Cleaning up my Ride

I wash up the old truck today, man it did need it. Well, we both feel better now and the truck even looks a bit better! While at the car wash I notice that I had a leak at a place where the sun visor connects. I have order the five cab over lights so that will make sure they are sealed. I talked with a wind-shield repair person and he too, thought it was the lights so I will get then in Thursday and probably install them this weekend. Hopefully that will fix my leak.

Exercise; after having my Sunday off I was back at it this morning. I walked instead of riding the bike this morning because there was a bit of wind. I did add my stretching in afterwords. So ……… back on track.

The day got away fast it seems to me, gone before I knew it. The older I get the faster time goes by. I can remember when I was young always wishing something would hurry up and come ……….. now, not so much. LOL! I now hope each day feels like two or three days, that would be kind of nice, just think of all the things I could get done.

Blog; I get a lot of passer-byer’s that stop in and give my short posts a like, so I go by and take a peek at their blogs and man there are some very good writers out there. I feel a little under skilled! For all those who stop for a look-see, a big thanks to you. I do try to take a look at everyone’s links and I do enjoy reading what the real writers are talking about.