Rain in the desert

Yes we have rain in the desert, not a thing that happens a lot. So far it is not a big rain but it is raining.

Exercise; I got lucky and got my bike ride and stretching( I do my stretching outside on the tail gate of the truck)  done before the rain began.

My Windows 8 preview version is running pretty good, and they already have what is called a RTM version out (later and updated from preview version) and it has already gotten updated too, so all these updates will come with the release version that is coming out the 26th of Oct. Should be in pretty good shape by the time we get it. I will more than likely not have a lot of time to play with it on the desk top before I leave here in early Nov, I think. If all goes well I will be putting it on the Laptop soon afterwords so I will be able to play while out in the boondocks( don’t turn the desktop on much out in the boondocks, it is a power hog).

For now I am looking at a clean install on the desktop and just an upgrade on the laptop. This means that on the laptop I will carry all my setting and software forward with me and on the desktop I will be starting with only Windows 8 installed and will have to redo all my setting and program installs. Should prove to be an interesting job. The biggest thing to do between now and the day I install Windows 8 is to backup everything … just in case it goes bad.

Oh by the way ………… at this point I think moving to Windows 8, for me, will be a snap. Once you know how to get around, you got it. Be interesting to see how it does with other devices.