Cool, it is for sure this morning

Last night was the first night I used my Wave 8 heater for a long spell and it felt good! I turn it off when I went to bed and it was cold when I got up and as I sat here and type it is warming up. I suspect one my LP tanks will run out soon because I have not bought any sent …………. well last year I guess. All I have used my gas for over the pass year was cooking and I don’t do a lot of that.


Brrrr, to cool for a ride this morning well for a while anyway maybe later in the morning and if not this afternoon.

I got a pretty good ride in around noon.


Lots of internet used this month! I have use all most 7 Gig of bandwidth …………… I sign up way back and I have un-limited bandwidth but have never went over 5 Gig before so I will see how Verizon reacts when I get my bill at the end of the month. I have had a good connection the whole time I have been here and I have put it to uses. For one thing I start with a 1.5 Gig download of Adobe Photoshop CS 5 and then when my Windows crash it was a lot more on top of that plus other program that went down with windows so it was a lot of extra stuff plus my normal use too. My normal is somewhere around 3.5 Gigs maybe…………. ! There will be one big fuss if they try to charge me for overage! Even though I have un-limited I have never used over 5 Gig before this, so Verizon should be very happy with me over all.

You probably know if you have a Verizon air-card or other air-card they try to get you to take an updated one so they can renew your contact and I have never done that. When the time comes that I need the update Air-card I will just buy it out-right, that will cost maybe $200.00 but is well worth it just for the times like this one and maybe more will happen ……. who knows?


T-shirt and shorts weather is about over I think.


I think I will get off the computer and watch a movie. Later folks