Yes, we have rain yet again. There has been a good many days of rain here in the desert this year, last year there wasn’t near as much. I think it is a good thing, it sure helps to keep the dust down. I hope at some point today the weather will break up for a little while, so as I can get just a bit of exercise in. I am sure that I can find something, that I can do for exercise. The rain is coming and going a good bit so I’m sure that I can find enough of a break for short walk. There was a little wind this morning and I didn’t know how hard it was going to get so I put my solar panels down and I might just leave them that way, because it’s getting late enough in the year that the Sun is now higher in the sky and I can probably get by without them being tilted.

This morning I seen two Bald Eagles flying over while I was driving down the road in my truck. Later after getting back to the RV, I seen a Red Tail Hawk grooming itself in a tree, not far from my RV. I took the camera out and snapped few shots, I don’t know how they come out, but we’ll see later. Must be a day for Raptors.

Update 3 30 p.m. The rain has stopped but the wind has picked up and is blowing pretty hard now. I’m glad my panels are down. The good news is, we got a little bit of Sun peeking through the clouds, a good thing. The Sun comes and goes but it mostly stays hidden behind the clouds, still, that’s okay, I’ll still get enough sun to get my batteries charged. The wind is getting harder the later it gets in the day.

I did get a walk done today, about 3 miles.