Back on track

I got my day started right, with breakfast, exercise and stretching, in that order. I like it when my days start like that. Afterwords, took my truck to the car wash to test it for leaks (after replacing the cab lights Thursday ) and it seems to be OK. I run a lot of water on the roof to test it good, so the cab lights seems to have fixed my leak. All in all a good start to my day.

If you read my boring blog much you much, you know by now that I am a person who likes things to be on track for the most part.  I do like changing things now and then but it usually means moving to a different area and doing things in a bit of a different way but getting the same things done.

Well life will be what it is. LOL.

Weight/Diet; I am hung up yet again and this time just above 190 lbs. I know what I have to do ……..  but I think I will wait till I am in the boon-docks to do it. The thing I have to do next is to give up all my caffeine. I love my caffeine 😦   ,  I will miss it, But at some point it has to go. I don’t think it is the caffeine itself that is the problem but it is the artificial sweetener that is in my drinks that is the problem. No matter, my drinks must go. I will do best at this chore when I have total control of my environment, and for that I do best in the boon-docks without many people around.

Weather; The weather folks are saying that this winter here in the west will be warmer than normal, so maybe I can move a little slower this winter. I have really enjoyed the Oct weather here in Deming.

Bird of the Week; I put a new bird over on the right. This is a Carolina Wren and the log it is in use to lay in what was my front yard (bird feeding area) and this log was maybe 5 feet long and hollow all the way through, this Wren use to love running back and forth through this log as fast as it could. I liked watching this bird, it always made me smile.