Things to avoid

I have found things to not look at (avoid) and that is, watching young people do yoga, it is a bit discouraging to see them twisted up like pretzels and knowing that I am never every going to be able to do that, LOL. I do want to find a safe way to stretch because I am causing myself a little back pain sometimes when I do my stretching, (got to be careful) and I think yoga will offer me a safe path to follow if I can find the right guidance to do so safely. I will experiment and see what I come up with.

I am going to not walk today and I may not ride the bike. With the cooler weather and missing my break day this week my knees are making a bit of a fuss. I have walk a lot lately so maybe a break is not a bad thing. Once it warms up a bit I will play around with some new stretching technique.

How about a new bird of the week? This is a Wilson’s Phalarope, picture on the right, at the top of the page.

I will take a break now and get out side warm up and come back and do some stretching. Later

4:15 pm ; I had a good stretch, using the link I posted yesterday, it made for a nice hamstrings stretch. Tomorrow I may tried a different one, or add a different to this one. My back feels good and not hurting, a good sign that I did it right. I will have to add a good yoga stretch for the back too, at some point. If any of you folks out in internet land knows a good one to recommend to an 60-year-old dude, please feel free to do so, thanks.