Caught up

Caught up …………well somewhat anyway. I have at least got all my computer hardware working. Still adding software here and there. All the main stuff is in. I have a week to play with the desktop and by then I should know whether I want to upgrade the laptop or not. I still have a few things on the hardware side I will try with on the desk top. One of them is when I boot Windows 8 is that it gives me a choices between Windows 8 and Windows 7 ( I left Windows 7 on the other hard drive) (added a new hard drive for Windows 8)  Soooo ………… Windows 8 know that Windows 7 is there and I need to see what happens when I remove the Windows 7 drive. Also I have not added Ubuntu to the mix ………… yet. So some stuff to try yet.

Today I will wait and do my exercise a little later today, when it is warmer.

Update 3pm; I got a good bike ride in and did some good stretching, and I feel well! The computer is starting to come along well now and just kind of doing things as I need them.

The weather has been fine here in Deming. I remember the first time I come here in 2007 Oct and Nov was pretty cold.

I got a couple of small chores done today, one: I got my house batteries check and added a little water and two;  I also took care of my mail forwarding service, now paid up till next July. The only big bill I will have to pay this winter is my truck insurance, which is due in Feb, so about Jan, will be time to pay.

I have not talk about typing any of late, but I am pleased that I am doing pretty fair at typing, never going to be fast but it least it don’t take me all day to make a sentence any more, LOL. I am content with it. I do just well enough to get by, and over time I have gotten a little better with my speed.

Change up the bird of the week, this Swainson’s Hawk was enjoying it’s meal when I took this shot.