No time

I have not have time for much of anything today but getting this rig and myself ready to roll tomorrow. It is after 5 (AZ time already) and I still have to hook up the rig.

I do think I am set ………. LOL I hope, anyway! I look forward to being down the road somewhere. I got my exercise done first thing this morning along with my laundry. I did my shopping (stocked up a bit for the boon-docks. Wash the truck and my bike (the bike got fresh oil) . Did a good bit of cleaning around the RV too, filled all my water cans with the good well water, I will miss the good water. Busy, busy!

The sun is already setting. One of the things I have not done today is to drink my water ………. but I got all the evening hours, I best get to drinking fast! LOL. 1 glass, starting on #2 now …………., update glass 3   🙂  and to think I use to drink booze the same way LOL!

I got all the things done on my Windows 8 install that I wanted to, so that turn out good. Still have not updated the laptop, I need to find a good fast and unlimited connection, maybe in Casa Grande somewhere.

The weather is still way warmer than it usually is this time of year but I heard somewhere down the line that this weekend may cool off a bit …… so maybe my timing is right for this move. I sure have enjoyed the fall weather here in Deming.

OK time to call it a night.