Good ride

Had a good ride on the bike this morning after having a day off. I was a little stiff but it was still a good ride. I am often a bit stiff after a day of doing nothing. Yes, I am at the age where I have to move at least a little bit every day. Ha yea, old is just too much fun! LOL. Hey, I guess it is better than the alternative …………. you think? 🙂  Anyways 11 miles on the bike and I added a good stretch afterwords, so this old dude is happy with that.

Weight; Well I still have no new celebrations but I am hanging tough at any rate. Staying with the program and exercising regularly. With me the biggest fight is always the eating and finding the place where I can live with on a long-term basic. I am sure I could kick it in high gear at this point and drop my last few pounds but I want to do it slowly and in a manner that I can continue with for the rest of my life. At some point in the Atkins diet one is support to test the waters and see where it is you stop losing weight but I feel no need for that test because when I was stuck a month or two back I think I found that point. Also I will add that I think I can live at that place too (with the amount of food and the types I was eating).  I am slowly coming around to the point to where I can eat a little less but richer foods, and that is a good thing for the long-term.  I need the variety for good eating habits. The one thing this diet has given me is the know how of what (foods) makes the center of me grow so much and so fast.   LOL.

OK my day is at it’s end so later, my friends!