Time to hit it

OK I had a whole day off yesterday so today it is time to get back to my exercise and stretching. I think today will be a long ride on the bike. I enjoyed the ride Tuesday so I will try again. I am kind of waiting on it to warm up just a little before I go and it is taking a while because today is cloudy. It will not be long. Maybe I will eat while I am out.

My friend hit the road today headed east a little ways, so good travels and luck with your progress, my friend.

Banks, always changing things around making their pages hard to get around. I had some points on a card I wanted to redeem and it took me forever to do so and I had to set up a new account with the place to get my money back, nuts @$%^@*5! And just like Forrest Gump “that’s all I got to say about that”!

OK time to get started.

It is now after 3 pm and I got a 20 mile bike ride in again and I did a good stretch after. I use my new way of stretching (the one I link to the other day, yoga thing) and I think my back is going to like it better. Yesterday while at Walmart I pick up a good mat that I can use to do my stretching on without worry about slipping and breaking something, LOL.

Not getting any sun hardly at all today but my batteries are still getting a fair charge. Looks like the weekend will be a little cloudy. We’ll make do.