Running the roads

My friend that is here enjoys getting out and seeing things so we run the roads a little. It was great to get out and about for a while. We went to Maricopa, AZ to the Walmart anyway. My friend bought us a good steak or two for this evening so I look forward to that. I will have my with a big salad.

The Woodpeckers are at my Humming feeder more than the Humming Birds. I will have to get out my camera one day soon. While in town I pick up a seed feeder for the birds, so maybe I will see some different birds soon.

I all so pick up water for the RV while out and about today, so I have a full tank and some spare water cans full too.

I will blow off exercise and stretching for today. I will get back at it tomorrow. OK time to visit and waste time.