Busy getting things going on the computer. I have tried to get everything up to date and back in order. It is a big job when you start from scratch, but it is the thing I wanted to do. My CD/DVD drives did not work with Windows 8 ( they are about 7 years old, so no fuss) so both have to be replaced. I have replaced one so far.

I have computer parts all over the place. LOL. There is a ton of software to install, programs I have had for years but I won’t get them all at once. I have many of the main ones in and moving along slowly. The none-working DVD drives slow me big time.

I got my exercise (walk) done yesterday but I missed it today. I will have to make sure I can get it done tomorrow.

My friend is heading out tomorrow so it will leave me with no hang out friends. I have other friends here but they are busy doing the rally things. I will probably only stay a week more or maybe less.

Trying speech recognition again(with Windows 8).  But it’s about the same as it always was.  I get hung up on one word and then it takes me more time to fix that one word then it would have for me to type the whole sentence.  LOL! I guess I will just keep typing.

Sometimes this afternoon

I will get my copy of Windows 8 some time this afternoon from UPS ……… hopefully anyway. So today should be install day. I am thinking on another dual-boot system. The dual-boot would be Windows 8 and Ubuntu. Not sure I want to get into that or not. Today while I wait I am playing on Ubuntu and having a fine old time learning new stuff! I don’t guess I will be able to play after I get out in the boon-docks in a week or two.

Exercise today was a 3.5 mile walk, it was cool this morning and I did not want to wait till it warm up to ride the bike.

3pm, and still waiting on my UPS delivery of Windows 8. Hmmmm?!?!? LOL, I hate waiting on anything. We spend way too much time in our life waiting on things.

Setting up Ubuntu

I have really like how ease it is to set up Ubuntu this time, they have come a long way on making it user-friendly. There are some things I have not tried yet but the ones I have been very ease to get going. For example my email, browsers setting (such as bookmarks and password manager), the look and feel of things are just great. Folks this is a free OS (operating system like Windows or Apple) and it has gotten to be very good. I have not yet found any software that I can not get or find an equivalent to and most of my favorites are available, such as; Firefox, Thunderbird, Plug-ins for the before mentioned, Keepass ( I had to change-up the version a little form 1.x to 2.x), and many others.

I will relax today and enjoy the doing of nothing. I like that at least once a week. 🙂

Weight; I am still fighting the 190 mark, I go up a bit and down a bit, staying at or near the 190 mark but I am staying on my diet and I keep on exercising so maybe I get some pay off in the end. Just 10 lbs to go to make my gold.

My computer now has 4 Hard-Drives in it, LOL. In the end I think it will only have 3 but in the change over(Windows 7 to Windows 8) it will have 4 for a bit. The last 3 will have Windows 8 on one drive(1 TB), the second dives(640 MB) will be a back up dive and them I will have Ubuntu on a third drive. Something I need to look for is a boot manager that will install and remove easily. I caused myself a lot of trouble the last time I took out Ubuntu and the boot manager, it kind of fried my Windows install. I had to reinstall Windows, I didn’t care for that. Of course, I will keep Windows 7 on one hard drive for a while or at least till I know I am going to be happy with Windows 8, at this point I see no problem.

This morning I put the version 2 of Keepass on all my computers.

Cool Saturday

Cool Saturday, yes today is a cool one, so winter is coming to the desert. I have not gotten out for my exercise just yet but I will take a walk a little later and I may give the stretching a break for the weekend. Don’t like the cool morning much but at least it is not freezing temperatures.

2:45 PM  OK I got my walk in and it was about 3 miles or so. I did a little stretching but not a lot but I am OK for today. Tomorrow will be lazy Sunday so I will give the old body a rest.

Check the tracking on my Windows 8 copy and it is setting in Las Cruces. I hate that, LOL. I can’t play till Monday!

Birds; Had a fellow pull in beside me who is a birder and a photographer, so I got to talk a little birding, that was nice. By the way the Bird of the Week has been updated.


I have again played on the computer all day. Today I have played with Ubuntu software just for the fun of it. I set up my Firefox in Ubuntu (Firefox comes with it) Ubuntu also comes with Thunderbird email. It is pretty user-friendly.

Today was a windy day so I had to walk but that is OK. We got the exercise done so that is all that counts.

Weather; Tonight is the first cold night coming our way …………. gets my wheels wanting to roll. LOL. The temperatures are going to start to be about 10° lower about this time of year. Moving time will be coming soon.

Today is the day Windows 8 will be announced

It will be Microsoft day, today. I am watching twit on the phone as I blog and they are doing a little rerun of Windows 8 announcements. I watching the twit show Windows Weekly.

They are reviewing the Tablet Surface RT, the RT version does not run full version of windows software. Lots of new hardware out too. For the metro type apps the Windows 8 store has just under 8000 apps for now and it is jumping up fast.

By the way my copy of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit OEM version will be here on Monday according to Amazon. I look forward to playing with Windows 8.

Update; Microsoft made a show of it all and went on for 4 hours. LOL, they like to talk.

I will have to be careful not to use too much data because I am near my limit of 5 GB. I have use a lot of data this month. Lucky for me my data count rolls over tonight at mid-night , so I will have a new 5 GBs of data.

Exercise; I have done my exercise and stretching this morning. I had an excellent bike ride this morning.


Ubuntu is a version of Linux (kind of like Windows or Apple )  that is pretty user-friendly that gets better with each new version. Also this is free to everyone. I have not played with it for a few version now so I thought I would give it a try to see how far they have come along with it. I am downloading now and it is a big download (about 700 MB). I will put this on a separate hard drive and just play around with it for the fun of doing so. I pick today to down load it because I am at the end of my 30 day cycle of billing/usage on my Verizon air-card and I have enough left to use the extra, I will have to be careful till it resets  on my last day.   Maybe I will play later today.

Exercise; Today is a walking day but I only did two miles and a little stretching. I will call it good.

New Mexican; I guess I am now a full fledged New Mexican. This morning I register my RV here in NM and now all that I own in resister in NM. The fee’s here for registering vehicle are pretty low compare to other places. Of course I had already paid my taxes on both the truck and RV in another state before register here. The tax would have been 3% from what I understand, which is not bad.

Vin check

Today I had someone from the sheriff’s department come out and do a Vin check on the RV so I don’t have to hook it up and haul it down to the DMV to get it registered . The parking lot is small and it is a pain to move just for a short period of time like that and then just come back and do all my hookups again.  So in the morning I will have to be off the the DMV to register the 5th wheel. I will have to go early if I don’t want to be there all day, because it gets busy.

Exercise; I was not full of energy but I got it done. Some days are better than others but none are really bad days. For those of you that exercise you know how it is to have one those “good days” and once you have a few of them you just keep looking for more. 🙂  Over all my knees have been doing pretty good except on humid days.

Yuma; I will probably make it to Yuma at some point this year and I kind of look forward to it. This year I will take a little more time getting there and maybe not even make it over till after xmass. I kind of want to go by some other places I like, just to hang out for a bit.  Of course, they will be boon-docking spots.

Windows 8; One dead piece of software so far, my Ditto (a clip board manager) is broke.  It is a program that I use a lot. Maybe it will get updated by the time I get Windows 8 install on this machine.

Fly the coop

It should not be long before I can hit the road. I think that I am two or three weeks out. Couple more things to get done and then off to other things.

Exercise/stretching; I got back on the program this morning with my normal stuff (bike ride and stretching). I felt a little stiff all through the exercise. Taking a look at the weather explains it …… the Humidity was about 65% this morning at 6 am so maybe I will do better as the days goes by the Humidity drops off a bit. That old humid weather bug my bones.

The weather has been very good so far but I hear we have a cool spell coming. Of course it is still too hot over in Casa Grande, but it will not be long before the weather is right.

Windows 8/ Windows RT; I know and understand the differences between these two but the every day user is going to be very confused I think. Here is a good read Microsoft has indeed done a very poor job on educating folks about the differences. Windows tablets will come in two version, one; will be Windows RT and will only run metro style apps and two; tablet with Windows 8 will run most all Windows program including desktop apps like Photoshop.  Oh, the Windows phones ………. again they do not run Windows desktop style programs, they will run metro apps. If you are looking at buying into the Windows tablet or phone, it is best that you do your reading.

I do think that for folks that do very light computing like email and internet browsing that either tablet may do them fine. I am also thinking that a full Windows 8 tablet may be all one needs as a back up computer ( maybe for me). For now I will take the wait and see attitude. One thing about it all, the touch interface is making a very big splash in the market.

Taking it ease today

OK another day of taking it ease. Next week I got to get some things done because when I feel the need to go I will be ready. One of the things I need to do is to register my 5th wheel RV in the state of NM, I have not done that yet. The DMV here always has a long line so I will have to go early to get it done.

Life; That life thing keeps getting in my way of doing the things I want. Next week when I take the RV down it will take near the whole morning to get it done and a lot of that day will be gone. But …. it must be done. I don’t like things that take too much of my time.

Windows 8; I have order my copy of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit System builder DVD, from Amazon. When the time comes to rebuilt my computer I will have a copy of Windows that I can bring along to the new machine. The laptop will get the $40.00 upgrade when I am ready for it.

Weather; Feeling a bit like rain today here at about 4:30 pm. Getting a bit of rain now but not a lot. Got some wind with it too.