Vin check

Today I had someone from the sheriff’s department come out and do a Vin check on the RV so I don’t have to hook it up and haul it down to the DMV to get it registered . The parking lot is small and it is a pain to move just for a short period of time like that and then just come back and do all my hookups again.  So in the morning I will have to be off the the DMV to register the 5th wheel. I will have to go early if I don’t want to be there all day, because it gets busy.

Exercise; I was not full of energy but I got it done. Some days are better than others but none are really bad days. For those of you that exercise you know how it is to have one those “good days” and once you have a few of them you just keep looking for more. 🙂  Over all my knees have been doing pretty good except on humid days.

Yuma; I will probably make it to Yuma at some point this year and I kind of look forward to it. This year I will take a little more time getting there and maybe not even make it over till after xmass. I kind of want to go by some other places I like, just to hang out for a bit.  Of course, they will be boon-docking spots.

Windows 8; One dead piece of software so far, my Ditto (a clip board manager) is broke.  It is a program that I use a lot. Maybe it will get updated by the time I get Windows 8 install on this machine.