I am still having trouble getting the like’s to work on other people’s sites, the WordPress ones.  I am mot sign up to Facebook so I know they won’t work but the WordPress one should work, yes? Anyone knows the whys of this please let me know. For all those of you stopping by and liking my post I always take a look at your sites if you have a link but often can’t give it a like for whatever reason, sorry, I at least give you a read and sometimes a comment. Most of the time it seems that I can like blogs with WordPress in their url but the ones without WordPress in the url I cannot, even if it is a WordPress blog. Maybe something to do with where the blog lives?? Any advice would be great.

Did my thing with exercise(bike ride) and stretching this morning and I feel good ……. for an old dude! Yes, I feel feisty! LOL.

Today I updated my newly added email addresses on the laptop and I just did it manually instead of making a backup and just importing them. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for email and just let it get my mail from all the accounts I have on the web and it works great. Thunderbird and a add-on called Zindus keeps my address book synced with Google and the web sites keep my email synced so all I have to do is keep the changing addresses up to date. I don’t change them a lot but I have just dropped yahoo, (few months back) so I made up the email openings with gmail and zoho. I like to keep at least one email address around for those folks I am not too sure of, if I go into a store and maybe they ask for email address that might turn into a truck load of junk mail it is good to have it handy.

OK it is time to go play on Windows 8 preview so I am off.