Windows 8

I talked with my friend(Bill) up in Las Cruces and he has a copy of Windows 8 preview downloaded for me, so all I have to do is pick it up. Maybe next week some time I will get to play with the new toy.

It is lazy Sunday and I am taking the day off from exercise and just relaxing. I will likely not do much today and that is OK for Sunday.


Weekend? What is that? It is good that it feels the same as all the other days, life is good. At least there is something good about being older!

Had a good ride on the bike and an excellent stretch this morning. I am making good head way on my stretching because I am doing more of it, I guess. Mind you I am a 60-year-old man so I am not standing between two chairs like Bruce Lee, but I am doing OK for an old fat dude! LOL.

I had two people come by today while I was stretching and comment, one had not seen me in over a year and ask where the rest of me was, I like that one 🙂  and another person ask me if I was getting ready for a ballet dance LOL, I like that too and got a good laugh out it! I wish my old body could do more. I need to find a way to do a little something for the upper body because I am losing a lot of muscle along with the weight, maybe if I keep reminded myself I will finally get to one day.

Well it is about time for the Rally here at the LoW’s  They have them once or twice a year here at the park. The president of  LoW’s (the Club) show up today so things are starting to kick off. I don’t like so many people at once but I can stay hidden, LOL.   I could be working here now if I wanted but I am just glad to be hanging out. Hanging out is just much more fun!

I got a friend(Bill), of my in Las Cruces, that is downloading a copy of Windows 8 Preview for me, so next week one day I will go pick it up, will ride up with another friend (Barry) when he goes for his VA appointment. I will install Windows 8 preview on a second hard drive on the desktop just to play with it and get use to Windows 8. The final version of Windows 8 will be available to consumer on Oct 26th.


Hey that is a big deal out here in the desert, wow! Rain is always a good thing to see in the southwest because we can use all the under ground water we can get. However …………… it will throw off my exercise a little, but we will work around it. It is now about 10 am and the rain is coming down pretty good.

All good Photobucket !  By the way I have enjoyed the temperature this time of year here in Deming. I like the fall weather.

Computers; I think Windows has gotten better and better over the years. I found that sometimes my machine gets a problem but seem to fix itself ………….. so Windows is getting better or it is still broke, LOL. I am going with getting  better. I will be updating to the new Windows 8 when it comes out and from all the things I have read it is going to make me nuts for a while till I get the hang of it. All the same, I will be updating and I look forward to it. I think I will do the desktop first and then the laptop.

Helping my friend do some wiring to his RV today. We about got it done. While it was raining leaks showed up in my friends  RV so that has to be attended to. I hate it when I get leaks in my RV but they do happen.

Late …. again

Shoot it is 4:30 and just getting around to posting on the blog. Not doing a lot just have not had time to post.

I talked to my friend (Edison) today and got an email form another friend (Bill). These are two folks I really like at Sunny Acres, not that I dislike anyone ( well maybe one, LOL). It was just great to hear from the two of them, both fine folks.

As usual today I had a very good exercise day. A little over 11 miles on the bike and a very good stretch. My exercise is on the mark this summer, and I am very happy with how the stretching is going this summer too. Stretching is just one of those things that the more you do it, the better it is.

How about a new bird, this is a Blue Jay and the picture was taken maybe 6 or 7 years ago in KY. This shot reminds me of one of the few things I miss about being back east, and that is the very colorful season, see all the green in the background?

Browsing the net

Browsing the internet today just reading this,that and a lot of nothing. I like doing that kind of internet browsing sometimes. I usually read tech type things but nothing too deep.

Good ride on my bike this morning. I am staying with the program pretty good, once I get myself going it don’t feel too bad. Sometimes the start takes some convincing, but after that I am good to go.

OK I am a bit lazy today so this is it, later.


Dental is on for today. I got a call saying they had some opening if I could come in today, so yes, I will do that. Just a cleaning but it will be good to get it done.

Had a good workout this morning (I am almost doing enough to call  it a work out, LOL), 11.5 miles on the bike and a good stretching. I feel pretty good for an old dude.

Went out to a little place called Diaz Farms pick up some fresh tomatoes and couple of apples. Good stuff, I like fresh foods. I only get to eat maybe a half an apple a day and only a small amount of tomato,  but man, they are both good.

Well I have returned from the dentist and my two (tooths) are clean! Yes there are, LOL. Well maybe there are a few more than two ……….. but not many! Most of my teeth I take out at night 😦    I think (tooths) would have been a good word, don’t you? They just take all the fun out of language don’t they? That is OK, theres  hill-billies like me to fix it! Ha, (theres), yet another fine new word.

Good ride

Had a good ride on the bike this morning after having a day off. I was a little stiff but it was still a good ride. I am often a bit stiff after a day of doing nothing. Yes, I am at the age where I have to move at least a little bit every day. Ha yea, old is just too much fun! LOL. Hey, I guess it is better than the alternative …………. you think? 🙂  Anyways 11 miles on the bike and I added a good stretch afterwords, so this old dude is happy with that.

Weight; Well I still have no new celebrations but I am hanging tough at any rate. Staying with the program and exercising regularly. With me the biggest fight is always the eating and finding the place where I can live with on a long-term basic. I am sure I could kick it in high gear at this point and drop my last few pounds but I want to do it slowly and in a manner that I can continue with for the rest of my life. At some point in the Atkins diet one is support to test the waters and see where it is you stop losing weight but I feel no need for that test because when I was stuck a month or two back I think I found that point. Also I will add that I think I can live at that place too (with the amount of food and the types I was eating).  I am slowly coming around to the point to where I can eat a little less but richer foods, and that is a good thing for the long-term.  I need the variety for good eating habits. The one thing this diet has given me is the know how of what (foods) makes the center of me grow so much and so fast.   LOL.

OK my day is at it’s end so later, my friends!

Oh Boy it is Lazy Sunday

I like my lazy Sundays, it is a nice day to just chill out. I will spend my day reading about all the tech goodies, computers, Smartphones, Tablet and such.  I may just skip exercise altogether today!  😕  One day a week off should be OK, I think. The weather is too hot to do much anyways. Looks like it may cool off a bit by the end of the week.    Better weather (cooler) later this week, a good thing.

I am going to try an app that I tried once before but it was not ready for prime time but it has good reviews now so I will give it a try, again. I will try it on the tablet first. Let you know in a few days. I use Firefox only  in Windows but on the devices it is not the same, but getting better I think.


A friend of my ask what will I do this winter, well I don’t much want to be cold, but I would like to do something different this year and not stay in one place for so long. I do like places where you can stay for months at a time and not just 3 weeks. If I go where it is warm the cost of staying in RV parks is just too high so boon-docking is my only choice and ones that let you stay for more than 2 or 3 weeks are not so many. But ….. I’ll come up with something I guess. I will stay here till the cold start to bug me, I don’t like it here when it gets into the 20’s and below. In this old rig, my water will freeze and it is a pain in the back-side. I will not worry with when it is time to go, I will just let it happen when it does.

I am keeping up a good show on my exercise and stretching over the time I have stayed here in the park, so being here has let me get into a good routine. Of course there is room for improvement in my exercise routine, upper body needs help, and I that would be the biggest thing I could do to help myself. My puny arms will just fall off one of these days, LOL. I wish I could find some workout for the upper body that I liked as much as riding my bike.

Bird of the week has been updated.

Weather; man it is pushing the edge of too hot for me but still it is liveable. Next month should be the best of weather for this area, but will start getting cold near the end.