Today is the day Windows 8 will be announced

It will be Microsoft day, today. I am watching twit on the phone as I blog and they are doing a little rerun of Windows 8 announcements. I watching the twit show Windows Weekly.

They are reviewing the Tablet Surface RT, the RT version does not run full version of windows software. Lots of new hardware out too. For the metro type apps the Windows 8 store has just under 8000 apps for now and it is jumping up fast.

By the way my copy of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit OEM version will be here on Monday according to Amazon. I look forward to playing with Windows 8.

Update; Microsoft made a show of it all and went on for 4 hours. LOL, they like to talk.

I will have to be careful not to use too much data because I am near my limit of 5 GB. I have use a lot of data this month. Lucky for me my data count rolls over tonight at mid-night , so I will have a new 5 GBs of data.

Exercise; I have done my exercise and stretching this morning. I had an excellent bike ride this morning.