Different Stretching

Today I did my stretching on the yoga side …… or as best I could anyway, from learning on the internet. The Hamstrings are the things I work on the hardest and they are tough. Me being as stiff as a board does not help. I do feel good after the stretching and it leaves my back in pain-free condition, some of my stretching causes me a bit of back pain over time I think or  …………. it could be I am just getting old 😦  . For exercise today I just walked a couple of miles and maybe later I will take a second little trip.

Looks like Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird (My browser and email client) are updating today. They are both at version 17 now with the new updates.

Weight; I am staying with my diet but I have come to a place in my diet that I am stuck at, 190 lbs. Of course, you know I am keeping up the exercise too. I am looking for a way to turn.