Taking it ease today

OK another day of taking it ease. Next week I got to get some things done because when I feel the need to go I will be ready. One of the things I need to do is to register my 5th wheel RV in the state of NM, I have not done that yet. The DMV here always has a long line so I will have to go early to get it done.

Life; That life thing keeps getting in my way of doing the things I want. Next week when I take the RV down it will take near the whole morning to get it done and a lot of that day will be gone. But …. it must be done. I don’t like things that take too much of my time.

Windows 8; I have order my copy of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit System builder DVD, from Amazon. When the time comes to rebuilt my computer I will have a copy of Windows that I can bring along to the new machine. The laptop will get the $40.00 upgrade when I am ready for it.

Weather; Feeling a bit like rain today here at about 4:30 pm. Getting a bit of rain now but not a lot. Got some wind with it too.