I have played around with Windows 8 on the laptop, there is always some bumps but they always come out with a little effort. I could not get the computer to shut down proper at first but now it is shutting down nicely. I could not get the app store to work but again, I now have that working nicely. I will just have to keep working on things and trying things out as I go but it is doing excellent so far.  I am working through my 50 tips again. Oh the one piece of software I could not get to work on the desktop with Windows 8 (Ditto, my chipboard manager) is now working fine and I am very glad because that is one I use a lot.

One day I may have a device that is a Windows 8 device and that would be the time that Windows 8 would really show it stuff. However it is very good without the metro part, you just got to get use to it. My one big thing is the missing start button, however there are many ways around that with software and other if you get a little geek going. Don’t really need the geek part ……… just Google it. LOL.

Oh if you are one that might upgrade if you didn’t see a problem on how to get to all your setting easily, just add the God Mode. This works in Windows 7 too and it is just great little tool when you just can’t find that setting in your windows machine.

Exercise; Man I had a great 20 mile ride on the bike this morning(fast one) and top it off with a good stretching and I am feeling fine. This walking/riding every other day is working great. Tomorrow (Sunday)is my day off to let the old body parts rest up a bit.

Weight; My weight is staying the same at 190 lbs 😦   I am keeping up the good fight regardless with exercise and diet.

Weather; Yes I am an old dude so I must talk about the weather ………. whether you want to hear it or not! It is beautiful, that all!