I have been busy doing chores today. Put new cab light on the truck and cleaned up the computer desk and did a little painting on it.

I did do my exercise and stretching but other than these things not much getting done, another day wasted away.

Windows 8; I will have two email apps the one Windows 8 comes with (mobile app) and I will have Mozilla Thunderbird that I use now on the desktop side of the computer. Perhaps as I learn the mobile app better I will use it more but I can’t see it just yet, because the mobile app will not do the things the desktop app will do. The mobile app will be good for a fast check for mail but not much of a manager.

Can’t believe it is already 5pm.  Tomorrow will be even worst because I have to drive to El Paso for a VA appointment.

Weather; The weather has been just about as good as it can get if you ask me. Just prefect.
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