Lazy Sunday and chores

Today I did a little laundry and pick up a couple of things from Walmart. Not doing well with my planing, need to be more organize when shopping.

It is a beautiful sunshiny day, just great weather.

I see a lot of RVing folks with motor bikes, they seem fun and economical. Maybe one day I will get me one, a small one that is. I am seeing more and more mid range bikes in the 500 to 750 size and I think that is a good size. One of my neighbor has a 650 BMW and I really like it. They are costly to buy but I think cheap to run, unless you get to doing all the fanny stuff to them,  add-ons of this and that kind. Don’t know this, just guessing. Like anything I guess it could be costly if one was not careful. Just thinking on it all.