Fine day in the Boon-docks

It is yet another beautiful day out in the boon-docks. I got my exercise and stretching done and I am now just enjoying the day as it rolls by. I rode the bike this morning and did 20 miles. I think I am going to have to slack up a bit the knees are fussing a little more each time I do this little ride. I probably need to cut back to a 10 or 12 mile ride. I am sure the short walks I take are about right at 2 to 4 miles each.

The little area I am in here in the boon-docks has a few folks coming and going now that it is getting later in the year. That is usual for almost all south-west boon-docking as all the snow-birds start to fly about here and there.

I will have to break out the generator either today or tomorrow maybe and just run it a little to keep it excised. I get it out at least once a month to start it up and let it run for a bit. I usual run the vacuüm and the desk-top computer while the generator is going for an hour or two. I will have a lot of updates to do on the computer. I will do that one evening here soon. We have had the best weather ever this year for solar power I think. I sure have not needed my generator for power, the sun is giving me all I want or need.

Think I will get myself up and make me a gallon of tea and maybe 4 cups of sugar-water for the Humming birds. May add cleaning the solar panels to that little job list.

Trying to add a few lines to my blog with Google Nexus 7. Playing around with the voice recognition on Nexus 7 and it’s not doing too bad, overall. I think that the devices do better then Microsoft computers at voice recognition ( that could have to do with the software too). Lol, still not the best tool in the world with my Southern drawl, but still kinda fun to play with. If only these things would speak a little bit of hillbilly 😉 errrr I mean understand a little bit hillbilly 🙂

Another beautiful day

Another beautiful day for sure, this Nov has been one of the finest I have seen in my 5 years in the desert. I am loving this weather.

Exercise this morning was about 3 miles or so on a nice walk. I like walking in this kind of weather, it is good for the soul.

Ido Lanuel is one of the folks that comes by my blog now and again and I go see what he is up to now and then too, and in my visit today I found this interesting link from back in July. Now how did whoever wrote this know me? LOL. Ain’t this one on the mark? Ido has a lot of self-awareness post on his blog that I enjoy reading. You should give him a read if you enjoy little awareness tips.

OK I have been in my chair too long, playing with all the “devices” (tablets and computers) or as a friend of my says (fondling the electronics) LOL. Back later, I need to do some stretching anyway.

Later update; not only did I do a little stretching, I also added in a little walk of maybe 1.5 miles, so at least 4 for today.

Bandwidth usage; I have used a good bit of that lately. I am stuck on only 5 gig on my air-card but my smart phone is unlimited for now. I am using near my 5 gig each month on the air-card and a little over that on the phone. I use my smart phone for tethering to my tablet on which I watch the tech show from Twit. Video uses bandwidth fast. So for a total I am going through maybe 10 gig. When my  contract is up with Verizon I think I can do better if the same deals are open that are available now. I will be getting more internet and less talk/text.

Running the roads again …….

I took me a trip into Casa Grande today and pick up some much-needed groceries, did my laundry, give the old truck a bath and  just shopped around for a while. I pick up a new toy too …… got myself a new Nexus 7 tablet, I took the cheap route with just a 7 inch tablet but the nexus 7 is highly rated for an Android device and I think I will love it. Sadly I have kill the whole day and have no time left for anything that takes much time.

Missed my exercise today but I will get back to it tomorrow. OK, excuse me ……… while I play with my new toy.  🙂

Short walk

Today I took only a short walk for exercise and I haven’t stretched any as of yet.

I have found that I really like the people here in this boon-docking area are friendlier than the one in Welton, they seems friendlier ………… maybe it is just me. Odd how that works from one place to the other. For those of you that don’t follow my blog I spent about 5 months boon-docking in Welton, AZ last year. I may spend a little time there this year too but not 5 months, that was too long for one place. Anyway the first year I RVed I came by this park and meet folks that I really liked, maybe some places just have good karma? I find that I have found some places that I like really well but don’t fit in with the people and others are just great places and have the nicest people. This park has been great this year.
Some pictures from around the park ………and here is a Mocking Bird.

Click for larger image.

Weather is one of the things that has also been great this year, with fall temperature about 10° above normal. Yes this has been a good start to the winter for sure.

My diet is going well but I do need to take the next step. I need to give up all my artificial sweeteners ……….. I ain’t much wanting to, but I need to, in order to move on. 😦   My weight has stay at the same place for over a month now so I have to change something and I think it is the sweeteners.

Added another short walk to my day. I enjoy walking around the little park, it is such a great place to boon-dock and just to be.

Back to the regular

Back to the regular routine again. I took my bike ride this morning (20 miles) and I am not sure I can keep up the long rides. At some point I may have to drop back a little distance, just to keep the old knees from fussing too much. I did do my stretching. Yes, I keep up the good fight.

Today I went to Stanfield (back to Stanfield after my bike ride to Stanfield) in the truck and pick up some water and tried to get some LP but everyone was out (only two places to get LP) . I will try tomorrow.  I could have went to Casa Grande but I decide not to, for today anyway.

Well I have looked at all the cyber Monday sales and deals and see nothing I can not pass on. Most of the stuff I see is low-end items (electronic toys) that just don’t appeal to me.

How deep

I like playing around with computers some but there is a limit to how deep I like to get into it. For example I like knowing a lot about Windows new version but I don’t get into Linux much. I do like Ubuntu but it is pretty user-friendly now a days. I kind of would like to have an older laptop just for Linux. I loaded Ubuntu on an extra hard drive I had for the desktop (did not set up dual-boot) and when I want to run it I just plug-in the hard drive and that is not hard with the way I made my computer case. At any rate I don’t play with it much out here in the boon-docks (takes too much power to run the desktop) but it I had it loaded on an old laptop I might be into it a little more.

One of the things I am learning about Windows 8 is that this version of Windows has more benefits from keyboard shortcuts than earlier version and that is due to the split desktop I think. I did add my version of a start menu which I told you about when I did it on the desktop. The same here and to do this ………….

Just right-click on the task-bar  then select Toolbars/New Toolbar/C/ProgramData/Start Menu/  right-click on Programs and then click Select Folder at the bottom of that screen. That is all I do and it works great for me. I am careful not to use it too much till I am very good at getting around without it, so if I sat down at another machine (one that is not my) I can get around.

Oh, by the way, Windows 8 will not play DVD movies, but you can download software that will. I use VLC, free, open source and cross-platform multimedia player. The thing I love about Windows is that there is software for about everything, no need to wait on an “app” for that, LOL.

Well it is lazy Sunday and I think I will be lazy today …….. OK, maybe a little walk, but no more.


I have played around with Windows 8 on the laptop, there is always some bumps but they always come out with a little effort. I could not get the computer to shut down proper at first but now it is shutting down nicely. I could not get the app store to work but again, I now have that working nicely. I will just have to keep working on things and trying things out as I go but it is doing excellent so far.  I am working through my 50 tips again. Oh the one piece of software I could not get to work on the desktop with Windows 8 (Ditto, my chipboard manager) is now working fine and I am very glad because that is one I use a lot.

One day I may have a device that is a Windows 8 device and that would be the time that Windows 8 would really show it stuff. However it is very good without the metro part, you just got to get use to it. My one big thing is the missing start button, however there are many ways around that with software and other if you get a little geek going. Don’t really need the geek part ……… just Google it. LOL.

Oh if you are one that might upgrade if you didn’t see a problem on how to get to all your setting easily, just add the God Mode. This works in Windows 7 too and it is just great little tool when you just can’t find that setting in your windows machine.

Exercise; Man I had a great 20 mile ride on the bike this morning(fast one) and top it off with a good stretching and I am feeling fine. This walking/riding every other day is working great. Tomorrow (Sunday)is my day off to let the old body parts rest up a bit.

Weight; My weight is staying the same at 190 lbs 😦   I am keeping up the good fight regardless with exercise and diet.

Weather; Yes I am an old dude so I must talk about the weather ………. whether you want to hear it or not! It is beautiful, that all!

Windows 8 Now on the Laptop

Laptop is now running Windows 8. Today I went to Walmart in Maricopa today and while there I pick up a copy of Windows 8 Pro (upgrade) and now have it installed. This time (unlike the desktop) I installed keeping all files, setting and programs/apps and I must say it seem to have went very good but I have not have time to go over everything just yet. On the desktop part it even put the icons right back where they where, how good is that??? Nice, I say. Of course the start button is gone  😦   LOL. So I have done it both ways now, clean install on the desktop and keeping everything on the laptop and both ways it worked excellent. Old Microsoft is getting down right good at this upgrading thing. The one bad lick is that like all new software anymore it needed a ton of updating right away ……… to the tune of half GB. I hope I manager to stay under my 5 gig limit.

I did find time to get in a short walk and do just a little stretching, so I am keeping the old body tune-up.

OK I am off to play with Windows 8 for a bit. later

Turkey day one

Turkey day is here.

This is a fine day here in AZ, beautiful as can be. This morning I started the day with a 20 mile ride on the bike and top off the morning with some good stretching. I feel good today and just glad to be here 🙂

I will just hang out today and enjoy. I have no need or want to go anywhere so I will just chill, maybe add a little walk or take the camera out and get a few shots of something.  I love coming through here in the spring when the poppy are out. Maybe I will stop in next spring.

Strange Hummers

Well at least two strange Hummers …………… the first one is a Gila Woodpecker, the second one is a Costa’s Hummer and the third is a Verdin. They all come regularly to the sugar-water, fun to watch. The Gila has a mate that comes too, so I have both male and female and sometimes they both get on the feeder is the male will let her join. Sometimes she has to wait till he is done.

Exercise; done, with 3 miles on the bike and 2 miles walking with just a little stretching added (just old style hamstring stretching, no yoga today).

I don’t see me doing any black Friday shopping ……….. maybe cyber Monday?? The black Friday thing is not worth doing the crowds to me. I would like to find a good deal on a tablet for cyber Monday, but I am not seeing any I like. I would like to see this one drop about $50.00, I would be very tempted. The only other tablet I might spring for is the Nexus 7.