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Pictures: Okay, what today …..? I have been very lazy over the last couple of days, dragging my feet on everything.

I know I have newer camera ….. but my old Canon 20d and I have history :) Anyways here is a couple old pictures of turtles.
Turtle 20d _4078

Turtle _20d 2052

Weather: This has been a very windy fall here in AZ, as it has been for the last two days. The temperature has not been bad either and I hope that holds.

Night folks

Random Shots

Pictures: A couple of random older shots.

Somewhere near Why, AZ.
On Highway 85 GilaBend/ Why photo 85Highway.jpg

This shot from Organ Pipe Cactus Park near the Mexico/AZ border.
Organ Pipe Cactus park photo landshotpark.jpg

Night folks


Pictures: Okay I am done with the Cabinets for now. Nothing special mostly square cuts and improper mounted hinges :/ I had most of the hinges already and I didn’t realize till I was ready to mount the doors that they where not the right ones, so I said the heck with it and just went with them. The square part should be on the inside of the door. No big deal to me. I made a cabinet for each end of the 12 foot slide, both the same, 28 inch tall 38 inch wide and 16 inch deep. I give around my kitchen table because I just ended up piling things on it so now I have a place to put things away. So goes the old bachelor’s rig :)

 photo Cabinets 7D1_2732_zps0gz18f64.jpg

Time: Now I have back my time to enjoy birding and computer stuff, like blogging and such, a good thing :) Tomorrow will be catch up day on chores, laundry, water for the RV and such.

Night folks

Hi folks, another short post. About to get done with the silly cabinets, that’ll be great!


Dig up some pictures

Pictures: I got to dig up some old shots, I have not took the time to get out and shoot new stuff lately, busy around the RV.

Cactus Wrens.
Cactus Wren photo IMG_9311.jpg

Cactus Wren photo CWren.jpg

Weather: Today was a fine day with wind picking in the afternoon.

Night folks

More older Pic

Pictures: More older stuff, House Finches.

House Finch photo LadyFinch.jpg

House Finch 2X Color photo HFNYE2C.jpg

Cabinets: Still at it but I’m getting closer.

Weather: It has been a beautiful thing the last couple days :) Sunny and warm!

Night folks

Long shots

Pictures: Went for a bird walk this morning and there where lots of birds but I didn’t get very close :( Here are two shots I took.

Black-throated Sparrow.
Black-throated Sparrow 7_7D2_181115

I going with Blue-gray Gnatcatcher on this one.
Gnatcatcher 20_7D2_181115

Night folks


Pictures: Couple of older Anna’s Shots.

Hummer Anna's photo Hummer_8247.jpg

Hummer Anna's photo hummer_8386.jpg

Weather: the wind has been a bit crazy, just blowing all the time.

Night folks

Hard light and shadows

Pictures: Couple of birds from a birding walk the other day.

Working with hard light and shadows.
Canyon Wren 12 7D2 081115

Black-throated Sparrow 29 7D2 081115

Night folks

Unique Rig

Pictures: My friend (Lee) is visiting for a few days and he has a unique rig, here is a couple pictures. The desert sand color is all bed liner coating, the whole rig is cover with bed liner.

 photo Lees rig 9_7D1_151115_zps4fy1efql.jpg

 photo Lees rig 7D1_2726_zpsiwfm5iml.jpg

Exercise: Walked about 2 miles today.

Night folks


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