This morning I stop by the campground where I could possibly  be work camping at, and was told that the lady that opens the office wouldn’t open till 9 am. So I went to get one of my propane tanks filled (run out last night)and while doing that the lady called and said she would not open till this afternoon. So while I was waiting I thought I would play around with the Nexus 7 and start today’s blog post, and as always when I post with the Nexus 7, I also play around with the speech recognition. I just can’t understand why this thing don’t understand hillbilly 😯 ❗ LOL I will have to send an email to Asus/Google and see if they make a southern version of this nexus 7!

If I take this work camping job, I guess it will be a good test for my old body to see if the knees and other old wore out joints that I have, will hold up to a little bit of labor. Just this morning I had a really sharp pain in my right knee, the one that’s been replaced. Hopefully that’s something that won’t continue. I’ve have walked a lot and maybe that was the cause. I may be on my feet a lot with this new job so I guess it’d be a good test. Hopefully I can get a passing grade 😯

I noticed at the campground that they had a sign up saying free WiFi, so hopefully it’ll be nice fast WiFi. If all works out, come mid May, I could drop my Verizon air card and save myself 50 bucks a month for the summer. Well maybe not, I do like the security better on the air card, especially when doing my banking.

Update 3 pm;  I am a Workamper. I have moved into my new spot and will get started on my new job tomorrow. The WiFi is pretty fast. There is cable here too, but I am not hooked up just yet. Looks like they are laying new cable in the camp ground.


2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. John, do you still have that dictionary you were putting together at the ranch? lol!!! Congratulations on the job. Hope you have a great summer – albeit a little warm.


    1. That dictionary is a on going job ………. LOL, and still …………. OH well! In collage my humanities instructor just love me so much, ROTFL! I figure Humanities was a better choice than English for me, but still it was great fun watching the instructor face as they looked over my papers! Odd, how I didn’t get A’s in them classes!


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