A way to do things

I have just been running my blog over the pass 3 years or so as a daily post(I have kept it for 5 years now, ever since I started RVing full-time). I don’t know that it is a good way or bad way to do the blog but it is the way I do it. I like the ideal of having a look back to see what I was doing on some day back when. If you read this thing you know that I don’t post long windy subject and they are not deep ones either, LOL. I just post about what is going on with me and what my daily routine is. Oh yes …….. I am that damn boring LOL. Still it fills a little part of my day with a thing to do and a thing that I have come to enjoy.

I am now in the boon-docks (camping without being hook to power, water or septic) and I must found my routine again. Prehaps the camera will come out a little later on, or I will add more to my workouts, I never know what will get me into the next state of things. They are always simple little things that use my time in a way that fulfills my days and keeps the boredom away. I like doing things that I can keep, like pictures or learning something new about computers or software.  I hate doing things that just go away or need to be done over and over. I will find my niche that affords me freedom from boredom, yes I will.

Today I took my first trip to Casa Grande to pick up a few things from Walmart and do a little laundry. Yes this is an early trip but it helps kill the boredom on the start of boon-docking and I was not to well stock. It takes me a trip or two to get into the right routine of getting the things I need. Once I get all the routines down I will be able to stay put for about 10 days at a time. That does two things for me, one; saves me money and two; give me great piece of mind from the rush of things, that is life. I like stepping out of life a bit now and again ………….. you?

I did take me a nice little walk after I got back and maybe later I will do a little stretching. You know what? I think I would like Yoga if I could find the right routine to start with, it would give me a little workout and loosing me up a bit. I would have to be careful at 60 years but I think I would like yoga. Maybe I will look into it.

The weather has cool a little here 25 miles west of Casa Grande but it is still pretty good weather for an RVer like myself. I am very comfort in my RV.