Air Card

My air-card has made me nuts here lately. This often happens when in a new 4g area. It started out doing so well but then it started to do bad. Just part of having an air-card, no way around it.

Exercise today was a bike ride and a one mile walk. I still need to add some stretching. Tomorrow will be an off day for exercise because tomorrow, I will go off to the city with friends for lunch and a little socializing, should be fun. We will go to Golden Corral, so I can pig out and still stay on my Atkins diet 😀

Temperature are going to reach the mid 90s this week, wow. That will make me want to find cooler weather, always in search of the 70s and 80s .

Went to get a little water and now my fresh water tank is full. I keep it pretty well topped off, hardly ever down more than 15 gallons. If I get farther away from water I may go down by 25 gallons, but it is a 50 gallon tank so I always have plenty of water. I think about getting a 25 or 30 gallon tank to haul my water in sometimes but I am not sure I need it. A larger haul could save me some trips, maybe one day. The bad thing about a larger tank is that you must have some way of getting the water out of the tank and into the RV and that usually means a pump of some kind. On a good thought, if I had a tank, pump and a hose, I could use it to wash my truck now and then.   25 gallons should be about enough for a truck wash.

2 thoughts on “Air Card

  1. I got my rig washed and the roof cleaned today. Now all I need to do is wax it and wash the truck and clean storage areas and truck bays. Weather moving into the 70s here so it will be good time to do the work….


  2. Never ends, does it. Well this is still better than trying to take care of a house, Yes? I think I would like the 70s better then the 99 that is coming to AZ. I think I hear my wheels saying “John we want to roll a little” 😀


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