How deep

I like playing around with computers some but there is a limit to how deep I like to get into it. For example I like knowing a lot about Windows new version but I don’t get into Linux much. I do like Ubuntu but it is pretty user-friendly now a days. I kind of would like to have an older laptop just for Linux. I loaded Ubuntu on an extra hard drive I had for the desktop (did not set up dual-boot) and when I want to run it I just plug-in the hard drive and that is not hard with the way I made my computer case. At any rate I don’t play with it much out here in the boon-docks (takes too much power to run the desktop) but it I had it loaded on an old laptop I might be into it a little more.

One of the things I am learning about Windows 8 is that this version of Windows has more benefits from keyboard shortcuts than earlier version and that is due to the split desktop I think. I did add my version of a start menu which I told you about when I did it on the desktop. The same here and to do this ………….

Just right-click on the task-bar  then select Toolbars/New Toolbar/C/ProgramData/Start Menu/  right-click on Programs and then click Select Folder at the bottom of that screen. That is all I do and it works great for me. I am careful not to use it too much till I am very good at getting around without it, so if I sat down at another machine (one that is not my) I can get around.

Oh, by the way, Windows 8 will not play DVD movies, but you can download software that will. I use VLC, free, open source and cross-platform multimedia player. The thing I love about Windows is that there is software for about everything, no need to wait on an “app” for that, LOL.

Well it is lazy Sunday and I think I will be lazy today …….. OK, maybe a little walk, but no more.