Ubuntu all set up

I am again posting from OS Ubuntu. I now have my email going and some of my plug-ins going in Firefox. Ubuntu is user friendly, if you ask me. Some of the software that I have install is ; Keepass, Thunderbird Email and Chromium. Of course it come with Firefox and I am using that now. The plug-ins that I have installed to Firefox are; Xmarks, LassPass, Https EveryWhere and seeing as I have not found a good Text to Speech app for Ubuntu, I added ImTranslator (a Google  app) and I am liking it very well. I wanted it for the speech but it is useful for far more than that. You can read about it here. I downloaded Chromium for a TTS app (ispeech), it is a little faster than Imtranslator when the web is busy.

Exercise; has been my walking around the park as I work (5 hours today)  and I missed my stretching yesterday, maybe I will get to it today.

OK enough for today, later.