Lady White Head again

Pictures : The House Finch with the white head is my favorite House Finch. With House Finch you will have a lot if you feed and can hardly tell one from the other(except male and female) so the white head is the winner, I always know who she is 🙂.


Exercise : Day four is done 🙂. Maybe one day I will get out of this place and my walks will once again be different each day, but for now it is always 2.1 miles and the same path as the day before, at least for this area. It would be nice to have some difference in the days walks.

Night Folks

Quail and Sparrow

Pictures : Here is a Gambel’s Quail and a House Sparrow enjoying the block.


Exercise : I have been keeping up with my walking this week.

Road Trip : Another Road Trip, my friend had to see a the Doc in Silver City so we rode up yesterday afternoon.

I do most of my computing in the afternoon so I miss my blogging time yesterday. As a matter of fact, I missed all my computer time and there are not too many days I don’t get on the computer for a while at least.

Night Folks


Pictures : Here is another of Lady White Head the House Finch.


Exercise : Back at the walking.

Weather: The weather continues to be beautiful with today’s temperature falling just under 90 degrees, I am loving it.

Night Folks

Another little Road Trip

Pictures : Here is the Curve-billed Thrasher enjoying a cool drink of water.


Road Trip : My friend decided he wanted to go to Las Cruces so we went and between the two of us we didn’t buy $20.00 wroth of goods and that took up the morning, but it give us something to do.

Night Folks

House Finches

Pictures : Here is a couple of House Finches with Lady White Head included 🙂. She has become a regular at the seed feeder.


Exercise : I got my walk in early again this morning, not sure whats with me and this early morning thing 🤔.

Weather : Sept is a fine time to be at 4000 feet elevation in lower part of NM, the weather is near prefect 🙂.

Night Folks

Young Pyrrhuloxia

Pictures : I think this may be a Young Pyrrhuloxia, from looking at the coloring.


Exercise : I got out early for my walk this morning. I have been getting started before daylight on my walks and I am often back before the sun raises. That is a bit different for me then the past few years. I have always walked in the mornings but not before day break … I guess that is what happens when you go to bed before 9pm. I am guessing in a couple months I will likely go back to later starts to avoid walking in the cold.

Weather : It has been about prefect 🙂!

Night Folks

Where did my Birds Go

Pictures : One day I looked out and all the smaller song birds where gone and I normally have a few around at all times and then I seen a little movement in the tree and it was a hiding Road Runner, it was looking for a little birdie smack. While there the Hummers kept coming and would kind of buzz the Road Runner making it perk up into a pouncing position but the Hummers where way too quick. The Cactus Wrens also came but kept a close eye on the Road Runner and give it a good scolding to the boot. The Road Runner give it up after a bit and all the song birds happily returned.


Thanks : Thank you to all the readers that pointed out that my White-headed House Finch is Leucism bird. I knew about Leucism birds but had kind of forgotten what they were called(Leucism) and I have seen pictures of them but I had never seen one myself, it is neat having one visiting me 🙂.

Exercise : Back at it today, the work of staying alive continues … a good thing, I guess 🙂.

Have a nice day folks.