Ubuntu is a version of Linux (kind of like Windows or Apple )  that is pretty user-friendly that gets better with each new version. Also this is free to everyone. I have not played with it for a few version now so I thought I would give it a try to see how far they have come along with it. I am downloading now and it is a big download (about 700 MB). I will put this on a separate hard drive and just play around with it for the fun of doing so. I pick today to down load it because I am at the end of my 30 day cycle of billing/usage on my Verizon air-card and I have enough left to use the extra, I will have to be careful till it resets  on my last day.   Maybe I will play later today.

Exercise; Today is a walking day but I only did two miles and a little stretching. I will call it good.

New Mexican; I guess I am now a full fledged New Mexican. This morning I register my RV here in NM and now all that I own in resister in NM. The fee’s here for registering vehicle are pretty low compare to other places. Of course I had already paid my taxes on both the truck and RV in another state before register here. The tax would have been 3% from what I understand, which is not bad.