It is time

It is time for me to start making a serious effect on my artificial sweetener/caffeine problem …………. OK, so the first thing is to give up the soda pop. I have one 20 oz coke in the RV and I will drink that today and tomorrow will be no soda! That is the plan and it is a start and I choose to start by dumping the soda because I think it is the worst of the two, pop and tea that is. Some of you may need to ask in the next few days if I have had any soda pop, just to keep me on my toes. If you ask (with comments) on the blog I will have to admit to the world just how it is 😯  So the fight begins ………….   This morning I did go to Jack in the Box but I only drink water.

This is the plan, start by completely dumping the soda and then after I have done that ( one week I think) I will start to cut back on the tea. First cut of the tea will be down to 3 glasses a day (one week), two per day (one week) and then one glass a day (one week). So the plan is to have drinks free of artificial sweetener/caffeine by mid Feb or sooner. My first really hard time with this drink thing will come later this week when I head off to Yuma and I am stuck away from my tea all day. When I am out riding around is when I drink the most pop. Maybe a tea before I go and one for the road will keep me away from the soda fountain.

Exercise; I am going to have a tough time with it for a while. My knees (especially the new one (for those that don’t know I had a full knee replacement about 3 years ago)) are still fussing at me a good bit and I have just got to give them a break, maybe a week or so and hopefully that will help. So in the mean time I have to do something to stay exercised! I have done a mini upper body workout over the last two days and I will have to keep at that and even expand it ………… if it is to replace my walking/bike riding. I will need to go deep to find that cup of willy!

Are all these plans new year resolutions? No, they are things I have put off for a very long time and now is the time to start the fight of better habits for heather living. This is the best time for me to do these things, because here in the boon-docks I am at peace and very settle into my routine for next few months, and that will allow me the concentration that I need to do these thing.

Folks send me some good wishes and luck, I may need it.

Weather; It is cool and a little windy and the wind is making it feel even cooler, but we do have some sunshine so not all bad.

Time to get up and move for a while. Later

Bird of the week, updated

I am putting up a new bird today and this one is a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak and the pictures was taken a long time ago in KY. I always loved the color on these birds.

Chores; I got the laundry done so that should hold me for at least a week. So far that is about it for today. Hopefully I will find the energy here is a bit to get out and do some exercise, it will be upper body if I do, the knees are making a fuss today. It worries me a little when my knees get this fussy. I will rest them for a few days.

Another month has passed, they go so quick it seem.

I guess everyone out there in blog world is all ready to party the new year in? I am ready, I am so hidden out here that I should be good to go! LOL. A nice peaceful coming of the new year for me 🙂

OK time to get up for a bit.

Cooler it is

Old man, weather is giving us a blast of cool. I am glad I got the southwest desert version of it 🙂  much better than what some other folks are getting across the country. The clouds are coming and going today.

We have a few more RVs in now maybe 13 or 14 now, total (In the small boon-docking area that I am in) .Folks come and go a lot here, I guess us RVer’s are a restless lot 🙂

Well the afternoon is well in it’s midst and I have yet to do any exercise ………….. So I am going to get out of this chair to see just what will happen ❗  Back later. OK 3:30 pm and I have done a mini workout with the gal jugs 😯   Sure was not a big workout but at least it was something. It was warm enough to ride the bike today …. but the cooler, damper weather and persistent amount of riding I have been doing is all taking a toll. Got to give the knees a rest. Added a good stretch to this and I am done for the day.

Night folks.

Shaking out the cobwebs

Fire up the generator, one; to exercise it, two; so I could run the vacuum, three; defrost the refrigerator (I use a hair dryer so I need to power),  four;  fire up the desktop computer and do all my updates. The desktop needed the cobwebs shuck out of. Firefox had my No Script   add on to update and it cause a little problem at first but about two restarts later, all is well. I will let the generator run for another 30 minutes to an hour (has already run an hour, at least) so it will get a good workout.

Yesterday I check my batteries and added water to them, so I am caught up on my maintenance, there is of course many things I could do (lots of stuff going on with a full time RV) but I have all the main ones done anyway.

Exercise, not sure if it will be warm enough for me to ride the bike or not but it will be a bike ride or a walk here pretty soon.

Man these updates to the computer seem to take forever, so many things to keep updated. The app type on Windows 8 don’t seem to do well at all. I give up, I will try again some other time.

OK, I am out for some exercise, back later. 4pm I am back from a 10 mile bike ride and I have done my stretching so I am all set for today. Feels good to being doing my exercise but it also feels good to have it behind on some days and today is one of them! LOL.

Water; Did you know I drink a gal of water a day and I often don’t start till after 3pm? If I could make myself drink only water I think I may drink 2 gal a day! Takes me a bit to start on water but once started I can’t seem to get enough. I have been that way for years now. Unfortunately, before I start on my water I drink a lot of diet soda pop and tea sweeten with Splenda. I need to stop that!!!!!

OH, that’s right, I am …..

Yes cool and windy, you would think I was in the southwest desert! ………. OH, that’s right I am, and life is good  😉  . It is for sure too windy for the bike ride today so I will be off on a walk here before long. I took my usual trip down to Jack and the Box today and sat around talking with my Canadian friends,went and pick up some water for the RV, stop and bought a head of red cabbage and headed back the RV. So as you see my day is as exciting as usual, and all is well. Hey, what the heck do you expected for an old dude? Careful! You will get me all excited and I will throw-down on some serious weather details! Moving on ……………

Time for a bit of food, I think I will have turkey burgers(no bums) and a vegetable. That is a meal that will keep me on my Atkins diet. For those that don’t know I have been on the Atkins Diet since last March and I have lost 40 lbs so far. I am about 10 lbs from my goal of 180, and these last lbs have turn into a war, but then … I expected it to be harder as I got closer to my goal. So all is on track.

After eating, I think I will get out and take that walk and maybe take the camera along just in case I see any birds up close. There is a good bit of sunshine today so I will catch a little vitamin D while out and just enjoy. I guess I better fill the Humming feeder before I go. Back later.

4:30pm; I am exercised up and stretch out ❗  all good. I walked for 3 miles plus. While out on my walk I found a dead owl (Great Horned Owl) and seen a live one in a tree. Not sure how the one died, maybe fighting for territory but hopefully of old age. I will have to wait to see if any owls nest again in the same tree as last year.


I took off for Yuma this morning,  ran the roads and visit, so my day is pretty much shot. I did stop by Walmart for a few things and pick up my mail at my friend’s house but that is all I have gotten done for today. Exercise is off I think, along with stretching. I did enjoy my day so that is something.

I have not got to enjoy any sunshine today so I think I will get out and do that now.


I started this morning with $16.00 in my pocket and now have none. First I went to Jack in the Box where I spent $3.00 for a drink and a bit to eat while I chatted with my Canadian friends. After I return to the RV I decide I would go for my bike ride and did so(16 miles 🙂  ), and while out on the bike I stopped and brought a Power Ball and a Mega Millions ticket, $3.00 ……….. down to $10.00. A little farther along on my bike ride I came upon a fellow hitchhiking and decide to say Hello, chat for a couple of minutes, I than give away my last $10.00 , (He did not ask for anything) and wish him a merry Christmas. I am now sating in my RV, watching and enjoying  the Anna’s and Costa’s Humming Birds. It is a fine day.


Egg 2

The holidays

The holidays are here upon us. I hope everyone is having a fine time of it all.

Exercise; I got in a nice bike ride today. It was a little windy but I enjoy being back on the bike. I got 14.5 miles, maybe a tad more. I will do a little stretching later on. Update; I did get out and do my stretching, late in the afternoon.

Got lots of sunshine today along with that wind, which ain’t too bad when not riding the bike 😛   Temperature up around 70 and it feels nice. Feels good enough that I think I will get out and enjoy some of it.

It is now evening (about 7:30) and all is quiet this Christmas eve  ……. yes, that is why I am in the boon-docks! I am away from all the noise and fuss and all is well 😉   Not much of interest on the TV tonight other than all the xmass show that come on every year, so it is on the computer to run around the internet for a spell.

Body talking to me

The mornings are right down cold feeling to me. That is OK seeing as it is Dec, but I would love to see the above average temperatures return, I kind of like those 😉 . It is supposed to reach the mid 60s today but it needs to get to work if it is going to, it seems to be warming up slow today. The weather man is telling me it will get there at some point today.  There is plenty of sunshine so my solar is doing well.

I have not gotten around to much just yet today. I hope to find my motivation as the temperature goes high ……….. I am looking! I could always get out and take a walk but I am trying to cut the knees a little slack.

2pm; Motivation found! I did yet another upper body workout and stretch the time out a little bit more by adding a few more exercise. Oh mercy, someone send me a pat on the back, I did good, LOL! While I was doing this my body was having a chat with me and it went something like this ……….. “Hey you old fool, what the hell are you doing to me? Don’t you know we have not done this kind of thing in years? You should stop now or there is going to be hell to pay, stop it I tell! OK, OK just you wait till you go to get up in the morning and you going to remember this conversation!!! ” LOL it felt good to be doing a little something with the upper body. My workout tools are gal jugs full of water, I use them just like weights and I can hold two in each hand when needed. I also use the weight of my body too( lots of that around here).  If I can keep myself going on this one day I will reward myself with some real weights. I did do my daily stretching afterwords also. Tomorrow I will ride the bike if the weather is OK for it and it not, I will walk. Such is the ongoing drama of an old dude trying to stay fit  😯

Ha shucks, the old clouds have come and stole away my sunshine. That is OK too, most of the charging to the batteries has already been done by this time of day (solar for those who may be reading the blog for the first time). I got to remember to check the batteries here in the next two or three days, monthly battery check.

Bird of the week updated (top right of blog), this is a Tufted Titmouse and the picture was taken about 6 years ago in KY.

Back to my routine

Yes I am back to my routine of exercise. This morning I took a good bike ride (around 14 miles) and it felt good. The knees are still a bit fussy but a lot of that is all the humidity I think.  The weather was fine for riding today with a high near 70 and it felt good out in the sunshine but a little cool in the shade. I still have not done my stretching but I will get to it soon.

The two days I did upper body left me sore in the abs, shoulders and arms. It didn’t take much because I am bad out of shape in the upper body. I have now had two days to get over that and should maybe go at the upper body again tomorrow …………. we’ll see. Let’s see, maybe two days a week with upper body stuff, 4 days with walking or riding and one day off, how does that sound for a plan. That would give my knees a bit of a break but still give me some cardio work out too.

The sun is still pretty high in the sky so I think I will get out do some of that stretching and get me some Vitamin D.