The day is warming

The day is warming up to be a nice one and it feels food. I will get the bike out for a ride here in a little while, I may take a long one. We’ll see.

As those of you that follow my blog know I am doing the Atkins diet and this morning I was talking with a neighbor and I think he might give Atkins a try. He is not as over weight as I was when I started.  By the way my weight is holding on at about 190 lbs for now but hopefully I will see some movement before long. I seem to hit these spots on the lower end of this weight loss that just hang for a month or so and then slowly move a little more down. The last lbs are the tough ones.

Internet connection; is doing while now. The first day or two it was a little fussy (dropping out a bit) but it seem that it is settled down now.

My back is being a bit fussy this morning, so later today I am going to look into some good exercise for the back. Maybe a yoga thing. The cooler weather is causing my aches and pains to come alive. Warm dry weather is like oil to the bones for me, LOL.

OK, I think I will go take that bike ride now.  Back at 1:20; Man oh man, I did take a nice ride. I rode to Stanfield and the round trip was 20 miles, a fine ride indeed, will have to wait and see how that set into all the old bones. I sometimes over do things but it did feel good. I did do a little stretching but not a lot.

Just got a call from my friend who will be here today and he will stay for a day or two, it will be nice to have someone around I know well. He just pick up his new Arctic Fox TT, looking forward to seeing it. I like the Arctic Fox RV’s, they are good 4 season rigs.

I have thrown a few bird seeds on the ground and the birds are starting to find them. Next time I am in town I will pick up a feeder, I had forgotten that I broke my feeder last time I was out boon-docking.