Busy getting things going on the computer. I have tried to get everything up to date and back in order. It is a big job when you start from scratch, but it is the thing I wanted to do. My CD/DVD drives did not work with Windows 8 ( they are about 7 years old, so no fuss) so both have to be replaced. I have replaced one so far.

I have computer parts all over the place. LOL. There is a ton of software to install, programs I have had for years but I won’t get them all at once. I have many of the main ones in and moving along slowly. The none-working DVD drives slow me big time.

I got my exercise (walk) done yesterday but I missed it today. I will have to make sure I can get it done tomorrow.

My friend is heading out tomorrow so it will leave me with no hang out friends. I have other friends here but they are busy doing the rally things. I will probably only stay a week more or maybe less.

Trying speech recognition again(with Windows 8).  But it’s about the same as it always was.  I get hung up on one word and then it takes me more time to fix that one word then it would have for me to type the whole sentence.  LOL! I guess I will just keep typing.