Good Morning World

Good Morning from my humble little RV, I hope that all is well with everyone on this Sunday Morning and that life is the best it can be for everyone in all possible worlds! Today will be my normal lazy Sunday and so it is time to relax and enjoy the nothingness of the day. I started the day by going out to eat a nice buffet breakfast and it was good for a change. Oh I did stay on my diet 🙂  .

Diet/Weight; as I said above I am staying on my diet and hopefully, I will have a celebration some times this month. I celebrate every 10 lbs, so wish me luck and send me some good will power vibes, OK?

Exercise; As mention above it is lazy Sunday so no exercise today, we’ll let the body rest today. I may take a very short walk and stretching a little if I get really bored. Maybe not. It is lazy Sunday and I have a choice, nice!

Computers; Today I will again work on becoming more familiar with Windows 8. One of the things I am doing beside just playing around with Windows 8 is working my way through these 50 tips. I have read them and now I am doing them on the computer. Think I will do some of that now.

My favorite tip so far is this one, This is how it ends up looking ………….
Click for a larger Picture