Fine day in the Boon-docks

It is yet another beautiful day out in the boon-docks. I got my exercise and stretching done and I am now just enjoying the day as it rolls by. I rode the bike this morning and did 20 miles. I think I am going to have to slack up a bit the knees are fussing a little more each time I do this little ride. I probably need to cut back to a 10 or 12 mile ride. I am sure the short walks I take are about right at 2 to 4 miles each.

The little area I am in here in the boon-docks has a few folks coming and going now that it is getting later in the year. That is usual for almost all south-west boon-docking as all the snow-birds start to fly about here and there.

I will have to break out the generator either today or tomorrow maybe and just run it a little to keep it excised. I get it out at least once a month to start it up and let it run for a bit. I usual run the vacuüm and the desk-top computer while the generator is going for an hour or two. I will have a lot of updates to do on the computer. I will do that one evening here soon. We have had the best weather ever this year for solar power I think. I sure have not needed my generator for power, the sun is giving me all I want or need.

Think I will get myself up and make me a gallon of tea and maybe 4 cups of sugar-water for the Humming birds. May add cleaning the solar panels to that little job list.

Trying to add a few lines to my blog with Google Nexus 7. Playing around with the voice recognition on Nexus 7 and it’s not doing too bad, overall. I think that the devices do better then Microsoft computers at voice recognition ( that could have to do with the software too). Lol, still not the best tool in the world with my Southern drawl, but still kinda fun to play with. If only these things would speak a little bit of hillbilly 😉 errrr I mean understand a little bit hillbilly 🙂