Silver City

Went with my friend up to Silver City, mostly just out riding around but we did stop and look at some RV (Arctic Fox RVs). They are nice 4 season rigs. I have always liked these rigs.

I did not ride the bike this morning so after we got back I walked about two miles and did a little stretching, so I am good for the day. The two-mile walk is probably less trouble for the knees than the 11 mile bike ride and if nothing else it breaks up the exercise a little.  It is always a good ideal to do different kinds of exercise. I do get stuck doing only one thing.

Windows; Wow a large batch of updates today for Windows 7, think they may be getting ready for the Windows 8 upgrade? LOL, no, I don’t think so but we may be getting some of the improvements that will come with Windows 8.

Not sure rather I will download it somewhere or just go buy a copy, there is $30.00 difference. If I had a fast connection and lots of bandwidth I would download for sure ………..  but I don’t have those things. I will upgrade the desktop first and then the laptop, if all goes well.

Rally; Here at the LoW-Hi RV park they will have a Rally at the end of the month and the park is starting to get full.

Later folks.