Overcasted day

Yes the old clouds have come to cast their shadows upon my solar panels 😦   . That is OK I still have lots of battery power left for now, if I get just a little sunshine here and there today I will be fine. Actually I can do fine with no sun for a day but may have to get out the generator if I have two or three overcast days in a roll.

Exercise; I good walk of maybe 3 miles this morning. Just a bit of wind out today and I prefer to walk when it is windy. I still have not done my stretching but maybe later, back was bugging me a bit this morning. There is a good chance of rain today 40% (that a big one here in the desert) and we have a little Humidity today and that always makes my old bones fuss just a tad.

Update to Exercise; I took another small walk about 1.6 miles this time. I also did a little stretching before this walk, so I am pretty caught up for the day.

I like animal a good bit even though I don’t have any pets (I don’t feel like I can give a pet the life it needs from my RV) but their owners make me nuts sometimes. I have a neighbor about a 100 ft away from me that I have not seen since I have been here (3 days now) and there is a dog (young one) tied up outside his RV and one of the other neighbor comes and checks on it about twice a day but that is all the company the pup gets. I don’t know if the owner is gone or what the deal is. The dog is getting fed and watered but that is about it.

HA OK, I just talked with one of the other neighbors and it seem that the owner of the dog is in the hospital, Sorry to here that. Maybe I will visit the dog now and again, after asking the neighbor that is taking care of it.

I have several Anna’s hummers coming to my feeder already, I enjoy watching them.