More Windy days

Yes the wind keeps coming and that is fine by me, I am kind of enjoying the windy days. They sure are cooler.

Microsoft Windows 8;  Wow this upgrade is going to be a big change. I have read about it all day and man there are lots of things different, big time. The user interface (UI)(like the desktop when Windows 7 opens) is a different looking critter. I have read some of the support guys reviews and they don’t much like it because they feel it is going to be hard to support ( help user on the phone type thing). Reading about how it works, I can see this to be a problem. I myself will live with how the UI works but I just hope that under the hood everything is top-notch and from what I have read it will be. We all will just have to learn to use the interface even if it is not as good as it could be.

The UI is kind of a mixed bag with two UIs,  from what I am reading, a UI for apps and a UI that is kind of like the desktop now, that can be switch between. Going to be different.

Exercise; The wind has kept me walking this week and I have done a good bit of walking, about 3 to 4 miles a day. I have also be doing very well on my stretching. I do hope the wind dies down soon, I like riding my bike better than walking.