I need to do a few chores today and have already defrosted the refrigerator. Next, I need to fill it with some food, I want to be well stock before heading to the boon-docks. At some point I need to give the truck a good bath before I hit the road. I will do that one day next week.

Not sure what I will do for exercise today, it is a little chilly, so I may walk. If I wait to ride the bike, I will be into the afternoon because it is still kind of cool at 10am, looking like I may take a walk at some point.

Weight/Diet; I have now lock into about 190 lbs ……….. I have not been over or under that by more than one lb either way since the 21st of Oct. Ten lbs to go!!!  I will not  be fooled either, I know that this last ten will be the hardest 10 lbs of the weight loss. I am doing very well on my diet and I have one more change to make to get me to the button ……….. I must give up my caffeine! Man that is going to be a tough one. I very must think caffeine causes many problems with dieting. One, I think it keep the mind wanting something to put in the mouth(feel hungry) ; two, I think it does things to your blood sugar count, the fake sweetener in my drinks (keeping you up and down); and three, the blood sugar thing may causes the body to help hold onto some of the body weight by means that I am do not  fully understand, but I do believe it does cause the body to hold onto some fat. Hey, I am not a pro on this thing, just a fat fellow wanting to lose some weight!

Oh, I see some sunshine coming out so maybe it time for exercise. Think I will get out and see what kind it going to be. Back later!

Exercise done; I walk 3 .5 miles and did my stretching. The day has turned into a beaut, with great sunshine, mild temperatures and just a touch of wind.