Last day off :-(

Yes this is it  ………… already! Can’t believe that 4 days are already gone! Well OK, maybe the next 3 work days will go as fast, I’ll stay busy to make them go faster!


This morning I went to my appointment at the VA with the Nutritionist and she said I was doing good. Maybe …………… but I would like to do better. My enemy is carbs, and my food doc agrees with me on that. There are others things to watch out for but with me it is mostly the carbs! So I need to pick up a little more meats and a little less breads. Getting food right is a big job for me. I also need to cook more foods, I am really slow to cook much.


I did get in about 11 miles this morning on the bike before I went to my appointment, I push pretty hard on the last 6 miles or so.  My miles for the week is 47, so with one more day it looks like it will be about 60 miles for the week. I may take a longer ride tomorrow so I will have at least 60. If it wasn’t so hot I would ride a little more this afternoon.


I am cooking and preparing food for my work days this afternoon. Cooking is not a thing I care to do much of but I am doing some this afternoon. LOL The first thing I need to do when cooking is to take down the smoke detector. All that noise is no good LOL!


The weather is giving us just a little break with a tab bit cooler temperatures, thanks for little favors mother natures!

Night all.