New hard drive

I should get my new hard drive today. I will be getting one of the mechanical ones and it may be my last one. Why? Well I think it will be at least a year or so before I buy another one and by that time I think the Solid State dives will be cheap enough to be main steam. For now, you can buy a 256 gig drive for around $200.00 and I think in a year from now you will be able to get twice that size for about the same money. When that time comes I may take the leap. The solid state drives are much, much faster.   3:30 pm, Update, my drive is in.

Exercise/Diet/Weight; Same as always, a good 11 miles on the bike and nice stretch afterwords. Man if I don’t do anything else I sure keep up a good show on my exercise, LOL! I don’t guess there is no doubt, it has paid well so far. I am doing very well on my diet also, staying solid. So ………… the results ……….. are pretty damn good. About two years ago I started at about 280 and I am now just above 190 and counting. My gold is 180 or less. These last lbs are always the hardest and I knew that coming in, but I am staying strong and giving it the good fight. I will win, yes I will!

The day is near over and it don’t seem like I got much done today. Many of my days go like this, they are over as soon as they start.

Windows 8; A little over two weeks to go. I still have not decided just how I will go about the upgrade. I am wanting to start with the desktop and I am thinking that Windows 8 will be around for two to three years. OK, in that time I may build another computer and if I use the $40.00 upgrade, I will not be able to move that copy of windows forward. However if I buy the Windows 8 system builder version (which cost much more), I will be able to move that forward to a new computer. So pay now or pay later. ON top of this I will have to take a trip into Las Cruces to get it, or order online and wait till it comes.