Watching Woodpecker

As I sat here blogging I am watching a Gila Woodpecker steal little sips of sugar-water from the humming feeder, a very over-sized Hummer. LOL. I also had a Verdin try for some sugar-water. Maybe later I will put out some seed feeders.

Update 2:30pm; the Gila Woodpecker has come back to the Humming feeder a lot today.

I took a two-mile walk this morning, even if it is my lazy Sunday  🙂  I did not stretch yesterday and I have not today but I will later.

OK, It is now later (yes it is!    😉    )and I have done some stretching. I have a friend that drop me a comment on my blog about her doing some yoga so that got me to thinking more about it all, yoga and stretching. Well………. as it turns out the internet is just full of yoga stuff (never guess that, right?! LOL) and I have found a woman who I like, with her way of teaching it. Here is a link to a start that I am going to try for my old stiff hamstrings. I have watch a few of this lady’s videos and I think I like her way of doing things, she has a ton of these videos. So if you folks don’t hear from me in a while and find my RV park out on the desert with no movement going on ………….. come check on me to be sure I am not tied up in a knot and can’t get loose! OK? Today I just tried the above out a little and maybe tomorrow I will try to make it my main stretch, doing it over maybe 5 times? We’ll see.

Today started out very cold but warm up to an OK temperature. Tonight will be another cold one dropping to 37 according to the weather man, after tonight the nights are only going to drop to about the mid 40s. That won’t be to bad and the days are to be really nice with temperatures coming to near 80°, fine weather.