Windows 8 Now on the Laptop

Laptop is now running Windows 8. Today I went to Walmart in Maricopa today and while there I pick up a copy of Windows 8 Pro (upgrade) and now have it installed. This time (unlike the desktop) I installed keeping all files, setting and programs/apps and I must say it seem to have went very good but I have not have time to go over everything just yet. On the desktop part it even put the icons right back where they where, how good is that??? Nice, I say. Of course the start button is gone  😦   LOL. So I have done it both ways now, clean install on the desktop and keeping everything on the laptop and both ways it worked excellent. Old Microsoft is getting down right good at this upgrading thing. The one bad lick is that like all new software anymore it needed a ton of updating right away ……… to the tune of half GB. I hope I manager to stay under my 5 gig limit.

I did find time to get in a short walk and do just a little stretching, so I am keeping the old body tune-up.

OK I am off to play with Windows 8 for a bit. later