Miss one


I missed my blog post yesterday because I got tied up with getting brakes put on the truck yesterday for about 5 hours, a big chunk of my day. Hey, I am back today! I got good brakes all the way around the truck now, because I had everything checked out. So ……. I feel safe now. I like two things to be right on a vehicle, one; good tires, two; good brakes. I feel better when I know they are both righteous.

Exercise; I am doing a good job on that I think, I got the amount just right, except for the upper body workout part. I need to add something for the upper body! You see this is how I get started on something, I first must think about it, them talk about it for a month or two and then slowly and finally start to do something about it. LOL, just a me thing. A friend of my told me about the senior center having weights so I am running out of excuses! Maybe I will have to just go take a look after while.

I got in my 11 mile bike ride both yesterday and today.

Stretching; Again another good job! Giving myself a “pat on the back”. LOL. I sure hope this exercise kick I got going on will last me a long time. I feel good. Just got to be careful and not hurt myself ………….. “careful, old dude”!

Diet; I am hanging in there, and it is not to hard for me. Yes sure, there are a few things about my diet I could do better on, but if you knew me and how I eat before I started this diet thing you would know what one hellfire improvement I have made in my eating habits. I am surprising myself a good bit on this diet thing. The exercise thing is not a surprise because I had been there and done that before(when in good heath I like exercise) but never have I had any control of my eating habits, until I started the Atkins back in March of this year. I am pleased with myself. Everyone send me some good vibrations and good luck thoughts  (just in case), thanks!

Weight; is a very slow-moving thing at this point but it is moving, Yea! I am fighting the last 20 lbs, always the hardest.

Windows 8; I did take some time over the last two days to get Windows 8 preview installed on a second hard drive I have on my desktop, so I am having a fine time playing around with that. I will play around with till it is time to buy the full version on Oct 26, and then I will install that.