Posting with the laptop, just to get it out and run it a bit. My laptop is about 4 years old but it still does all the tricks I need it to do. It is a Gateway gaming machine so it had some good spec when I got it and that is giving it a nice long life. Anyway, I am still happy with it, and will probably upgrade it to Windows 8 by the year’s end.

We had a network outage here, seem like Verizon was maybe doing some work on their towers or something. It is back up and going good now.

Exercise; went well today, my normal ride of something over ten miles this morning. I had a great stretch afterwords.

For some odd reason I felt a little head-ache this morning but it seem to have passed now.  Could be some allergies or something not sure. I am not one to get head-aches much, so it was odd.

For some reason I cannot get WordPress to take my comments on some other people’s WordPress blog.  I went over to Wartica blog and could not get a comment done. WordPress kept asking me for a password but give no place to put it. Second time I have run into this. I will already be log in to WordPress too, beats me.

OK, I am off to play with Windows 8.