More clouds

Today looks like it will be one more cloudy day. Had a cloudy day Thursday, Friday with sunshine and today cloudy again. So it is, win some, lose some, still all good in my book.

I took a good walk first thing this morning maybe 2 to 3 miles. I have not done my stretching yet. By the way I did get a little stretching done yesterday too, it was kind of lite but done. I like waiting till the warm part of the day to do my stretching, just feels better.

Looking at yesterday post I see that I never got around to “more” as I said I would, guess I got side tracked, that happens to me now and again.

Today I have the camera out so maybe I will get some pictures to show later on. I have open the window on the RV (to get a clearer view ) and the birds are being a little shy. I was hoping to catch the Gila Woodpeckers on the Humming feeder.

I had to update my Lasspass/Xmarks subscription today, $20.00 for 1 year, not bad. This covers all my computers and devices, it is free if you need it for computers only. I like having my bookmarks with me wherever I go.