Fly the coop

It should not be long before I can hit the road. I think that I am two or three weeks out. Couple more things to get done and then off to other things.

Exercise/stretching; I got back on the program this morning with my normal stuff (bike ride and stretching). I felt a little stiff all through the exercise. Taking a look at the weather explains it …… the Humidity was about 65% this morning at 6 am so maybe I will do better as the days goes by the Humidity drops off a bit. That old humid weather bug my bones.

The weather has been very good so far but I hear we have a cool spell coming. Of course it is still too hot over in Casa Grande, but it will not be long before the weather is right.

Windows 8/ Windows RT; I know and understand the differences between these two but the every day user is going to be very confused I think. Here is a good read Microsoft has indeed done a very poor job on educating folks about the differences. Windows tablets will come in two version, one; will be Windows RT and will only run metro style apps and two; tablet with Windows 8 will run most all Windows program including desktop apps like Photoshop.  Oh, the Windows phones ………. again they do not run Windows desktop style programs, they will run metro apps. If you are looking at buying into the Windows tablet or phone, it is best that you do your reading.

I do think that for folks that do very light computing like email and internet browsing that either tablet may do them fine. I am also thinking that a full Windows 8 tablet may be all one needs as a back up computer ( maybe for me). For now I will take the wait and see attitude. One thing about it all, the touch interface is making a very big splash in the market.