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Long Break

Pictures: Couple of House Finches, some of the last I took while in Yuma.

House Finch 4_7D2_240116

House Finch 1_7D2_240116

Still in a slump: Not sure when I’ll get back at blogging everyday or if I will. I have not been doing much of nothing with any thing, computers, photographing or blogging. I just in one of those places where all I want to do is to chill out!!!

Moved: I have moved a couple of time since I last posted. I stayed one night in Quartzsite AZ and then moved west of Quartzsite a ways and will likely stay here for a while. The Yuma area was getting really crowded and I like a little more space. I had an RV move to within 20 feet from me in Yuma and that is a little closer then I like my neighbors. The area I’m in now is much better with the nearest RV being about 300 feet from me. And … I was a bit tired of Yuma and it was time to find a new front yard ;) This area is a little bit away from things, stores and such, and I sometimes like being out away from things a bit. Mind you, I’m only 10 or 12 miles to a small city, ( Blythe, CA ) which has most of the things ones needs, about the only thing Blythe is missing is a Walmart. The nearest Walmart is about 60 miles or so away that is a good ways for me but for many western folks that is just down the road.

Night folks

Playing with the computers

Exercise: I have been doing fairly well on my exercise, nothing special but staying steady with either walking or riding the bike. Today was a 3 mile walk, yesterday was a 10 mile bike ride. Starting to get back to eating a little better too. I seen to have just loss my way totally during the holidays.

Windows 10 : Still playing with a few settings in both my laptops seeing as Windows 10 is fairly recently install on both. I am still learning to use some of Windows 10 features and some of those go back to Windows 8 …. Yes us old dogs can learn new tricks but we don’t get in no hurry about it ;) One of the things I have let go is the Start menu that I have always added to the task bar since Windows 8, as I have became more comfortable with Windows 10 Start menu. I still dislike that you can highly modifier the icon side but have no control over the text side of it. I much prefer text menu to icons/ribbons menu and add text menu any time there is an option to do so. The Windows 10 Menu is alphabetical and I would prefer categories organization but I am starting to learn to live with it being alphabetical.

Laptop: The new laptop is doing okay by me and I am liking it a lot. Even with it being kind of low end it is still way better then the 5 year old one that I have.

Night folks

More Windows 10

Pictures: House Finch and another White-Crowed Sparrow, these are the ones coming to the feeder.

House Finch 6_7D2_200116

White-Crowed Sparrow 1_7D2_200116

Windows 10: I have reset my older laptop and I think I did a good deed for the old computer, it runs much better :) I have been upgrading it since I got it with Windows Vista, so 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 where all upgrades and I think that it lost something on the way up. Having two up and running Windows 10 laptops will give me a second backup of all my files plus a whole computer backup should one bite the dust. Now what to do about the desktop replacement? ….. still thinking Apple but I waiting to see what they do this year with their updates to the Macbook Pro. I will go with another laptop but one that will run a nice 4K monitor, that way I can have the low power use of a laptop and the nice big screen of a desktop when needed (or wanted) :)
The reset went pretty good, the only thing I lost where the USB drivers and after a bit of hunting on the internet I found the driver I needed.
My favorite site for my settings is here. This site pretty much has all the things I like to change in one place.

Night folks

More birds

Pictures: House Finch and White-Crowned Sparrow.

House Finch 3_7D2_200116

White-Crowned Sparrow 4_7D2_200116

Night folks

Anna’s and a Finch

Pictures: Here is an Anna’s and a House Finch.

Anna's 10_7D2_180116

House Finch 13_7D2_180116

Exercise: Today was a 10 mile ride on the bike.

Night folks

House Finch

Pictures: A pair of House Finches.

House Finch 5_7D2_180116

House Finch 4_7D2_180116

Exercise: I did a walk today, 3 miles.

Night folks

Slow interrnet

Pictures: Couple more shots of the White-Crowned Sparrows.

Looking over the feeding area …..
White-Crowned Sparrow 18_7D2_140116

Shopping for just the right seed!
White-Crowned Sparrow 15_7D2_140116

Internet: I have such slow internet here in Yuma and I don’t remember having that issue when being here in years pass, maybe it is just that I have gotten use to such good internet speeds in all the other places that I have been 😕

Night folks

Good bike ride toady

Pictures: White-Crowned Sparrow and a Anna’s Hummer.

White-Crowned Sparrow 22_7D2_140116

Anna's Hummer 27_7D2_140116

Exercise: Today I rode the bike for about 14 miles, nice ride.

New Computer: Still liking my new computer. It has great battery life and is doing a fine job. Just a little more working with it and I’ll reset(reinstall Windows 10) my other laptop. Something I have not done sent I brought it 5 years ago, I’ve always just upgraded and a reset is much needed I think. Maybe I’ll add a copy of Ubuntu on it too.
At some point I will reformat my hard drives on the desktop and take it down too. When I get an Apple computer that will be my desktop replacement.

Night Folks

Couple of Birds

Pictures: White-Crowned Sparrow and House Finch.

White-Crowned Sparrow E_7D2_120116

House Finch D_7D2_120116

Exercise: Took a short bike ride today.

Night Folks

White-Crowned Sparrows

Pictures: White-Crowned Sparrows. I put out some bird seed and I have a few visitors :) Took these today.

Whit-Crowned Sparrow 1_7D2_100116

White-Crowned Sparrow 5_7D2_100116

Internet: My internet is slow here for some reason, really slow, makes me nuts! Really makes uploading or viewing photos very slow :(

Night folks


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