Strange Hummers

Well at least two strange Hummers …………… the first one is a Gila Woodpecker, the second one is a Costa’s Hummer and the third is a Verdin. They all come regularly to the sugar-water, fun to watch. The Gila has a mate that comes too, so I have both male and female and sometimes they both get on the feeder is the male will let her join. Sometimes she has to wait till he is done.

Exercise; done, with 3 miles on the bike and 2 miles walking with just a little stretching added (just old style hamstring stretching, no yoga today).

I don’t see me doing any black Friday shopping ……….. maybe cyber Monday?? The black Friday thing is not worth doing the crowds to me. I would like to find a good deal on a tablet for cyber Monday, but I am not seeing any I like. I would like to see this one drop about $50.00, I would be very tempted. The only other tablet I might spring for is the Nexus 7.