Odds and ends

Pictures: Ever try to be artsy? I do, but I don’t think the artsy thing is in me, LOL.

Not one of us.
NotLikeUs 20d_2004

I think I’m done.

Exercise: I have walked my two miles each day all week, but today I did rode the bike for 7 miles.

The red star: It’s meaning still evades me! Well, I don’t guess it is the first thing to evade me๐Ÿ™‚

Night Folks

Help with WordPress.com

Pictures: I am still having some strange things with my Avatar. When I respond to a comment I see that my Avatar in the reply comment has a star in the lower right corner, anyone know why and what it means? The comment area of my blog is the only place I see this.

Capture Anyone know what the star is about?



Exercise: I’ve been walking 2 miles about every day, not a lot of exercise.

Night folks

Mold and Groundhog

Pictures: Here are a couple more old shots form KY. One Mold that came out to get my bird seed and a Groundhog that I would see from time to time.

Mold, this one no bigger than a mouse.


Groundhogs are tough animals that can give an attacking large dog a good fight. I have not seen one out west, that I can recall.


Gravatar: I figure out what was going on with my Gravatar …. I think. I had changed the email address associated with my WordPress account and hadn’t updated the Gravatar. So after doing that I think it is working right again, hopefully.

Night folks

Not much up

Pictures: Couple of shots looking away from the sunset.


A long tall shadow of me๐Ÿ™‚

What’s up: Not much going on with me. I am just hanging out in an area that I have been in for the last 4 years so nothing new for me. It is the time of year that is winter for me …. well I do have to run a little heat to stay warm. I don’t like the cold much so I stay in more and do less. The holidays are in full swing and I don’t do much on the holidays, other than try to stay out-of-the-way. I am doing fair on my exercise in that I at least get out for a little most days, but not doing near as good as in the last 3 or 4 past years. Guess I just ain’t all that motivated of late. It’ll all pass in time๐Ÿ™‚

Computer: I spend a good bit of time online when I am inside a lot and I have been playing with some of the online office stuff and have found that I like Zoho pretty fair, well for me it seems to offer better privacy then the big guys Microsoft, Google and Apple. Zoho has a really nice Zoho Writer for Android that I like a lot. Zoho files can be downloaded in about any format you want, while the big three and Evernote try to keep you lock into their system. I don’t need an online Office suite but if I did I think Zoho would be it.

My favorite cloud storage is Sync. Again it offer the best privacy.

I hope everyone is doing well and having some great holiday fun.

RV John

Long Bike Ride

Pictures: Forgive the picture taken in the strong sunlight but I wanted to show you the type of camping I’m doing. I like to camp in the desert with a little space around me but not be total isolated and this area gives me room while not leaving me out by myself. Here are some of the campers around and the space they give each other.

Again, please forgive the picture they are just mid day snaps.


Location: My new location seems to be making for better habits for me, I am falling into a better day-to-day functioning pattern. Exercising more and running the roads less (and eating out less ), all better for me๐Ÿ™‚ I do like most everything about this spot with the exception of being far away from a large box store (Walmart). Mind you, there is a K-mart, couple good grocery stores, hardware store and many others as near as 10 miles away but still they are not Walmart. So, this means that I will make the 120 mile round trip to Walmart about once a month if I can plan my shopping good enough to get all the things that I need at once.

Exercise: A good 15 mile ride on the bike today on the 4-wheeler trails. Not sure I’ll be able to keep riding the 4-wheeler trails because the winter crowd is showing up now, with lots more 4-wheelers and toys, so the trails are being used a lot more and are becoming very loose and soft making riding the bike harder and harder.

Night folks