Pinal County

Yes I am back at one of my favorite boon-docking spots, West park in Pinal County. I have been here many times and still find it to be a great little place to stop. By the way all my Location links are up to date now. Location of past stops, My Location now, (both links on the right)  and of course I have just give it to you here.

Always charging batteries when I am in the boon-docks, LOL. I am charging my electric razor and my laptop now. This morning I raised my solar panels, tilted to the south in order to catch more sun light and they are doing their job. While I was up on the roof I give the panels a good cleaning and man, they did need it.

I will decide later whether I will walk for exercise or take a ride on the bike. Update 11:45 am – I took me a walk.

Weather here looks like it will be warm for the next two days and cool off this weekend. I am glad I left Deming it looks like they will deep into the freezing weather this weekend.

WordPress “Likes” are making me nuts ….. I can’t get them to work on any blog that don’t have WordPress in the URL %$*(I$@  Even when they are WordPress blogs they just won’t work, they ask that I sign into WordPress even if I am already signed in, even if I sign in again, still the like button don’t work for me. I can see where many others have liked the post but I can’t. Nuts!!!! On those blogs I can’t get the comments to work either, odd! On comments it lets me do everything but post the comment. I am sure it is something on my computer but I am not sure what.