Got a good start to the day with a 10 mile ride on the bike. We rode for about 11 miles, giving me 25 miles for the week.

I will do some shopping today and than be off to my sleep test tonight.

LOL I can’t help but to laugh at a sleep test! I guess if one had a really hard time at sleeping it would not be funny. This all started for me because I fussed at the doc about my mouth always being so dry. She said that it may be because I sleep with my mouth open causing the dryness. She than ask how I slept and I told her that I sleep light and wake 5 or 6 times a night. Well that was it, I had to have a sleep test! LOL so I am off to a sleep test!

I have done my shopping and the day is moving by quickly. I think I may go out and eat somewhere and by than it should be time to get ready and head for El Paso. Not sure where I will go to eat.


My air-card has done well and is staying connected OK. I leave it in the router 90% of the time. The Novatel 551L is doing much better at staying connected than the Pantech UML290 did.

Well it is time to do something, so later!

2 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Mornin’ John! I haven’t visited in a while. Just thought I’d pop in to say ‘hi’. The rains are off and on here – the weather is similar to what I remember about summers on the East Coast. I enjoyed reading your blog about writing every day. I try to do that in a paper journal, but write ‘articles’ on my blog. Not much happening recently. Good luck with the sleep test results…Take care, Su


  2. Hi Su, nice to hear from you! I hope you are enjoying your stay in Tucson. Thanks for stopping in on the blog, I also keep a check on your blog to see what you are up to! I did not miss you giving us guys a hard time on fathers Day!!! LOL. I really like the one after that I think “Independence – Think About It” of July 4. I think we need to do more than vote ….. we need to hit some them fools on the head with something!! LOL! I enjoyed reading that post. I have not look at your last post yet but will before the day is over. Again great to hear from you, take care my friend.


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