (Barry) has been here visiting for the last week and this morning he hit the road but he is not far away and I think I’ll see him again soon. Always good to see friends!

Night folks

Out my door

Pictures : Took these just outside my door.

Flower 20d_1643

Bug 20d_1648

Sunset a couple nights ago.

Night folks


Pictures: Sunset and Casamero Pueblo.

A picture here in the campground at sunset last night.
Sunset 20d _1620

Took this shot today at Casamero Pueblo (near by ruins)
Cassmero Pueble 20d_1638

It’s Friday: At least for me :)

Night folks

More Cactus

Pictures: Blooms, Cactus.

Bloom 20d _1614

Cactus 20d _1617

Cactus 20d _1618

Almost Friday: One more day till my Friday, hopefully I’ll have some pretty weather with my days off.

Night folks


Pictures: Couple of Cactus blooms.

Cactus 20d _1607

cactus 20d _1612

Rain, it is a good thing but it sure is coming alot lately with small batches on and off all day and night. All the southwest needs lots of it but is keeps me shut up in the RV :( However, maybe it will bring some nice summer flowers later on for me to take pictures of :)

Workamping: When it is raining I don’t get out to do much, I just laze around the RV mostly and it is a bit boring, I do like working a couple of hours at least. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Night folks

Little rain today

Pictures: Just rain out my window.

Rain 20d_1598

Rain 20d_1596

Weather: Little rain but the mornings are getting much better (warmer) and not too soon for me :) I enjoy the warmer weather.

Night folks


Pictures: A couple of Butterfly shots.

Butterfly 20d_6862

Butterfly 20d_6837

Night folks


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